Horn Family

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Ethelred Horn

Etheldred Philips Horn
Born 27 Nov 1793 in Nash County NC
Died About 1857 in Wilson County TN
Married Priscilla Hassell King (1791-1822) 7 Jan 1818 in Sumner County TN
Second married Elizabeth N. Baker (1792-?) in 1846
Etheldred is the son of Joel Horn (1751-1793) and Sarah Philips.
Etheldred and Priscilla had the following children:
Jacob Sumner Horn (1 Nov 1818-1860)
Matthew Horn (1820-?)
Priscilla King Horn (22 Dec 1821-1860)
Etheldred and Elizabeth had the following children:
Rebecca P. Horn (1826-?)
Mary Baker Horn (1847-?)
James Baker Horn (1828-?)
Etheldred Philips Horn (28 Apr 1831-?)
Charlotte B. Horn (1832-?)
Elizabeth Ann Horn (1833-?)

When Joel died in Edgecombe County NC Etheldred was a baby.  His mother Sarah moved to White's Creek north of Nashville TN to be near her brothers Joseph and Mathew Philips.  Etheldred's uncle, Benjamin Philips, was appointed guardian for him and his brother Matthew.
Matthew and Etheldred Horn appear on the 1811 Davidson County Tax List. Based on information from the staff of TSLA, this Tax List was a survey or tally of potential taxpayers, collected by the Justice of the Peace for each "precinct", and a number was assigned to each taxpayer. It seems likely that numbers close together probably indictate proximity of residence and property location.
In this 1811 Tax List appearing on the same page of the Tally are the following:

#802 Etheldred Horn

#804 Matthew Horn.

 In 1813 Etheldred Horn purchased 640 acres on Barton's creek/ Wilson county TN, and the next year he sold 383 acres on Barton's creek to Matthew Horn. These two brothers are frequently cited in various records of Wilson County, apparently as successful and responsible citizens. Barton's creek is east of Lebanon Tennessee, the county seat, and just west of the community of Horn Springs.

Horn Springs Angus Farms
Wilson County, Tennessee

Horn Springs Angus Farm is located a very historic part of Wilson County.  The area known as Hickory Ridge in the early 1800's was given to Ethelred Horn as a 640 acre land grant from the state of North Carolina.  Mr. Horn’s son James Baker Horn inherited the farm in 1846 and made a discovery that would change the area and its name.  He was digging a well in 1870 when he found a spring flowing with water that tasted strange.  He realized that the water contained minerals and then sent a sample to Vanderbilt University for analysis.  The analysis revealed that a wide array of minerals were present.  The potential medicinal properties prompted him to develop Horn Springs Resort.  The springs drew lots of people to the area.  The resort that drew the affluent and later the more common people burned in the 1950's.  During the time of the resort, the land was also utilized as a working farm. 

Quintin Smith and Charles Bell started Horn Springs Angus Farm in 1981.  The Smith and Bell families have long been known for producing quality cattle that not only perform in the show ring, but on fescue.  Horn Springs Angus Farm has been a family operation that has been managed by Quintin, his wife and four daughters.  Currently the operation that has approximately 150 registered Angus cows and 50 recipients is managed by Quintin and his wife.

Horn Springs Resort by Larry Feldhaus