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LawCoHi 1954

This web site is maintained by Larry Feldhaus, a member of the graduating class of 1954 of Lawrence County High School, Lawrenceburg, TN.
I'll be happy to add information any classmates might like to add to this web site.

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Bits and Pieces
Bob Bailey, Janitor

From Nathan Crawford.
"Of all things, I bumped into Robert Turpin, Jr. the other day in a mall. His dad used to be the School Superintendent in Lawrence County. Mr. Turpin Jr., some will recall, taught math but he was there only a very short while. During our conversation, I asked him if LCHS was the first place he taught and he quickly replied, "That's the ONLY place I ever taught and that was just for one year." He chuckled and said, "When I had to deal with some of you guys I learned in a hurry that teaching was not for me and I needed to change career paths."

Some of you may remember also that when he walked into the classroom he always had the top collar button of his shirt buttoned, and all of us guys in the class would get together outside and button OUR top buttons. He knew we were sort of putting him on yet he never said a word. I reminded him of that but he didn't remember it.

Mr. Turpin really looks good, like he's in his mid 60's. He told me later he was 78.

I simply wanted to share this with you because it was so great bumping into him and he seemed so happy and content with life, with a firm handshake and eyes that were clear. Heck, he looked better than all of us. I've never laid eyes on Mr. Turpin since the last time I was in his classroom those 52 or 53 years ago. What a small world."

This is a copy of drawing of the Lawrence County High School in 1954 done by alumni Billy Reed Smith.