Bartlett Family

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Unknown Photos

These pictures were probably mostly taken prior to 1900. Most came from Alfred Bartlett who obtained some of them from Elizabeth Bartlett who raised him. The persons in these photos will most likely never be identified as no one is living today who knew these people personally.

As with any pictures on this web site, you can click on the picture to view a larger image in a new window. If the picture is still not large enough, in most browers you can click on this picture and enlarge it further.

I have been able to identify some of the photos courtesy of Gary Miles, grandson of Melvin Foster Cleghorn and Effie Whitaker.  He was kind enough to identify a number of photos below which now have the names listed.

If you see someone who you recognize because you have a picture of that person, contact me below and I will add that identification to the picture.

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Could this be Jim Ed Bartlett?

Could this be Herman Bartlett?

Could this be Helen and Ruby Bartlett?

Could this be Herman Bartlett?

about 1910 in Putnam County, TN - From left to right, daughters Mattie, Daily, Edna, and baby Ada

Could this be Helen, Herman, and Jim Ed Bartlett?

Sarah Whitaker and her daughters.  Taken about 1914.
Back row, left to right:  Sarah Whitaker and daughter Mattie.
Middle row, left to right:  Dailey and Edna
Front row, left to right:  Brice and Ada

Lee and Sarah Whitaker with children about 1908

From left to right, Lee Whitaker, Mattie, Dailey, wife Sarah, and Edna.

Back, left to right:  Buster, Hattie, Zilla
Middle row, left to right:  Joseph John Whitaker, Jane Sparks
Front row on laps, left to right:  Elizabeth "Effie", Malissa

Wedding picture of Mary Elizabeth "Effie" Whitaker and her husband Melvin Foster Cleghorn in Pontotoc Oklahoma in 1922.

This sure looks like John Joseph Whitaker and his wife Jane Sparks with another woman.


Looks a little like Herman Bartlett

Looks a little like Alfred Bartlett