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Pop spent a good part of his life in Waynesboro.  Following are a few tidbits about the town and area.

Davey Crockett used to deliver campaign speeches from the base of a huge natural stone bridge in southern Tennessee. The world's only double bridge stands alongside a highland rim, overlooking the Buffalo River. At the base of the bridge is a 120 foot long cavern. This cavern was once the site of Native American war councils, an outlaw hideout, and even a county courtroom.

When I was a child there was a camp adjacent the natural bridge with cabins, a recreation hall, shuffle boards, badmitton courts, and the biggest attraction was a large clear pool of water flowing from the cavern, filled with rainbow trout. We vacationed there in the summer time.  It was shady and cool and there was always a lot of activity.  The cavern and its grounds now make up a weight- loss clinic called the Tennessee fitness spa, and the leading drawing card to visit Waynesboro, Tennessee.

Established in 1821, Waynesboro's Court Square is the hub of town activities. You'll find an 1854 Presbyterian church on the national register of historic places, because Union reinforcements to the battle of Shilow stopped here.

This town of two thousand people is located between Memphis and Nashville, near the Southern Alabama border. It's name reflects the influence of popular Revolutionary War hero, General 'Mad Anthony' Wayne.

In 1957, the local theatre held the world premiere of a Randolph Scott movie, filmed in Waynesville, called 'Bandits of the Natchez Trace'. The crew bought ax and hammer handles from the town's original manufacturer, the former Holthouse & Hartup Handle Company. Now, the town's leading manufacturers include Texas Boot Company, Lincoln Brass Works, and Southeastern Greenhouse Builders.

For recreation, you can float through Tennessee, meandering along the Buffalo River, or see it by horseback. This is the home of the Wildcats and the Lady Wildcats, who enjoy the town's celebration of the Fourth of July, and it was named the Town of the Week in March of 2001 by the Madison, WS based "Whad'ya know?" Michael Feldman show.