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Skyraider 20 mm Magazines
Jack's wingman suspected the cause of Jack's crash was a 37mm anti-aircraft round hitting one of his 20mm ammunition magazines, exploding the 20mm shells, and blowing off a large part of the wing.  I went to the U.S. Naval Air Museum to see exactly where the magazines were located and how big they were. 

This aircraft had four 20mm cannons and four magazines, two in each wing.  I can easily see how a 37mm shell could penetrate the wing and detonate the 20mm shells.  Most likely this is what happened to Jack's aircraft.

This particular Skyraider has VA-25 markings along with "Coral Sea" on the side of the aircraft.  Coincidentally, I believe Jack served aboard the Coral Sea while assigned to VA-25 on his previous WestPac cruise.

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U.S. Naval Air Museum, Pensacola, Florida
Larry Feldhaus beside A-1E Skyraider

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