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(4) Matthew Philips

Matthew Philips is a son of the Joseph Philips, Sr who was born 6 Nov 1726 and died about 1779. 
Born abt 1752 in Surry County VA
Matthew died before his father's death in December of 1779 based on the below deed of gift his brother Benjamin received from his brothers.  Therefore it's not likely he was a Col. and commanded a Regiment of troops and died preceding the battle of King's Mt. as related below.  This battle took place on 7 Oct 1780.
"Dec 3, 1784, Edge CO NC Db 4, Pg 346, Etheldred Philips, Exum Philips and Joseph Philips, Junr. of Edge deed of gift to their brother, Benjamin Philips, for love and affection two plantations containing 1000 ac.
Their father, Joseph Phillips, decd., did in his last will and testament give these lands to his son, Matthew Philips, who predeceased him, and the aforesaid Joseph Philips never gave or devised the above lands but died posssessed of them.
 One tract containing 300 ac on the S side of Swift Creek whereon John Sikes formerly lived, was purchased by Joseph Philips from Wm. Kinchen.
The other tract containing 700 ac adj the aforesaid plantation. Wit: Robt. Degges, Jesse Johnson, Jacob Dickenson"

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Records and Marriage Bonds by Jeannette Telotson Acklen


Joseph Philips served as guide for the Continental forces and participated in the Battle of Kings Mountain.  Mathew Philips, brother of Joseph Philips, commanded a regiment of troops and died preceding the Battle of Kings Mountain, from an overdraught of water.


"History of Davidson, County, Tennessee, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers (Clayton, 1971)" on page 413


"Joseph Philips served as guide for the Continental forces, and participated in the battle of King's Mountain. Matthew Philips, brother of Joseph Philips, was colonel commanding a regiment of troops, and died preceding the battle of King's Mountain, from an over draught of water."


 The Battle of Kings Mountain took place in 1780.  Following is a short summary of the significance of this battle.


Mathew's father wrote his will in December of 1779.  Matthew died before his father based on the below deed of gift his brother Benjamin received from his brothers.  Therefore it's not likely he was a Col and commanded a Regiment of troops and died preceding the battle of King's Mt. as related  above.  This battle took place on 7 Oct 1780. 


It's possible that Joseph wrote his will in December of 1779 and didn't die until after the battle of King's Mt. on 7 Oct 1780, but generally wills were written just before death in that era.  I have heard of persons recovering and even living several years after writing their wills.  The will wasn't probated until 1783, so anything is possible.

The Battle of Kings Mountain

The Battle of Kings Mountain was a decisive battle between thePatriot and Loyalist militias in the Southern campaign of theAmerican Revolutionary War. It took place on 7 October, 1780 nearKings Mountain in North Carolina, where the Patriot militia defeated the Loyalist forces commanded by British Major Patrick Ferguson of the 71st Foot.

Ferguson had arrived in North Carolina in early September 1780 with the purpose of recruiting for the Loyalist militia and protecting the flank of Lord Cornwalls'  main force. Ferguson issued a challenge to the rebel militias to lay down their arms or suffer the consequences; in response, the Patriot militias led by James Johnston, William Campbell, John Sevier, Joseph McDdowell and Isaac Shelby rallied for an attack on Ferguson.

After receiving intelligence on the oncoming attack, Ferguson elected to retreat to the safety of Lord Cornwallis' host; however, the Patriots caught up with the Loyalists at Kings Mountain on the border with South Carolina. Having achieved surprise on the Loyalists, the Patriots attacked and surrounded the Loyalists, inflicting heavy casulties. After an hour of battle, Ferguson was shot dead while trying to break the rebel ring, after which the Loyalists surrendered. Wanting to avenge the events of the Battle of Waxhaws, the Patriot soldiers gave no quarter to the surrendering Loyalists until the rebel officers re-established control over their men. Although victorious, the Patriots had to quickly move from the area for fear of Cornwallis' advance.

The battle was a pivotal moment in the Southern campaign; the surprising victory over the Loyalist American militia came after a string of rebel defeats at the hands of Lord Cornwallis, and greatly raised morale among the Patriots. With Ferguson dead and his militia destroyed, Cornwallis was forced to abandon plans to invade North Carolina and retreated into South Carolina.

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Mathew's father, Joseph Philips, died in 1784.  The estate was divided between 1787 and 1789 by all the siblings except Mathew indicating that he was deceased by that time.


JOSEPH PHILIPS, inventory taken by Etheldred Philips and Exum Philips, exrs., December 3 and 4, 1784, November Court 1785. Account current with Etheldred Philips, acting exr. Funeral expenses were paid October 24, 1784. Division of money arising from the estate among Benjamin Philips, Exum Philips, Joseph Philips, Sarah Philips, Joseph Sumner and wife and Etheldred Philips, August Court 1789.