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Hampton Inn, Southern Pines, NC
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From left to right:   Ray Jackson,   Larry Feldhaus,   Don Toth,   Dennis Taylor,   Fred Bros,   Al Birchler,   Ken Foster,   Paul Kalenbeck,   Wendel Hauck,   and Marty Bruckner.     Dennis,   Marty,   and Ken all brought their wives and did not participate in the golfing competition although Ken did play some the first two days,   being hampered by recent surgery.


This years Good Guys golf outing was held in Pinehurst with arrival on Sunday,  Setember 25 and departure on Wednesday,  September 28.   Golf was scheduled for Monday,  Tuesday,   and Wednesday.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Southern Pines.   The Hampton Inn charged $276.50 for the three day package per person double occupancy.   This included room,   green fees,   cart,   buffet breakfast,   and tax.   The room rate for a non-playing spouse was $115.50 for the package.     Single occupancy was $392.00 for the package.

The Hampton is located at 1675 US Highway #1 South,   Southern Pines,   NC 28387.     Phone: 910-692-9266,     FAX: 910-692-9298,     email:

The preferred airport is Raleigh - Durham as it is about a 90 minute drive without traffic delays.     Greensboro is about a 2 hour drive and Charlotte a little longer.


Three rounds of golf were played as follows.

10:04 AM,   Monday,   September 26,   2005 at Longleaf Golf and Country Club

9 AM,   Tuesday,   September 27,   2005 at Whispering Pines Pines Course

8:26 AM,   Wednesday,   September 28,   2005 at Foxfire Red Fox Course

Scoring was done according to the modified Stableford system.     Double bogie or more scores zero points.     Bogie scores one points.     Par scores two points.     A birdie scores four points.     An eagle scores six points.

The final score was arrived at by comparing actual points to quotas,   resulting in plus or minus points relative to the quotas.

Quotas were arrived at by subtracting handicaps from 36 with a maximum quota of 0.     A scratch handicap player (zero quota) who shoots par on all 18 holes would get 36 points and have a score of zero.

Quotas were adjusted daily by increasing or decreasing the quota 1 point for every three points the quota was missed.

The highest four scores relative to their quotas were the winners each day.     The team winner was the team with the highest total score.     With this format,   three players can compete against four on an equal basis.


The ball may be moved up to six inches anywhere on the course with the exception of when on the green or when in a hazard.     You must stay in the same cut of grass.     Putts closer to the hole than the distance from the end of the putter to the start of the grip will be conceded.     Otherwise,   the USGA rules of golf apply.



Sunday evening we dined at The Barn Restaurant in Southern Pines.

Monday evening we dined at the Squires Pub down the street from the motel.

Tuesday evening we were treated to a cocktail hour at Al and Molly Birchler's condo prior to dining at the Table on the Green restaurant at the Midland Golf and Country Club in Southern Pines.     All of the food was excellent and everyone enjoyed the fellowship.     Marty Bruckner remembered the following departed comrades,  in no particular order:

C. E. "Buzz" Horton,   Joe Butler,   Jim Keyes,   R. J. "Big Foot" Shields,   Pat Snyder,   Greg Robillard,   Don Campbell,   Bill Philpott,   Lloyd Williams,   John Tucker,   Chuck Martin,   Bob MacDonald,   Jack Feira,   and Leo Brewer

We discussed plans for next year and after talking about Brownsville Texas and the Florida east coast settled on Ray Jackson exploring Litchfield for October 2006.     Ray graciously agreed to lead this effort and will report prior to mid-2006 what options are available.     We discussed the various accomodations available at Litchfield with some favoring each type and no general agreement.

Larry Feldhaus was elected Secretary at the urging of Dennis Taylor who no doubt was influenced by having never been formally succeeded in that post.

It seemed that a good time was had by all.     The golf courses were not as difficult as the Fairfield courses last year.     They were more open, with the difficulty being the number of sand traps and the size and slope of the greens.

It's appropriate that Al Birchler, on his home courses, edged out Paul Kahlenbeck as the overall money leader this year, winning a place on the Cummins Good Guys' trophy.     Fred Bros will ship the trophy to Al when he returns home.

All of the attendees appreciate the time and effort Al and Molly Birchler put into hosting such a successful outing and on behalf of the group I extend our heartfelt thanks.

Below are some additonal group pictures taken at various times. You can see that it was almost impossible to get all of the attendees present for a group picture. We kept trying and eventually did succeed in the photo at the top of the page.

Larry Feldhaus