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Zona Whittaker Bartlett

Born: 30 March, 1889 close to where she died.

Died: 19 June, 1973, Putnam County, TN

Buried: Browns Mill Cemetery

Married: Alfred Bartlett 17 Oct 1909 in Putnam Co. TN







Following is what I now know about Zona's ancestors:
Elizabeth "Betty" Whittaker - born 1799 in VA or TN
Elizabeth Whittaker had the following children:
     Leroy Whittaker - Born 1830 in White Co. TN
     Sarah "Sallie" Whittaker - Born 1831 in White Co. TN
     John Whittaker - Born 1833 in White Co. TN
     Zilla "Zillie" Whittaker - Born 1834 in White Co. TN
     Rebecca Whittaker - Born 1836 in White Co. TN
     Elizabeth Whittaker - Born 1839 in White Co. TN
Zilla Whittaker - Born 1834 in TN
Zilla Whittaker had the following children:
     James Whittaker - Born 1857 in Putnam Co. TN
     Elizabeth Whittaker - Born Apr 1863 in Putnam Co. TN
     Zena Whittaker - Born Jan 1864 in Putnam Co. TN
     William "Billie" Whittaker - Born Aug 1867 in Putnam Co. TN
     Joseph Whittaker - Born 1870 in Putnam Co. TN
Zena Whittaker - Born Jan 1864 in Putnam County TN
Zena Whittaker had the following children:
     Lee Whittaker (M) - Born Mar 1883 in Putnam Co. TN
     Willis Whittaker (M) - Born Apr 1885 in Putnam Co. TN
                                  Died before 1910
     Zona Whittaker (F) - Born 30 Mar 1889 in Putnam Co. TN
                                Died 19 Jun 1973 in Putnam Co. TN
     Flossie Whittaker (F) - Born 1891 in Putnam Co. TN
     Elbert Whittaker (M) - Born Jun 1897 in Putnam Co. TN
     Odee Whittaker (M) - Born Mar 1897 in Putnam Co. TN

1900 Federal Census

My wife didn't know much about Zona's family, but remembered that a sister, Flossie, visited from time to time.  I tried to locate Zona in the 1900 census in Putnam and White Counites, but she just wasn't there.  So I did a search for Flossie Whittaker and up popped a hit in Todd County KY.  Below is the census record.  It shows Flossie as the niece of the head of household, William Whittaker, along with Lonnie who also is listed as a niece.  Looking at the hand written page it's obvious that the name is Zonnie as "L"s elsewhere in the document are made differently. provides digital copies of Federal census records and also tabulates information on the person on the record page found when searching for a person.  Names are usually translated from the hand written copy to the typed tabulations fairly well.  Whoever does the translation is good at reading old handwriting, but in some cases the handwriting isn't very clear and a close observation reveals a different spelling.
In addition to Zonnie and Flossie, two nephews are listed, Lee and Willis.  Bettie Whittaker indicates she is not the mother of any children and Ceen Whittaker indicates she is the mother of six children and they are all living.  There are six children in the house and I am guessing they are all children of Ceen Whittaker as their ages show they are stair steps. 
Apparently they were all living with Willliam Whittaker, the children''s uncle, in Kentucky in 1900. 

Since Lee and Willis are listed as sons of William, it is possible that he is the father of these two of Ceen Whittaker.

Click on the pictures at the right to see page one and two of the 1900 Todd County KY census.  The blank census form is also provided because the headings of the ones in the records are hard to read.

Page 1

Page 2


1900 United States Federal Census
about William Whittaker

Name: William Whittaker
Age: 32
Birth Date: Apr 1863
Birthplace: Tennessee
Home in 1900: Allensville and Hadensville, Todd, Kentucky
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Single
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Wm Whittaker-Head-bn 1868 32
Bettie Whittaker-Sister-bn1863 37
Ceen Whittaker-Do?-bn 1865 35
Lee Whittaker-Nephew-bn 1883 17
Willis Whittaker-Nephew-bn 1885 15
Zonnie Whittaker-Niece (Zona)-bn 1889 11
Flossie Whittaker-Niece-bn 1891 9
Elbert Whittaker-Son-bn 1893 7
Dee Whittaker-Son-bn 1897 3

Putnam Co. TN District 3 

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1910 Federal Census

Zona (Arizona) returned to Putnam County and married Alfred Bartlett prior to the 1910 census when they are found living together on their farm in Dry Valley TN outside of Cookeville.
Note that Alfred's age in the 1910 census puts his birth date in 1882 when in fact he was born in 1879.  He had only been married a year to the younger Zona and he may have been fudging his age to appear closer to her age.  Or it may have just been an honest mistake.  Several of the persons shown in the census records below have varying birth years based on the age they gave the census taker in different census years.


The 1910 Census for Putnam County District 3 lists Tiny Kerby as a "Sister", presumably of Zona.  However, the last name is Kerby and she is listed as being single.  Also, her age is listed as being 22, the same age listed for Zona.  This person is a mystery as this information just doesn't fit.  I was unable to find any "Kirby" or "Kirby" in any of the Putnam County District 3 census records from 1850 to 1920.
Following is the information from the 1910 Putnam County District 3 Census record:
Alfred Bartlett (M), age 28, bn 1882, Head, married
Arizona Bartlett (F), age 22, bn 1888, Wife, married
Tiny Kerby (F), age 22, Sister, bn 1888, single
Frederic Huddleston (M), age 25, bn 1885, Hired man, single


We found out above where Zona was ten years after being in KY with her uncle William, but where were William's sisters Ceen and Betty?  Turns out they were back in Putnam County as well, living with the two youngest of Ceen's children. 
The 1910 Census of District 3, Putnam County, TN has Ceen Whittaker listed as "Cena Whiteaker" living there with her sons "Elbridge Whiteaker", "Odee Whiteaker", and Elizabeth "Whiteaker", her sister. 
She lists in the census having six children with five living.  Likely Willis is the one who died as we know Zona and Flossie were living and Elbert and Dee are listed in the 1910 census living with their mother.  Obviously the sister Elizabeth is the same one named Bettie in the above 1900 census in KY.
They are living next door to Nathan Bartlett and the next house belongs to Zilla Bartlett.  Zilla Bartlett is the former Arzilla Robinson who was married to William Bartlett who died in 1880.  Nathan Bartlett is Zilla's son.  William Bartlett is the son of Joseph A. Bartlett who is the brother of James Bartlet, the adopted father of Alfred Bartlet, Zona Whittaker's husband.
It seems likely that Ceen or Cena are contractions of a longer name, just as Zonie or Zona are contrations of Arizona.  But I may be wrong as their are others named Cena in Putnam county around 1900.

Click on the pictures at the right to see page one and two of the 1910 Putnam County TN District 3 census.

Page 1

Page 2

1910 United States Federal Census
about Cena Whiteaker

Name:  Cena Whiteaker
[Cena Whiteaker]
Age in 1910: 44
Birthplace: Tennessee
Home in 1910: Civil District 3, Putnam, Tennessee
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: ?
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Cena Whiteaker-Head-bn 1866 44
Elbridge Whiteaker-Son-bn 1894 16

Odee Whiteaker-Son-bn 1897

Elizabeth Whiteaker-Sister-bn 1864 46

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1880 Federal Census

The 1890 census records were lost in a fire, so the 1880 census records are the next ones available.
I located a record in the 1880 Census of District 3 of Putnam County showing Bettie Whittaker living with her brothers Joseph and Billie along with her sister Zena and her mother Zillie Whitaker. 
My wife remembered an "Aunt Ceen"  (phonetic), so it's likely that her name was really Cena and Ceen was a contraction of Cena.  Zona was called "Zonnie (phonetic)" by most people in her old age.
According to my wife, Zona's grandmother was referred to as "Grandmother" and Ceen as "Aunt Ceen".  This would suggest that Ceen was not the grandmother, but an aunt.  However, the census records indicate otherwise, based on Ceen having 6 children and that's the number listed with her in KY in 1900. 
There is no question about the spelling of Zillie and Zena's name on the 1880 census document. The "Z" is clear in both cases.  However, the "C" in Cien is just as clear in the 1900 census record in KY. 
The question for me is "what were Zena's and Zona's real given names?".  In the 1910 census Zona's name is listed as Arizona.  Was that just a mistake by the person who took the census?  Probably not as her name was listed as Arizona on her marriage license.
This record identifies the mother of Cena and Zona Whittaker as Zilla Whittaker and gives the names of her brothers as Joseph and Billie Whittaker.
I also wonder about Zillie's real name.  The name Zilla is a common name in that period in Putnam County.  It's likely Zillie is just another way of pronouncing Zilla.  Is Zilla a contraction of a longer name?

Click on the pictures at the right to see page one and two of the 1880 Putnam County TN District 3 census.

Page 1

1880 United States Federal Census
about Bettie Whitaker

Name: Bettie Whitaker
Age: 20
Birth Year: abt 1860
Birthplace: Tennessee
Home in 1880: District 3, Putnam, Tennessee
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Daughter
Marital Status: Single
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother's name: Zillie Whitaker
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Neighbors: View others on page
Cannot read/write:


Deaf and dumb:

Otherwise disabled:

Idiotic or insane:
Household Members:
Name Age
Zillie Whitaker-Widowed-bn 1835 45
Bettie Whitaker-Daughter-bn 1860 20
Zena Whitaker-Daughter-bn 1862 18
Joseph Whitaker-Son-bn 1868 12
Billie Whitaker-Son-bn 1870 10

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1870 Federal Census

Zilla Whittaker and her children are in both the 1860 and 1880 Putnam Co. TN District 3 census but there does not appear to be any record of them being there in the 1870 census shown below.

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1860 Federal Census

I was able to find Zilla Whittaker and her two children, Joseph and Elizabeth Whittaker living in District 3 (Dry Valley) of Putnam Co. TN in the 1860 census. 
Cena wasn't born until 1864. William wasn't born until 1867. Joseph wasn't born until 1870, so they were not yet born at the time of the 1880 census. had Zilla Whittaker listed as "Tillie Whiteakre".  The "T" is clearly a "Z" in the handwritten census record, however "Whittaker" is spelled "Whiteakre" on this same hand written record. 
As with other names, the name Whittaker takes on various spellings over time.  It's possible that at one time the name was "White" "acre" and morphed into Whittaker over time. 

Click on the pictures at the right to see page one and two of the 1860 Putnam County TN District 3 census.

Page 1

1860 United States Federal Census
about Tillie Whiteakre

Name: Tillie Whiteakre (really Zilla Whittaker)
Age in 1860: 26
Birth Year: abt 1834
Birthplace: Tennessee
Home in 1860: District 3, Putnam, Tennessee
Gender: Female
Post Office: Dry Valley
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Tillie Whiteakre (Zilla Whittaker), bn 1834 26
James Whiteakre James Whittaker), bn 1857 3
Elizabeth Whiteakre (Elizabeth Whittaker), bn 1859 1/12

1860USCensus TN Putnam Dist3 by Larry Feldhaus

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1850 Federal Census

I found what appears to be Zilla Whittaker in the 1850 White County District 10 Census (Putnam County had not yet been formed from White County).   When it was, that part of Putnam County became District 3.
Zilla, age16, is listed as living with her mother Nancy Whittacer, age 40, her sister Ann, age 22, her sister Jane, age 12, and her sister Rebeca, age 14.

Her name appears to be listed as "Zelia Whittacer". 

The actual census record is split, with the first part appearing in the District 14 section on page and the second part appearing in the District 10 section on page 130, both numbered line item 1572 as shown below.



Next door lived Seny Whittacer, age 22, and Susan Whittacer, age 21, with Amanda, age 1.  This appears to be another variation of the name Cien, Ceen, or Cena and could be a descendant named after Zona's mother.
Next door to them lived Sally Whittacer, age 28, with Crockett Whittacer, age 6, Lucenda Whittacer, age 5, Hunter Whittacer, age 4, and Isabell Whittacer, age 2.
Next door to them was Thomas T. Whittacer, age 43 and his apparent wife Sophie Whittacer, age 34, along with John Hedge, age 18, James H. Whittacer, age 15, Henry C. Whittacer, age 14, John C. Whittacer, age 12, Randolph Whittacer, age 11, Susane I. Whittacer, age 8, Benjamin F. Whittacer, age 2, and Mary E. Whittacer, age 10/12.
The next house belongs to William Bartlett who is 29 and living with his wife Zelia (her maiden name is Arzilla Robinson), age 21, and Hester Bartlett, age 21.  I'm not sure who she is, but William appears to be a son of Joseph A. Bartlett, born 1802, and a great-grandfather of Clarence Bartlett, born 1918, who ran the Farm Bureau in Cookeville for years and lived behind Paul Clouses store at the foot of the road leading off Highway 70 in Dry Valley up Phifer Mountain.

The full copy of the White County TN Dist. 10 census, which includes the portion later defined as Putnam County Dist. 3,  is shown below. 

1850 Census White Dist10 by Larry Feldhaus

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The Mystery of the two Rebecca Whittakers

Two Rebecca Whittakers are listed in the 1850 Census for White County District 10 and it's not clear they are not the same people.  If they are, we know who Zilla's mother is and who her siblings are.  The evidence suggest they are the same person, although listed twice in the 1850 census.
In the 1850 census the one living with the 16 year old Zilla Whittaker is listed as being 14 years old, making her year of birth 1836. 
A second Rebecca Whittakar (sic) is llisted in the family of Robert and Elizabeth Whittakar (sic) as being 17 years of age, making her year of birth 1833.
Rachel Whittaker, age 47, married-bn 1803
Elizabeth Whittaker, age 51, single-bn 1799
Amey, age 19, single, bn 1831
Rebecca, age 17, single-bm 1833
Elizabeth, age 13, single-bn 1837
Sarah, age 12, single-bn 1838
John, age 11, single-bn 1839


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As noted above, Zilla Whittaker was living with her two children in Putnam County District 3 in 1860. 
The only Rebecca listed in the 1860 Putnam County District 3 Census was back living with her mother Elizabeth Whittaker and her siblings as shown below.  Notice that this census record indicates that Rebecca was born in 1836, making her the same age as the Rebecca Whittaker who was living with Zilla Whittaker in the 1850 census:
Elizabeth Whiteakre (F), age 60, bn 1800
Rebecca Whiteakre (F), age 24, bn 1836
Elizabeth Whiteakre (F), age 21, bn 1839
Sallie Whiteakre (F), age 19, bn 1841
John Whiteakre (M), age 17, bn 1843


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In 1870 Rebecca is  living in Putnam Co. TN Dist. 3 with her mother, Betty Whittaker, 71 years of age.  This time she lists her age as 35 years, making her year of birth 1835, one year earlier than the 1860 census, but this could be due to different census dates.  The listing is:
Betty Whittaker, age 71, F, Born in VA 1799
Rebecca Whittaker, age 35, F, Born in TN 1835
Columbus, age 13, M, Born in TN 1857
George, age 6, M, Born in TN 1864
Elizabeth, age 2, F, Born in TN 1868


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The 1880 Census for Putnam County District 3 shows Rebecca being 45 years of age, making her birth year 1835:
Rebecca Whitaker (F), age 45, widowed, bn 1835
Columbus Whitaker (M), age 22, bn 1858
George Whitaker (M), age 19, bn 1861
Annie Whitaker (F), age 12, bn 1868


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By 1900 Rebecca is living with her son, Robert, and his wife, Lori, in the 5th District of Putnam County.  She is listed as 65 years of age, making her birth year 1835:
Robert C. Whitaker (M), age 44, bn 1856
Lori Whitaker (F), age 38, bn 1862
George Whitaker (M), age 16, bn 1884
Catharine Whitaker (F), age 14, bn 1886
Elizabeth Whitaker (F), age 12, bn 1888
Adaline Whitaker (F), age 10, bn 1890
Dora Whitaker (F), age 8, bn 1892
Rebecca Whitaker (F), age 65, bn 1835

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Below are a couple of pictures of early Whittaker houses in Monterey TN.