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Crash Site Discovered

Map 4

The crash site is located just east and south of the border between Thanh-Hoa Province and Nghe An Province and just north of highway 14.  The Google Earth map above shows the location in Thanh Hoa Province, but at the time of the crash the location was in Nghe An Province.  Click on the maps to view a larger version in a new window to see more detail.

Ensign Darwin ENS Darwin Joel Thomas took off from the USS Oriskany October 14 1966 on an armed reconnaissance mission over North Vietnam, four days after Jack's plane crashed in North Vietnam.  Over the target area, ENS Thomas fired his rockets at a suspected target and then, as his wingman watched, ENS Thomass A-1H Skyraider crashed amid a fireball. The incident was designated REFNO 0495.  Darwin Thomas was assigned to the same squadron as Jack and the recorded location for his crash site is approximately 18 kilometers from that of Jack Feldhaus. 
While Jack's crash site was located and his remains recovered in 2001, it was not until recently that Darwin Thomas' crash site was located in 2007.  From the map below it appears the actual location of the two crash sites is about 15 miles apart.  Recovery efforts are ongoing.

Below is a larger map of the area of the two crash sites.