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This was our first trip to Fairfield Glade.  Seventeen Cummins Good Guys attended: 
Wendel Hauck graciously handled all of the arrangements for this trip and did an excellent job.
We played the Bear Trace on Monday at 5,895 yards, Stonehenge on Tuesday at 6,202 yards, and the Heatherhurst Brae course on Wednesday at 5980 yards.
The consensus is that the first two courses were too difficult for our skill level while the third course was just about right.  The scores somewhat reflected that sentiment with the average scores for the three days at 97.5, 103.3 and 96.3 respectively.  Adding to the difficulty of Stonehenge was the policy of "cart path only" that not only slowed play, but also wore down the players, pushing up their scores.
I noticed in the report of the 1998 Litchfield trip that in four days only three players were able to shoot under their handicaps playing the Litchfield Country Club, the River Club, and Willowbrook.  So maybe these courses weren't so tough after all.
I any case, the weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful.  A good time was had by all the attendees in the picture below:
Rear: Larry Feldhaus, John Grimmer, Wendel Hauck, Ken Carpenter, Dick Apple, Al Birchler, Dick Penn, Jim Munt, Jim Wilson, Jesse Bunch
Front: Bill Elder, Jim McGraw, Loy Jones, Fred Bros, Paul Kahlenbeck, Bill Andrews, and Ray Jackson.


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Below you'll find some photos shot during the Fairfield Glade visit.  If you have any photos you'd like to add, email them to and I'll include them on this web site.


If you'd like to see how everyone did in the Fairfield Glade golf games, click on the link below and it's all there.  You can see how you're quota changed day by day as well as your ending quota.