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Mathew Swann

Mathew Swann
Born:        about 1620 in Surry County VA
Died:         about 1702 in Surry County VA
Married:    Mary Spiltimber, widow of Anthony Spiltimber and daughter of Robert Harris.

  Southside Virginia Families, Volume 2

By John Bennett Boddie, Published 1956, Pages 350-356


William Philips, first known ancestor, married Mary Swann, daughter of Mathew Swann, a prominent early citizen of Surry.  (Col.Surry-107).  

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Col. William Swann patented 1200 acres at Swann's Point in 1635 (Patent Book 1, Part 1, p. 293). The plantation increased to 1650 acres by patents to his son Col. Thomas Swann in 1638 and 1655. (Patent Book 1, Part 2, p. 567; Patent Book 4, p. 25).

William Swann Family

William SWANN, b 1586, Gravesend, Kent, England, d 1638, Surry Co, VA, m Apr 16, 1612, St. Dunstain's Church, Middlesex, England
+Judith GREENE

  1. Thomas SWANN, b May 1616
  2. Matthew SWANN, b abt 1620
  3. Samuel SWANN, b abt 1624
  4. Edward SWANN, b 1630
  5. James SWANN, b aft 1630
  6. John SWANN, b aft 1630

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The Virginia magazine of history and biography, Volume 3

By Virginia Historical Society


In 1638 Thomas Swann of “Swann's Point." Surrey patented land in James City county on the south side of the river (now in Surry county). The patent mentions his father, William Swann, deceased, who had also patented land a few years before, and died at Swann's Point, 1638. Colonel Thomas Swann was Burgess for James City 1645, 1649. and for Surry 1657-8, and was a member of the Council from 1660. The commissioners sent to suppress Bacon's Rebellion sat at his house, Swann's Point, opposite Jamestown. He died September 16th, 1680. and his tomb, bearing his arms, remains at his former home. He married five times, but the names of all of his wives are not known to the writer.  His name frequently occurs in the records of Surry of which county he was appointed a justice and lieutenant- colonel of the militia in 1652.  He was sheriff in 1652 and 1653.

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The "Southside" book at the top of this page was first published in 1956.  Earlier, in 1948, this same author published the below "Surry" book which contains a reference to Mathew Swan and his descendants. 
Notice in the earlier "Surry" book below he spells the Phillips name with two "L"s while in the later "Southside" book above he spells the Philips name with one "L".
Also notice that in the "Surry" book below Boddie spells the Swan name with one "N" even though he spells it with two "N"s in the "Southside" book above and it is almost always spelled with two "N"s as evidenced by the historical marker at the top of the page.

Colonial Surry

By John Bennett Boddie

First published in 1948



pages 106 and 107


Matthew Swan, the ringleader of this protest against high taxes, has many descendants in Virginia and the South. In 1675 he married Mrs. Mary Spiltimber, widow of Anthony Spiltimber and daughter of Robert Harris. His will was dated December 14, 1702 and probated Jan. 5, 1702. He mentioned daughter, Elizabeth, wife of John Drew, daughter, Sarah; Elizabeth, daughter of John Drew; son-in-law, John Drew; daughter, Mary, wife of William Phillips; and grandson, John Phillips.


Executors were John Drew and Sarah Swann. Witnesses were Arthur

Allen, William Chambers, John Allen, and Robert Ruffin.



I. Elizabeth, m. (1) John Drew, d. 1703. (See Drew.) (2) John

   Sugars. (No children.)


II. Mary, m. William Phillips of Surry County, Va., who in his will dated Feb. 14, 1720/21, probated April 19, 1721, mentioned

wife, Mary; sons, John, William, Swann, and Mathew Phillips(the three last named under 16 years of age); and daughters, Anne, Mary, and Elizabeth Phillips. Executors were wife, Mary, and sons, William and Swann Phillips. Witnesses: Joseph Wattell, William Newsum, Carter Crafford.


III.  Sarah, m. Carter Crafford (1682 ?-1743). (See Crafford.)

Matthew Swann

Son Matthew Swann served in the English Civil War under Charles I and later served as Captain of Virginia Cavalry. Captain Matthew Swann was also a ringleader in Bacon's Rebellion which started on December 12th, 1673.

Mathew Swann, born about 1620, and his wife, Mary, had a daughter, Mary Swann, who married William Phillips.  He was born about 1679 and died about 1720 in Surry County VA.

Mathew Swann and Mary also had a daughter, Sarah, who married Carter Craford.

Note that Robert Crafford married Elizabeth Carter.

Carter Crafford

Name: Robert Crafford 1 2 3 4

Birth: 1660 in Surry County, Va or Scotland

Death: 1714 in Surry Co., VA

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Carter b: 1665 in Surry Co., VA



  1.    Sarah Crafford b: ABT 1683 in Surry Co., VA
  2.    Elizabeth Crafford b: ABT 1685 in Surry Co., VA
  3.    Carter Crafford b: ABT 1682 in Surry County, Virginia
  4. Jane Crafford
  5. Martha Crafford
  6. Mary Crafford
  7. Hester Crafford
  8. Elizabeth Crafford
  9. Robert Crafford
  10. Arthur Crafford
Carter Crafford, Jr.
Marriage 1 Sarah Swan b: 1679 in Surry County, Virginia
    1. John Crafford b: 1711 in Surry County, Virginia
    2. Carter Crafford , Jr. b: 1713 in Surry County, Virginia
    3. Faith Crafford b: 1717 in Surry County, Virginia

    In 1638 William Carter patented 1,000 acres of land on the south side of the James River.

    Carter, William.

    21 May 1638.

    Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.

    Location: James City County.


    Description: 1000 acres about 3 miles from James River. thence &c. into the Bay tree neck.


    Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 572 (Reel 1).

    Between 1638 and 1655 William Carter died and 500 acres of his 1000 acre patent was awarded to Edward Pettaway leavng 500 acres to go to his heirs.


    Pettaway, Edward.

    31 August 1655.

    Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.

    Related See also the following surname(s): Pittaway.

    Location: Surry County.


    500 acres on the south side of James River, and on the head of Lower Chipoakes Creek, being part of dividend of land of 1000 acres of William Carters, deceased, Travers viz. Beginning and extending.


    Land Office Patents No. 3, 1652-1655, p. 361 (Reel 2).

    In 1684 Robert Crawford and his wife Elizabeth Carter, probably an heir of William Carter who left her part of the remaining 500 acres from the original 1638 1000 acre grant, sold 200 acres to Mathew Swann. The deed says Mathew Swann was already living there. 


    Nov 1684 from Robert Crawford and wife Elizabeth Crawford to Matthew Swann con 8000 lbs tobacco 200a whereon Matthew Swann now lives, part of a patent of William Carter dated 18 May 1638 adjoining Carter's Bridge, Chipoaks, Col Philip Ludwell and Carters Swamp. Wit. Robert Ruffin and John Berryman-----

    In 1702 when Mathew Swann wrote his will, he left his daughter Mary, who is the wife of William Phillips, Sr., and her son John Phillips his "house and plantation where I now live". He left his daughter Sarah the rest of his land adjoining Mary when Sarah reached 18 years of age. We can assume that each daughter inherited 100 acres from this 200 acre tract hat Mathew Swann purchased in 1684.


    From this point on, I will refer to these two tracts as "Mary and John's 100 acre Mathew Swan home place" which was given to Mary and John and "Sarah's 100 acre Mathew Swan home place" which was given to Sarah.


    14 Dec 1702      Will of Matthew Swann:. To daughter Mary, wife of William Phillips, and to grandson John Phillips, my house and plantation where I now live. To daughter Sarah, all the remainder of my land adjoining Mary, when 18 years old. Wit: Ar: Allen, Jno Allen, Robt. Ruffin.

    In 1707 Carter Crafford and his wife Sarah, the sister of William Phillips, Sr. wife Mary, sold William Phillips, Sr. the 100 acres that Sarah had inherited from her father Mathew Swan, "Sarah's 100 acre Mathew Swan home place" .  Mary already owned the other 100 acres that she inherited from Mathew, "Mary and John's 100 acre Mathew Swan home place".  At this point, William Phillips, Sr. and his wife Sarah owned both of these tracts which made up the total home place for Mathew Swan.


    1707*Surry Co., VA, Deed Book 5, pg. 401 (1694-17090

    November 2nd 1707... Carter Crafford and wife Sarah Crafford, of Lawnes Creek Parish to William Phillips of the same for 21-pounds 15-shillings sold 100-acres in Lawnes Creek Parish. Land is bounded by said Phillips and Col. Phillip Ludwell, and Carters Swamp. Signed, Carter Crafford, Sarah (x) Crafford. Witnesses: Thomas Waller, Samuel Lancaster and Nicholas (X) Thompson and recorded November 2nd 1708.

    1707*Surry Co., VA, Deed Book 5, pg. 402 (1694-1709)

    November 2nd 1707... Bond of Carter Crafford of Lawnes Creek Parish to William Phillips for the land sold by Mr. Robert Crafford and wife Elizabeth Crafford to Matthew Swann, now deceased. The land was willed by Matthew Swann to Mary Phillips the wife of William Phillips and to Sarah Crafford now wife of Carter Crafford and by there conveyed to William Phillips. Signed Carter Crafford. Witnesses: Thomas Waller, Samuel Lancaster and Nicholas (x) Thompson. Recorded, November 2nd 1708.