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Cookeville TN Property for Sale

About the Property

This 2.2 acres of undeveloped land lies at the intersection of Buck Mountain Road and Tennessee Highway 111.  There is no entrance or exit to Hwy 11 at this intersection. 
The surrounding property is a mixture of single and multi-unit residential houses with a number of high-end houses nearby.
The center of Cookeville lies less than two miles to the west of the property with a direct path to the city square.
There is easy access to both highway 111 and Interstate 40 which lies less than three miles to the south of the property.
The property is zoned single family residential and is served by water, natural gas and sewer lines.  The sewer line is above the property and requires a lift pump. 
Alternatively, a septic tank could be used to serve a single family residence. 
I have been informed by the City that because the property will not gravity flow into the sewer they would not charge a monthly sewer fee if a septic tank was used.
The link below will take you to a plat and a legal description of the property.

Click here to view details of the legal description of the property.