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Maude W. Holthouse Lumpkin

Maude W. Holthouse Lumpkins
Born:    5/28/1919 Muncie, IN at hospital
Died:     6/23/1997 Santa Rosa, CA

Maude was the daughter of Bernard Godfrey and Nelle Williams Holthouse.

Maude was an athelete growing up, playing basketball and other sports.  She was the first of the children to attend a four year college, graduating from Middle Tennessee State Teacher's College in Murfreesboro, TN.  The picture on the right is of Maude and her sister Margaret.
She taught English at the Summertown High School north of Lawrenceburg where she coached the girl's basketball team to a state victory.
Maude married Robert L. (Mose) Lumpkins after college and Mose joined the Army as a Second Lieutenant.  He spent WWII in North Africa and participated in the invasion of Italy and Germany.

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After the war Mose opened a mens store in Lawrenceburg and things were good for several years, but eventually the business failed and he took a job selling shoes based out of Tampa, FL. 
Mose was good at selling and was promoted to the Regional Manager job in Birmingham.  After several years there he was offered a job in California and they moved to Santa Rosa, above San Francisco.
Maude never worked outside the home, raising a family of four boys and two girls.  She was 78 when she died.  Mose was born 16 May, 1918 in Lawrenceburg, TN and died 25 January, 2000 in California.

Mose with Charles Harvey, Don,
Larry, and Ann Lumpkins.

Larry, Mose, Maude and Don Lumpkins.