October 2008 Golf Outing

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Dates: Arrive Sunday, October 5 and golf Monday 10/6, Tuesday 10/7 and Wednesday 10/8 and checkout 10/8.
Lake Tansi Golf Package price is $263 pp. and includes 3 nights lodging in 2 BR, 2B cabins with kitchen, four to a cabin;

3 rounds of golf;
    Lake Tansi is 6237 yds, rated 69.8 with a 122 slope
    Dorchester is 5817 yds, rated 68.2 with 119 slope
    Deer Creek is 5773 yds, rated 67.8 with 117 slope;
$20 food allowance will be passed on to all paying the cabin rental at the meal in Forte's on tuesday night.  They will also get the $6 allowance to be spent at the 19th hole at Lake Tansi sometime that week.
The non-golfer rate is $145 pp. If someone didn't wish to play all three courses, he/she could pay the non-golfer rate and pay individual green fees at the desired courses. This would, however, require separate tee-time arrangements.
The cabins are on the lake and three-day fishing licenses can be obtained (in advance only) for $16. Pontoon boats are available to rent. Swim suits will be out-of-season, I fear.
Reservations have already been made. No deposit is required, but payment must be made one week in advance or by September 28th. Call 1-800-600-9913 with your credit card number to make your payment. State that you are with the Buchanan/Carpenter "Good Guys" group.
Some of you know that Bill Buchanan lives right there, so we have the inside track.
Check-in time is 3:00 PM Sunday. Normal check-out time is 11:00 AM, but arrangements may be made for later check out as we are leaving after golf. When you check in you will be advised of your cabin number and also the cabin where we will be making the pairings.
If you have any questions, you may contact Lake Tansi directly at 931-788-6721. Bill made the arrangements with Larry Williams. Of course, you may contact either Bill or myself by e-mail.
Al Birchler has dusted off the trophy and sent it to Larry Feldhaus who will bring it for the 2008 winner.
It has been suggested that we bring back the numbers game for a round of bubbly, who knows.
It is also possible that someone may bring a deck of cards (in case Bros thinks that he can play gin rummy). Now I guess that I shall have to mail him a copy, since I have mentioned his name, ha! Copies of this will also be sent to Pete Ster and Ken Foster. 
I am hopeful that we get a good turnout as this will be our 15th do (we missed 2006 and 2007) and some of us are getting older.
Please advise Bill and I of your plans (even though no deposit reqd), so that we can make sure we have the right games lined up.
Ken Carpenter

Here is a list of those planning on attending our golf outing Oct 5-8 at Lake Tansi, TN.
Bill and Norma Buchanan, Norma may play one day
Bill and Shirley Elder, Shirley will not be golfing
Barney and Nancy Bauermeister, Nancy will not be golfing
Ken and Shirley Carpenter, Shirley will play each day
Fred Bros
Larry Feldhaus
John Grimmer
Wendel Hauck
Stan Hobbs
Ray Jackson
Paul Kahlenbeck
Dick Penn
Pete Ster
Don Toth
I'll need your handicap by September 15. If you don't have a valid handicap, the secret handicap committee will assign you one. All the games will be net games.
Housing will be four to a cabin, and those pairings will be made in September. If you have a specific preference, let me know.
For your reference, in case you have forgotten, here are guidelines provided by Tom Smith, PGA Golf Professional with Wheat Road Golf, for playing courses outside Florida (you all know that all things are level in Florida):
With the ball below feet (sidehill): Ball tends to go right. Use more knee bend to get down to proper level. Aim to the left and take one less club than distance requires. Remember, gravity will always make you move "down the hill" as you swing and this dynamic has a strong influence on ball flight and direction.
With the ball above you feet (sidehill): Ball tends to go left and higher trajectory. Choke up on club and stand a little taller to ball. Aim to right. You will pull the ball here because you tend to "fall down the hill" during swing.
Up hill lie (level): Play ball a little forward and look for the to go a little left. Aim to right. Ball flight will be higher so take one more club than necessary. Stand tall.
Downhill lie (level): Play ball back in stance and aim a little left as ball tends to go right and lower. Take a more lofted club to offset lower trajectory. Keep knees flexed a little longer.
Have a great summer, and see you in October!
Ken Carpenter

Bill Buchannan sent me the following:

Our friends just rented cabins for their kids and Dick called me to come down and have a look at one of the cabins we are renting for the October outing.  These are outstanding units!  2 bedrooms both with 2 double beds in each, 2 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen complete with dishes, dishwasher,, stove and a living area with couches table and chairs.  Washer and dryer in each unit, ironing board and iron.  Back porch overlooks the lake at the edge of the back yard-great view.  These are just like small houses and I believe everyone will be pleased with the accommodations.  All units are "NON SMOKING".

More from Bill Buchannan:

Schedule:  To keep the driving time to an absolute minimum, I thought we should schedule golf at Fairfield Glade on Monday; at Deere Creek in Crossville on Tuesday ; and Lake Tansi on Wednesday - by playing Tansi on Wednesday, everyone will be right at the cabins to prepare to leave.

I have made reservations at Forte's in Lake Tansi for dinner on Tuesday evening.  They are normally closed on Tuesday but will open just for us.  Suggest we have our dinner in the bar area just to make things easier for the restaurant staff.  Bar will be open for our group only.  We can order from their regular menu at menu prices.   The food is very good here and not outlandishly priced.

Ken Carpenter asked about a dinner on Monday - I don't have any preference here, but it might be better to have an open bar in one of the cabins Monday evening to avoid driving a great distance after alcohol consumption.  We could eat that evening at the 19th hole restaurant which is very close to the cabins.  I don't believe they take reservations, but I could let them know our group was coming and they could prepare for it

From Ken Carpenter 7/4/08
This is being sent to all Good Guys with apologies to those unable to make the 2008 event.
Here are some more details of our plans for the Good Guys Golf Invitational.
Pairings for Monday's game will be made Sunday evening, Oct 5, at a cabin and time TBA upon your arrival. If you arrive late, you will receive a note when you check-in as to breakfast plans, tee-times, etc.
There will be no scramble event. Each day will feature individual net, team score (of some sort, see below), and closest-to-the-pin at two holes, one on each side. There will also be an optional "Honest John" game each day that does not count in official winnings.
Entry fee each day will be $8. per player, apportioned as follows:
    $4/pp toward the individual net, 30%, 25%, 20%. 15%, and 10% for the lowest five net scores.
    $3/pp toward the two best team scores, 75%, 25%.
    $1/pp toward the two closest-to-the-pins.
     Individual low gross score will be acknowledged each day, but no money award.
     The optional Honest John game is $1/pp.
Day One, Monday, Oct 6, at Fairfield Glade, will be a Team Best Ball.
Day Two, Tuesday, Oct 7, at Deer Creek, will be an Upside-down Irish Best Ball (my game name as I forget the proper name)
Day Three, Wednesday, at Lake Tansi, Oct 8, will be a Total Team Net.
We will have a brief get-together immediately following Wednesday's round to pass out the final winnings, tally up the scores and award the trophy.  The trophy is awarded to the individual with the most "official" winnings. In event of a tie, heaven forbid, the team winnings will be discounted.
Tentative plans have been made to have dinner together Tuesday evening at Forte's, Lake Tansi. There are no dinner plans for Sunday or Monday evening, though some may evolve later.
A word about handicaps: As you have noted, we've skewed this heavily to net scores so one's handicap is very important. In the absence of an official handicap, we'll use the "second-best" handicapping method. Golf is such an honorable game that it is inconceivable that one would present a "dishonest" handicap, but that is why the secret handicap committee was created, to assure a level playing field.
For anyone interested in fishing on the 550 acre Lake Tansi, visit the website: for license fees, and boat rental fees. You can also view the cabins on that website.
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail either myself or Buck Buchanan.
It is exciting to visit with old friends and most of us take no offence to the old reference any longer.
Ken Carpenter  

From Ken Carpenter September 14, 2008
We now have 13 men and two women golfers, and two non-golfing women, if my count is correct.
It is time to give Lake Tansi your credit card number for the golf/cabin package, if you haven't already done so.. This must be done before the end of the month. The single package is $263. and the non-golfers room accommodation is $145. You can call 1-800-600-9913 to make your payment.
Our group is now seventeen in total. Of the four couples and nine men, only three couples require cabin accommodations (Bill and Norma Buchanan live there) and eight men (Don Toth will stay with nearby family). So room accommodations have been arbitrarily assigned as follows:
Cabin 1A        Pete Ster and Bill Elder
Cabin 1B        Wendel Hauck and Paul Kahlenbeck
Cabin 2A        Barney and Julie Bauermeister
Cabin 2B        Bill and Judy Shumann
Cabin 3A        Dick Penn and Larry Feldhaus
Cabin 3B        Fred Bros and John Grimmer
Cabin 4A        Ken and Shirley Carpenter
We will get actual cabin numbers upon arrival. Anyone wishing to exchange rooms with another, if mutually agreed, may do so. of course.
Upon arrival Sunday evening, ask at the check-in desk in which cabin the Good Guys are reconnoitering. There are no specific plans for Sunday evening dinner. Team pairings will be made Sunday evening. Monday golf will kickoff with a 9:36 tee-time at The Dorchester Golf Course. We plan on having a BYOB bar set up in one of the cabins Monday evening and dinner to be arranged, individually if desired. Tuesday we play at Deer Creek with our first tee-time at 10:02. Tuesday evening dinner has been planned by Bill Buchanan at Fortes Restaurant there at Lake Tansi, which will open for our group. Have your $20 coupon with you. We will play at Lake Tansi Golf Course Wednesday with a 9:10 starting time. Now after golf Wednesday, we need to have a brief get-together to award Wednesday's prizes and determine the 2008 trophy winner. Hopefully we can depart by 3PM.  
Fun may arrive at any time, so be prepared to share.
If I have forgotten anything, it will not surprise anyone, least of all myself.
See you Oct 5th!
Ken Carpenter