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Feldhaus Family of Lawrenceburg TN eBook

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Feldhaus Family of Lawrenceburg TN eBook

This e-book, published in mid-2009, is about the ancestors of Lawrence Feldhaus, including relatives of ancestors where information is available.  It’s more than just a genealogy e-book because it includes pictures and stories.  However, it’s also a genealogy e-book since it includes family tree information as well as a Family Tree Maker file of all the information available.


This e-book is organized around individual branches of the family and what is known about those individuals and their relationships.


Separate e-books are planned for other branches of my family.


Larry Feldhaus

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You can print the eBook, but it contains 193 pages so be aware of the size of the print job.

Lawrence Bernard Feldhaus eBook 9 Oct 2012

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