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Theresa is a sister of my grandmother Mary Ann Schneider

Born:  17 September 1882 in Lawrenceburg, TN and died there 9 Jul 1905
Married:  Charles Kamarad 23 November 1904 in Lawrenceburg
He was born 12 December 1873 in Lawrenceburg, TN and died there 8 June 1955


The above picture is the daughter of Thresa and Charles Kamarad.  Her name is Sister Mary Barromeo Kamarad.  She was born 16 Aug 1905 in Lawrenceburg, Lawrence county, TN and died 22 Feb 1957 in Knoxville, Knox, TN.

The pictures above and below are of the house where Charles Kamarad and Theresa lived, less than a block away from Teresa's sister.  They lived in identical houses built in 1903.  These photos were taken in 2009 and this house is still in great shape.