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FeldPro LLC Market Timing System for the NYSE Composite Index
About Us


We are not investment experts. We are not registered financial planners. We are not security brokers. We are not professional technical analysts. We are simply individuals involved in a Company which is developing and utilizing a proprietary system to trigger BUY and SELL signals that correlate with the movement of the New York Stock Exchange Composite Index.

Our Promise to You

We will keep you advised of BUY and SELL signals issued by our proprietary system.  We will keep you advised how we well we are doing predicting changes in the direction of the NYSE Composite Index.. We will meet our obligations of providing this information in a timely and professionsl manner. We will respond promptly to reasonable inquires via either email or phone.

Your Responsiblity

Investment decisions are the responsiblity of each individual investor. We do not recommend you use these BUY or SELL signals for timing your personal investments. We make no warranties or claims concerning the investment results you will experience should you choose to follow these BUY and SELL signals. Investing in the stock market is risky. You can lose part or all of your money investing in the stock market.

While we have developed a high correlation between these BUY and SELL signals and the historical movement of the NYSE Composite Index, there is no guarantee that the future correlation will be as significant.

We make no guarantees or warranties concerning the ability of these signals to predict the future movement of the NYSE Composite Index.

Our Company

I have invested in the stock market for at about forty years but only began to spend a lot of time studying the market after I retired in early 1998. I spent my working career in management, beginning as an engineer and moving from engineering management to general management in a Fortune 500 Company.

Since 2000, it has become increasingly clear to me that "Buy and hold" was a strategy that no longer worked. I watched stock values continue to drop after experiencing rallies that gave me false optimism. My retirement income consists primarily of investment income and since 2000 I have found it very difficult to make money in the equity market.

As I read more and more opinions that we would see this type of market action for several more years, I became more and more convinced that market timing was the answer to making money in this climate.

This became even more clear to me this past year when I purchased several individual stocks with excellent prospects. I used Value Line, Schwab Ratings, S&P Ratings, Morningstar Ratings, and just about every screening and rating system out there to select a few really good stocks which I purchased at what I thought were "value" prices.

Time and again I was surprised by sudden drops of ten, twenty,and even thirty percent overnight when one by one, these stocks failed to live up to analysts expectations or revealed some piece of explosive news to shareholders.

I am now convinced that I can not tolerate the exposure of owning individual stocks. My only real option is owning broad market positions. I tried trading S&P500 sector indices but found them to be almost as volatile. What was in favor last week was out of favor this week.

I decided the best option for me was to trade the broad market and I selected the NYSE Composite Index as being the index I would trade.

I evaluated the claims of various market timers against their published records of Buy/Sell signals and found their actual records were not nearly as good as their claims indicated. This set me on a quest to find a combination of technical indicators which I could use for my personal trading that would be at least as good and hopefully better than those market timing services available to me.

After a lot of research I began to make progress.  There is no shortage of prior work in this field.  The real difficulty lay in separating the wheat from the chaff.  I spent countless hours back-testing market forecasting models and chart technical analysis indicators before I developed a combination that produced reliable signals of major changes in market directions.
Frankly, I am surprised how accurate these signals are.  Don't get me wrong, they don't always signal the exact turn in the market, but they do provide signals which most of the time result in profits while in the market and avoid missed profits while out of the market.
In fact, the signals are so good against historical market turns that I felt I needed to share my experience.  So in January, 2003 I formed this Company for the purpose of sharing these signals with subscribers on the internet.
This web site is intended to be educational and the web site itself is free.  However, those wishing access to our BUY and SELL signals as they are issued must register as subscribers.  We are offering a free one year subscription for a limited amount of time.  
How long we continue to offer this free introductory offer depends on the volume of subscribers we sign up.  We want to stay small.  So the free one year subscription offer probably won't last long.

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