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Anthony Bernard Holthouse

Born:      10 April 1844, Decatur, Adams County, IN
Died:       31 December, 1906 Jonesboro, AR
Buried:  Jonesboro, AR Catholic Cemetery

Married: Margaret Schoen 24 August 1868 in Decatur, IN
Born:     4 February, 1846 Bavaria, Germany
Died:      11 September, 1919 Jonesboro, AR
Buried:  Jonesboro, AR Catholic Cemetery

According to the records of Mama Nelle Williams Holthouse and other public records:

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Anthony Holthouse's paternal grandparents were Johan Herman Bernard Holthouse, born 8 July 1772 in Hastrup, Osnabruck, Germany, and Johan's wife, Anna Maria Catherina Henrietta Stolle, born 14 February 1787  in the same town.  They married 15 Oct 1811 in Bersenbruck, Osnabruck, Germany.  They both died in the same town in which they were born.

Anthony Holthouse was the son of Johan Bernard Holthouse and Joanna Catherine Mescher who had six children:

Wilaminia Catherine Holthouse Brake, bn 25 Dec 1838 Decatur IN
Peter Holthouse, bn 25 Oct 1841 Decatur IN
Anthony Bernard Holthouse, bn 10 Apr 1844 Decatur IN
Henry Gerald Holthouse, bn 10 Jun 1848 Decatur IN
Catherine Holthouse Brake, bn 10 Feb 1851 Decatur IN
John Henry Bernard Holthouse, bn 27 Feb 1855 Decatur IN
After his first wife died, Johan Bernard Holthouse married Anna Rolth Brake in Adams County, IN on 13 October, 1868.  She was born 23 January, 1824 and died 12 August, 1872.

Anthony's wife, Margaret Schoen, was the daughter of John von Shoen, born    22 Aubust, 1814 in Erbach, Bavaria, Germany and died 20 December in Adams County, IN.  His wife was Margaret Schuck who was born 11 August, 1812 in Bavaria and died 9 November, 1872 in Adams County, IN.  They had five children:

Peter Schoen
Catherine Schoen Omlen
Lena Schoen Colchin
Mary Schoen
Margaret Schoen Holthouse

Anthony and Margaret Holthouse had 13 children, all born in Decatur, IN:

Rose Magdaline Holthouse Falk

Born about 1869, Decatur, IN
Died 14 Sep 1949, Jonesboro, AR
Married Fred Milton Falk

Roman John Louis Holthouse

Born: 17 Oct, 1871 in Decatur, IN
Died: 31 Jan 1906 in Decatur, IN
Married: Wilhelmina Cathrina Terveer 8 May 1894


Mary "Mayme" Gertrude Holthouse Lynch

Born: 14 Aug 1874, Decatur, IN
Died: 27 Mar 1953 Jonesboro, AR
Married: Bert Garner Lynch

Clement "Clem" Leo Holthouse

Born: 19 Jul 1876, Decatur, IN
Died: 28 Dec 1964
Married: Anna Laura Ruffling
Lived in Tulsa, OK

Elenor Margaret Holthouse
(Sister Mary Dorores, OSB)

Born:  18 Mar 1878, Decatur, IN
Died: 13 Nov 1958,  Colby, KS


Lucile Francis Holthouse

Born: 3 June 1882, Decatur, IN
Died in infancy

Bertha Anna Holthouse Winters

Born February 1880, Decatur, IN
Married: Franklin L. Winter

Willimena Emma Holthouse Puryear

Born: January 1882, Decatur, IN
Married Fred R. Puryear, Jonesboro, AR


Antonio Holthouse

Born: 28 March 1885, Decatur, IN
Died in infancy


Agnes Elizabeth Holthouse
Sister Mary Antonia

Born: 28 March 1885, Decatur, IN
Died: 24 Sep 1971, Jonesboro, AR


Elenora Catherine Holthouse

Born: 11 October 1887, Decatur, IN
Died in infancy

Frederich J. Holthouse

Born: February 1889, Decatur, IN
Died: 25 November 1944, Baltimore, MD
Buried: Catholic Cemetery, Jonesboro, AR

Born: March 8, 1891 in Decatur, Indiana
Died: February 21, 1972 in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
Buried: Lawrenceburg, TN
Married: Nelle Francis Williams October 25, 1911

Anthony was baptized on 8 May 1844 in Decatur, IN by the priest from the Ft. Wayne Cathedral. Decatur was a mission to the Ft. Wayne church at that time. His godparents were Anthony Kohne and Elizabeth Meiddendorf.

He married Margaret Schoen, born 27 Jan 1844 in Bavaria, on 24 Aug 1868 at St. Mary's Church in Decatur, IN with witnesses Jacob Fullenkamp and Catherine Holthouse. Her parents were John and Margaret Schoen and they are buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in Decatur. Anthony was the Adams Co. treasurer from 1881 to 1885. In 1890, Anthony owned a boot and shoe store. He was also a Washington Twp. trustee in 1876. He was considered a pioneer merchant and was active in business until his death. In 1896 he moved his family to Jonesboro, AR (except his son Roman).

About 1904 Roman took his family to visit Jonesboro and the above picture was taken at that time.  The following January Roman was killed by a taxi driver in Huntington and his father, Anthony, died of a stroke the following December 31.


Back row:     Fred Falk (holding baby) (m. Rose Holthouse), Rose W. Falk (Evans) (baby), VVilhelmina Terveer (Mrs. Roman Holthouse), Irene H. Holthouse, Roman J. Holthouse, Bert Lynch (married Mary Gertrude Holthouse), Mary Gertrude "Mayme" Holthouse Lynch, Clem L. Holthouse, Eleanor Holthouse (Sister M. Dolores, C.SA.), Anna Laura Rutting Holthouse (Mrs. Clem)


Second row: Bernard Holthouse, Dolores Falk (Cook), Arrthur R. Holthouse, Lillian Falk (Jones)


Third row:    Anthony Falk,  Rose Hothouse (Mrs. Fred Falk), Wilhelmina Hothouse (Puryear), Anthony Holthouse,  Margarette Schoen Hothouse,  Frederick Hothouse


Fourth row:  Norbert Holthouse,  Florence Holthouse,  Charles E. Holthouse,  Bertha Holthouse (Winter),  Agnes Holthouse (Sister M. Antonia, O.S.B.)


Fifth row:      Beatrice Lynch (Sloan),  Patricia) Falk (Penix)

Back Row:  Eleanor Holthouse (Sister Mary Dolores, C.S.A.), Frederick Holthouse, Bertha Holthouse, Roman J. Holthouse, Clem Holthouse,  Agnes Holthouse (Sister Mary Antonia, O.S.B.)


Middle Row:  Rose Holthouse (Mrs. Fred Falk), Mary Gertrude "Mayme" Holthouse Lynch, Anthony Holthouse, Margarette Schoen Holthouse, Bernard Wilhelma Holthouse Puryear.


Front Row:  Bernard Holthouse


Anthony Holthouse was born and reared on a farm near Decatur, IN.   At an early age he apprenticed to a cobbler to learn the shoe trade, finally owning a retail shoe store in Decatur, IN.

About 1898 Anthony moved the family to Jonesboro, AR where he engaged in the manufacture of bent rims for buggy and wagon wheels with is son-in-law B. G. Lynch. He died on December 31, 1906 at Jonesboro, AR where he is buried in the Catholic cemetery west of the city. Margaret Holthouse died and was buried beside him in September, 1919.

The Jonesboro (Arkansas) Evening Sun; 31 December 1906; page 1

A. Holthouse Dies Suddenly of Apoplexy.

At His Home at 11:30 Today.

He was apparently in Good Health- Came Home from Work; Died in Chair.

Funeral to be Thursday.
A. Holthouse died this morning about 11:30 of apoplexy at his home on Mathews avenue and Church street.

He had come from the mill at eleven o'clock and had gone into the house and after looking over the daily paper had picked up one of his grandchildren who was present and while playing with it was striken. The family discovered his condition and immediately telephoned for a physician at the hospital and for Father Weible who went to his house as hurridly as possible but before either reached him he was dead. He died in the chair.

His death was a great shock to the family and to his numerous friends of the city, as he apparently was enjoying the best of health. He spent all the forenoon at his office at the mill and the annual settlement of the companies were being made this morning. He came up to the bank about nine o'clock and deposited in his box a number of his private papers, remarking to Cashier Hall, as he came to the bank holding up the paper " These represent to me a life ________".

Mr. Holthouse was sixty-two years old and had been a resident of Jonesboro for about eight years, coming to this city from Decatur, Indiana and has been engated in the ____ber business, being secretary treasurer of both the Jonesboro Bending Company and The Jonesboro Spoke Company, besides he has stock in other corporations of the city, being a director in the Jonesboro Trust Company Bank.

Besides his wife he leaves nine children, three boys, and six girls; they are Mrs. Fred Falk, Mrs. Bert Lynch, Miss Bertha and Minnie Holthouse, L.C., Barney and Fritz Holthouse and two daughters who are members of the Sisters Order of St. Benedict. All of the children were at home or in Jonesboro except the two latter, one of them being now in Wisconsin and the other at Cairo, Ill. They were notified of his death and will arrive for the funeral.

Mr. Holthouse was a prominent member of St. Roman's Congregation and the funeral will take place from the church Thursday and will be conducted by Rev. Father Weibel, assisted by other priests, after which interment will be in the Catholic Cemetery, west of the city.

After Anthony died his will was probated as shown in the record below.