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Early NC Family History

August 27, 2007
I recently discovered the following information in The history of the free African American community as told through the family history of most African Americans who were free in the Southeast during the colonial period
This history comes from about 2,000 pages of family histories based on all colonial court order and minute books on microfilm at the state archives of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Delaware (over 1000 volumes), 1790-1810 census records, tax lists, wills, deeds, free Negro registers, marriage bonds, parish registers, Revolutionary War pension files, etc. There are also another 2,000 pages or so of abstracted tax lists, census records, etc., under "Colonial Tax Lists..."
"3.    Elizabeth Butler, born say 1730, was a "Free Mulatto Female" taxed in the 1761 and 1763 Bertie County Tax List of John Hill in the household of Arthur Williams along with David James and seven slaves. Arthur Williams was a member of the North Carolina General Assembly for Bertie County in 1727-1735 [Saunders, Colonial Records of North Carolina, IV:115]. She was Arthur William's common-law wife and the mother of his two sons Isaac and Elisha who were taxed as white servants in 1767 in his household in the list of John Crickett and as "Mollatoes" in 1768:
Masters: Arthur Williams
Mulattos: Isaac Williams, Elisha Williams, Wm. James, Elizth. Butler, Elizth. James, Mary James
Slaves: Gye, Grace, Sezer, Bess, Robin, Joan, Treser [CR 10.702.1]"

I also discovered the following in the Butler Family history of Free African Americans located at http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Brooks_Byrd.htm
"Arthur Williams left a 28 January 1775 Bertie County will, proved May 1775, leaving slaves Guy, Cesar, Grace and Joan to Elizabeth Butler "now living with me" and naming Elizabeth's children Isaac, Elisha, Ann, Cathoran, Joab, and Arthur. He also named Sarah, wife of Josiah Reddit [WB B:30-4]. In the undated Bertie County List of Humphrey Hardy, Elizabeth was head of a household of 5 taxables: slaves Gye, Cezar, Grace, Joan and herself (not identified by race). The children of Elizabeth Butler and Arthur Williams were
i. ?Sarah, born say 1746, married Josiah Redditt, 14 May 1767 Bertie County bond.

ii. Isaac Williams, born say 1748, counted as white in 1771 and thereafter. He married Nancy Bunch, 7 December 1769 Bertie County bond with Jeremiah and Henry Bunch, Jr., bondsmen.
iii. Elisha Williams, counted as white in 1771 and thereafter, married Sarah Josey, 24 March 1775 Bertie County bond.
iv. Ann, wife of Joseph Simons.
v. Catherine.
vi. Joab.
vii. Arthur."


This led me to do additional research which convinced me that my ancestor Elisha Williams who moved from NC to Nashville, TN in 1804 was not the son of the Arthur Williams described above.


It's possible that the following family tree describes the William Williams mentioned by Henry Philip Williams in his history of the William's family in 1793.  It's also possible that our ancestor Elisha Wiliams was the son of this Williams Williams, even though there is little evidence to back up theory.  Gerri Williams mentions a DAR reference to this William Williams having a son named Elisha.  That, and the time fit are the only evidence we have.

I received the following note from Gerri Williams after I published this page. This note clarifies "the rest of the story" about this Williams line.

"I note that you have spelled out the children of William Williams and Mary Moore. If you plan to include this family and the other sons of William and Mary, then you might want to do so as a side bar...since to my knowledge there is NO CONNECTION at present between this line and our ELISHA WILLIAMS/SARAH JOSEY other than that their daughter Elisabeth Norfleet Hunter Williams married Joseph John Williams Jr., son by Joseph John Williams Sr.'s first wife Rosanna Connor. On a tree that I have from a direct relative, it states that there was NO RELATIONSHIP between this line of Williams and Elisabeth Norfleet Hunter Williams line!!!! So you cannot make that assumption, I believe.

However, I DO BELIEVE that they were distant cousins...due to the fact that William Williams who married Mary Moore was a son of John Williams and Ann Whitley. And I believe that John Williams and Ann Whitley's other children may be the direct line for us. WHICH, I don't know?!"

John Williams abt 1627 - 7 Feb 1686  
  +Anne Moore d after 21 Sep 1719 IOW
+Mary Walburton
two children
+John Browne
six children
+Susannah Clark
John Williams abt 1640/50 York County, VA - abt 1691 IOW
  +21 Feb 1669 Elizabeth (Ann) Whitley abt 1645 - abt 1694/97
(14 children)
Bridgett Ann
+John Browne
Seven children
+1701Thomas Wright Jr
William Williams abt 1675
  +abt 1700 Mary Moore
Samuel abt 1705 - abt 1754  
  +abt 1725 Elizabeth Alston 
Joseph John abt 1730
Samuel abt 1730
Solomon abt 1736
Elizabeth abt 1740
William abt 1725        
+2 Oct 1746 Elizabeth Whitmel
Temperance 1749 - 1774
+James Harris 1731 Henrico County, VA
Samuel Dawson 10 Feb 1753
+Charity Alston Dswson
9 children
William abt 1755
+Elizabeth Williams
Martha Bodie Williams
Elizabeth 1755
+John Johnson or Johnson
Elisha either 1739 or 1749
+either Ann saunders or Margaret Jones
12 children
+Susannah Crews or Blount or Davis
+Mary Keeling
2 children
+John Williams or Daniel UNK
+James castellaw
Nicholas H.
+Ann Lewis
10 children
+Sarah Daughtrey
Theophilus (died as a child)

The following information comes via Gerri Williams from Descendants of John Williams of Isle of Wight County, Virginia by Dr. William M. Mann, Jr. written and published on Christmas, 1961. He wrote this book for his children's grandmother Cora Vaughan Smith.  It appears the information about the two John Williams is confused based on other information I have from Gerri Wiliams on which I based the family tree above.

In his preface, however, he is particular in saying that the book is about John Williams of Isle of Wight county, Virginia who died in 1692. There were only three copies of this book made, as it's typewritten on vellum and bound. Mr. Mann, Jr. lived in San Antonio, Texas when the book was written.

He begins the book by saying that in Virginia alone over 350 persons of the name of Williams appear as headrights in the land patents dated prior to 1667. And those of the name John Williams comprise nearly 1/4 of the list.

He states that because of the number of JOHN WILLIAMS' it is difficult to pin down WHICH ONE is the right one, However, he seems to feel that it is John Williams, "planter", who assigned land by Edward Webb and wife Hannah, in Isle of Wight on April 6, 1677, the deed being abstracted in Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County (p. 575 by Boddie). This land belonged at one time to Edward Palmer and was next to land owned by William Boddie (Ibid., pp567,575).

The writer feels that John purchased on November 8, 1677, from Edward Palmer once again, 1800 acres of land that had been granted to Palmer on Feb. 6, 1672, which land was adjacent to lands of Anthony Matthews (Ibid., pp. 578,690). He continues with other purchases which I'll not number here and then proceeds to lay out the lineage of the family starting with this same John and running through five generations of children and children's children.

The first John was married to Anne______the wife who subsequently married Arnold Shewmake. She died after 9 Dec. 1697 and most certainly before 1704 as she was not on the quit rent roll for that year. John, most likely was born abt 1640, so states Mr. Mann, Jr. (Note below the supposition that William may be the son of John Williams b c 1640 d aft 9 Mar 1691 IOW, VA and Ann Moore.  Could these be the same people?)

The children of this John are listed as: Elizabeth m. Thomas Wright, John m. Ann _____, Bridgett who married John Browne of Kinsale then Wiliam Williams who maried Mary _____ then Thomas who married Susannah (Crews) Davis, Mary, Jane, Nicholas who married Anne Lewis, Richard and finally Theophilus who died without issue.  (Note below the will of William Williams reads:  Will 9 Dec 1704, NC   The will names wife Mary ex: sons Samuel, John and Stephen, daus not named .  Could this William Williams be the same one below?  if so, he would be the great grandfather of Elisha, who would be the son of his grandson, Williams Williams.  All this is based strictly on timing, with the only tie between Elisha and the grandson William Williams being a DAR reference.  It is consistent with Henry Philip Williams' story of Elish being the son of William.  )

Mr. Mann, Jr. goes on to indentify the second John...the one who married Ann______ as a second generation and enumerates the children as follows: Ann m. Samuel Herring, Theophilus, John, James who married Elizabeth Bryan, daughter of Needham Bryan. Isaac, Arthur, Sarah who married ____Castelaw.
Eley Williams, possibly born abt 1737, came to Halifax County, NC and he was the son of Jonah Williams and Martha Eley.  Jonah, his father, was the son of Nicholas Williams who in turn was the son of John Williams....the one in the same who died in 1692.  Gerri Williams believes there is some chance this could be the Elisha Williams who moved his family to Nashville TN in 1804???  This is in contradiction to Henry Philips Williams statement that Elisha's father was William Williams.

According to Henry Philips Williams in a letter he wrote to his cousin Will Williams,
Sometime about the year 1700 there came from Wales a man who was the father of your great-great-Grandfather.  I don't know his name but he settled in Pennsylvania and his son William Williams, in course of time moved to Caldwell County, North Carolina where he married a Miss Thomas. This was in or about 1742.  Several children were born of this marriage, his son Elisha being the second child.  Now this Elisha Williams was the father of your Grandpa Josiah Williams.  He was married in 1772 to Miss Josey and had three sons and one daughter. "
Following is an excerpt from a "A Williams Family History/The First Generations" written by Henry Philips Williams.

Cousin Jack spoke of the old original stock as coming from Wales and settling first in Pennsylvania, and at least one branch of the family  immigrating or moving to North Carolina. That branch from which we are sprung came some time in the early part of 1725, and settled in or near Edgecome, N.C.

Afterwards the head of  the house, William Williams (my  father's grandfather) moved up to a place called Shoco or Shoeco,  in  Caldwell or Halifax, County, N.C., where he bought  a large and fine property and lived the life of a country gentleman, having his farm on the river, his Negro quarters and his overseers.  He had, I think, three sons and several daughters."

One of these sons was my  grandfather, Elisha Williams, born in 1746, and afterwards owning the homestead,  besides several farms in Franklin County, where I am told they kept  Negro quarters managed by overseers."

Could the William Williams below who was born about 1725 be the one referred to above by Henry Philips Williams????? He was married in 1746 rather than the 1742 claimed above and while the wife was not a "Miss Thomas", her father's first name was Thomas.

There is no child named Elisha born to the William Williams below.  But this family was in the Shocco Creek area at the time our William was supposed to be there.
Note generations are color coded:
First generation
Second generation
Third generation
Fourth generation
According to Rootsweb.com “Descendants of William Williams”:

WILLIAM WILLIAMS was born in Wales, and died 9 Dec 1704, in N Carolina. He married MARY MOORE. William may be the son of John Williams b c 1640 d aft 9 Mar 1691 IOW, VA and Ann Moore.

ref Smallwood “Some colonial and Revolutionary Families of NC”
The tradition is universally prevalent among his descendants that the first American ancestor was William Williams and he came from Wales, and there is a strong probability that this William Williams came to the colony at the same time with John Alston, and that it was his son Samuel, quite young at the time of his father’s death, who subsequently md Elizabeth dau of John Alston c 1725-28

Will 9 Dec 1704, NC The will names wife Mary ex: sons Samuel, John and Stephen, daus not named

Children of WILLIAM WILLIAMS and MARY are:

JOHN WILLIAMS, b. N Carolina.
SAMUEL WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1705, N Carolina
               d. Abt. 1754, Edgecombe Co., NC.
Don’t know what happened to John and Stephen Williams.

Samuel Williams' Oct 4, 1753 will probated in February 1754 named his sons as William, Solomon, Samuel and Joseph John, his grandson as Samuel Williams, his wife as Elizabeth, executors as Philip Alston and Benjamin Wynns (could this be Williams?), and Witnesses as Thomas and Edmund Kearny and James Alston.

Samuel Williams was born abt 1705 in NC and died abt 1754 in Edgecombe County NC. He married Elizabeth Alston abt 1725 in NC. She was the daughter of John Alston and Mary Clark. Their children were:
William Williams born abt 1725 in Martin County NC
             (died about 1791 in Warren County – see below)
Joseph John Williams born abt 1730 in NC and died abt 1818
Samuel Williams born abt 1730 NC 
             (died abt 1791in Warren County – see below)
Solomon Williams born abt 1736 Edgecombe County NC 
             died 28 July 1794 Warren County NC
Elizabeth Williams born abt 1740 NC

WILLIAM WILLIAMS was born Abt. 1725 in Martin Co, NC. He married ELIZABETH WHITMEL October 02, 1746 in N Carolina, daughter of THOMAS WHITMEL and ELIZABETH BRYAN.

He was a member of the Provincial Congress at Halifax in Oct. 1776 (p 913 V 10 Colonial Records). He was granted a patent for land in Edgecombe 8 June 1739 (Colonial Records of NC v 6 p 619). He was appointed colonel of Martin Co Militia by the Provincial congress at Hillsboro, 9 Sept 1775. He was a delegate from Martin Co to the provincial congress at Hillsboro on 20 Aug -1775 (Roaster of Solders from NC in the American Rev by the DAR p 499-503). He appointed Col. for Martin Co and adjutant to the 1st regiment in August 1775 He was a member of the Provincial Congress at Halifax 4 April 1776 and of the Constitutional Convention at the same place Oct 1776. He married Elizabeth dau of Thomas Whitmel, Esq. on 2 Oct 1746, at her fathers house by Needham Bryan.


SAMUEL DAWSON WILLIAMS, b. February 10, 1753, Halifax County, NC.
WILLIAM WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1755, Halifax County, NC.
ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, b. 1755, Halifax County, NC
           d. Bef. December 07, 1790, Bertie Co. NC.
JOSEPH JOHN WILLIAMS was born Abt. 1730 in N Carolina, and died 1818. He married (1) ROSANNA CONNER. He married (2) ELIZABETH MATILDA ALSTON Abt. 1770, daughter of PHILIP ALSTON and WINIFRED WHITMEL.

Children of JOSEPH WILLIAMS and (1st wife) ROSANNA CONNER are:

SAMUEL WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1780, N Carolina.

Children of JOSEPH JOHN WILLIAMS and (2nd wife)ELIZABETH ALSTON are:

ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, b. 1763, N Carolina
          d. AL
WILLIAM WILLIAMS, b. 1771, N Carolina.
MARTHA WHITMEL WILLIAMS, b. February 02, 1771, N Carolina
          d. April 08, 1827, N Carolina.
SAMUEL WILLIAMS was born abt 1730 in NC. (He died abt 1791in Warren County and may not have married – see below)

More on Samuel Williams:
Feb 1791 Court from Abstracts of Warren County NC Will Books

Will of Samuel Williams names brothers Solomon Williams and Joseph John Williams executors and friend James Alston and Gabriel Long co-executors.
Leaves home place including mill and land in Halifax County on Fishing Creek to:

1. Sons of his brother William Williams, Samuel and William,
2. Children of his brother William Williams’ daughter Elisabeth Johnston

William Williams and Samuel Williams are listed as “Jurat”.
SOLOMON WILLIAMS was born Abt. 1736 in Edgecombe Co., NC, and died July 28, 1794 in Warren County, NC. He married TEMPERANCE BODDIE June 23, 1757 in N Carolina.


WILLIAM WILLIAMS, b. 1755-1760, Warren County, NC; d. 1838.
ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, b. 1756, N Carolina.
SAMUEL WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1765, N Carolina; d. September 18, 1824.
HENRY GUSTON WILLIAMS, b. May 24, 1765, N Carolina
              d. 1835, Warren County, NC.
MARY P. WILLIAMS, b. 1770, N Carolina; d. Aft. 1860.

It's possible that William Williams above who was born in 1725 was still alive when the 1790 census of Halifax County, NC was conducted.  He would have been around 65 years old.  One of the two Elisha Williams listed in this census could be his son who moved to the Nashville TN area in about 1804 with his family.

1790 Census, North Carolina

Halifax County, Halifax District


            1st #      free white males 16 year upwards and head of families

            2nd #     free white males under 16 years

            3rd #      free white   females and head of families

            4th #      all other free persons

            5th #      slaves



pg 62a pt 4

Williams, Augustin.........................1-1-3-0-0


pg 62b pt 5

Williams, John................................1-2-3-0-4


pg 63b pt 8

Williams, Joseph John....................1-2-4-0-66 (Son of Samuel & Elizabeth born 171730 in NC ?)

Williams, James..............................2-0-0-0-27

Williams, Thomas............................1-0-1-0-0

Williams, Samuel.............................1-2-5-0-0 (Son of William & Elizabeth born 1753 ?)

Williams, Wood................................1-1-3-0-1

Williams, Elisha................................1-5-3-0-1

Williams, Francis..............................1-3-2-0-7

Williams, George..............................1-2-4-0-0

Williams, Samuel..............................1-2-4-0-0 (Son of Samuel & Elizabeth born 1739 in NC ?)

Williams, William..............................2-3-6-3-0 (Son of Samuel & Elizabeth born 1725 in Martin County NC ?)


pg 64a pt 10

Williams, Thomas..............................1-2-3-0-1


pg 65a pt 13

Williams, John...................................1-0-3-0-5


pg 65b pt 14

Williams, Howell................................1-1-3-0-1

Williams, Joseph...............................1-3-3-0-0

Williams, Ely.....................................2-1-6-0-3

Williams, John...................................3-0-8-0-32

Williams, Jesse.................................1-2-1-0-12

Williams, Daniel................................1-1-2-0-1

Williams, Sarah.................................0-0-3-0-1

Williams, William..............................1-3-5-0-0

There were a number of Williams living in Edgecombe County in 1790.

1790                        North Carolina

 Edgecombe County, Halifax District 


      1st #             free white males 16 year upwards and head of families

      2nd #               free white males under 16 years

      3rd #            free white   females and head of families

      4th #             all other free persons

      5th #               slaves




pg 54a

Williams, Margaret...........................0-0-2-1-0


pg 54 b

Williams, Benjamin...........................3-1-3-0-0

Williams, Unity.................................2-0-3-0-0


Pg 54 c

Williams, Joseph..............................1-2-5-0-0

Williams, Drury.................................1-0-2-0-0

Williams, Jesse................................1-0-3-0-0


Pg 55a

Williams, John..................................1-0-0-0-2

Williams, Henry................................1-0-2-0-5

Williams, Matthew.............................1-0-0-0-0

Williams, John.................................1-0-2-0-5

Williams, Elizabeth............................2-1-3-0-12

Williams, John.................................1-0-4-0-2

Williams, Matthew..............................1-1-4-0-6

Williams, Uriah................................2-1-2-0-3

There also were several Williams living in Franklin County.  This Elisha Williams was most likely the one in our family line who moved to the Nashville TN area about 1804.

                          1790 Census

 Franklin County,   Halifax District


     1st #      free white males 16 year upwards and head of families    
     2nd #    free white males under 16 years    
     3rd #     free white   females and head of families
William, Benj..................2-1-3-3-6
William, John..................1-3-5-0-4
Williams, Floyd J.....,........1-3-4-0-0
Williams, Huckman....,.,,,.....1-2-3-0-0
William, Harriss...............1-1-1-0-0
Williams, Leeman.......,,......2-3-5-0-5
Williams, Floyd................1-2-6-0-0
Williams, John.................1-2-4-0-0
Williams, Rich'd...............3-0-2-0-3
Williams, Elisha...............1-3-4-0-13
Williams, Sam'l........,.......1-0-2-0-2 


Below are all the references I could find to anyone with the surname Williams in the Warren County Will Books for the period covered below. There are obvious references to several of the family members above, but none to Elisha who we believe was livng on his father's plantation on the Franklin County side of Shocco Creek, the dividing line between Franklin and Warren Counties.

April 1779 - May 1783

From Original by Mary Hinton Kerr

121. 27 Oct.1781; Nov.Ct.1781. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, of Goochland Co., Va., to his Dtro MARY TODD of Warren Co. Gift of negroes, to go to her children at her death. Wit: DRURY WILLIAMS, THOMAS HALL, FRANCES (FANNEY) HALL, (Jurat) & WILLIAM TURNER.

129. (A) Will of SARAH THOMPSON, Relict of the late SAMUEL THOMPSON of Surry Co., Va. 12 Dec.178l; Feb. Ct.l782. Son SAMUEL to have Property bequeathed by her late husband; Dtrs. SARAH, relict of the late JACOB WILLIAMS, MARY BELL, ANNE MYRICK. Extr. Brigadier General THOMAS PERSON. Wit: WILLIAM JACKSON & CADER POWELL (Jurat)


Abstracts of Warren Co., N.C. Will Book 4

35. (A) Will of PHILLIP ALSTON. 18 Nov.1783;July Ct.1784. Wife WINNEFRED; Sons WILLIAM, THOMAS W. & PHILIP G. ALSTON, Extrs.: Dtrs. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS & WINNEFRED COCKE; Son SAMUEL (a minor). Describes land bought from WILLIAM ALSTON, 'Bobs Place', on Blanchets Branch adj. BLANCHETT, near Mill Path & on the Maple Swamp, Buck Branch & Ginnys Branch, adj. his son Tommy's line. Wit: STEPHEN MARSHALL (Jurat), SAMUEL MARSHALL (Jurat), JOHN HARVEAY & SALLEY CROSSLAND

65. Oct.Ct.1784. Partial div. Est. PHILIP ALSTON,dec'd. One part to SAMUEL ALSTON & one part div.between WILLIAM, THOS.W. & PHILL ALSTON, ELIZA WILLIAMS & WINNEFRET COCKE. Commrs: SAML.WILLIAMS, GABL.LONG & THOS.HINES.

165.(A) Will of ROBERT WILLIAMS. 13 Dec.1785;April Ct.1786. Names: Wife ANNE; Son JOHN, Extr.; Son GEORGE; Son ROBERT; Dtr.MARY WILLIAMS: Gr-son TAVINER. Co-Extr. NIMROD WILLIAMS. Wit: DANIEL VAULX (Jurat), JOSEPH FENNEL, ROSANAH BUCKHAM (Jurat).

184. 27 April 1786; July Ct. 1786. Inv. Est. ROBERT WILLIAMS, dec'd., by JOHN WILLIAMS, Extr.


53. Inv. Est. BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, dec'd., by THOMAS THORN, Admr.

155. 23 March l790; May Ct. 1790. JOHN SMELLY to AUGUSTAN BALTHROP. For 60 Pds. Va. money, sale of his claim to negroes already in possession of sd. BALTHROP which were left to his wife MARY by her former husband JOHN TODD & her father WILLIAM WILLIAMS to be div. at her death among her children. Wit: THOMAS MILLER (Jurat) & JAMES PAINE.

213. (A) Will of SAMUEL WILLIAMS. 21 Feb.1791; Feb. Ct.1791. Names: Brother SOLOMON WILLIAMS, Extr.; Brother JOSEPH JOHN WILLIAMS, Extr.; SAMUEL & WILLIAM, sons of his brother WILLIAM WILLIAMS; children of ELISABETH JOHNSTON, dtr. of his brother WILLIAM. Land devised is homeplace, including mill (bought from MONTFORT) & land in Halifax Co., on Fishing Creek & land bought from SUMNER which last he leaves to 8 of his slaves who are to be free. Co-Extrs: Friends JAMES ALSTON & GABRIEL LONG. Wit: WM. WILLIAMS (Jurat) & SAMUEL WILLIAMS (Jurat).

The following is a more detailed account of this same will:

Abstracts of Wills, Warren County, North Carolina (GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy,5812 Temple City Blvd,Temple City,CA 91780-2112).
Warren County Will Abstracts 1779-1844,Pag124:.
(Entry #541) SAMUEL WILLIAMS 2 Feb 1791 Feb Ct 1791 Original on file # 5/213

Following is an extract of his will, from "Abstracts of Wills, Warren County,NC,1779-1844" :
SAMUEL WILLIAMS Written Feb. 21, 1791, probated February Court 1791. "...being sick in body.." My Negroes Crese and her son TOM, his wife PRISS, and her five children ALLEN, CHARITY, BRYNA, WILLIE, and CRESE, should be set free, but as the laws of this state will not allow this, I desire they and their heirs should pay one penny each annually for ninety-nine years to my friend James Alston until they can obtain their freedom. To my said servant CRESE, 10 acres of land in the tract I bought of Sumner. To my servant, TOM -90 acres of the rest of the Sumner tract. To my brother Solomon Williams - all the land I bought of Montfort where I now live, including the mill. To my brother Joseph John Williams - all my land in Halifax County lying on Fishing Creek. To Samuel Williams (son of my brother William Williams) - 160 pounds. To William Williams (son of my brother William Willams - 160 pounds. To the surviving children of Elizabeth Johnston (daughter of my brother William Williams) - 160 pounds to divide among them. Remaining estate to be divided between my brothers Solomon and Joseph John. Executors: brothers Solomon and Joseph John, my friend James Alston, Gabriel Long Wit: Wm. Williams, Sam. Williams.

RECORD OF WILLS & ACCOUNTS, Warren Co., N. C., Book 6
From Original by Mary Hinton Kerr

91. 28 Feb. 1792; Feb. Ct.1792. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, an orphan who will be 14 yrs. old next April, apprt, to JAMES DEARDEN by WILLIAM JOHNSON, Esq., Presiding Justice & to be taught planter's business, etc.

103. 30 May 1792; Ack: May Ct. 1792. SOLOMON WILLIAMS to his grand-daughters TEMPERANCE BODDIE WILLIAMS & RUINA (URINA) JUDKINS WILLIAMS. Gift of a negro apiece at the death of his Mother, now the wife of RICHARD BURT.

98. (A) Will of FRANCIS WILLIAMS. 1 Feb. 1793; May Ct. 1793. Wife MARGET, Extrx. Sons: WILLIAM & BENNETT(to divide Anderson Swamp land); Dtr. FANNY WILLIAMS; Son LEONARD (a minor & to have land known as Jilses on Dicks Br. & colt fr. mare bought fr. PHILLIP WHITE); Son ZACHERIAH; Dtrs. BETSEY & NANCY (minors); Extrs: Brothers PERMANUS & ASHKENAZ WILLIAMS. Wit: THOMAS WILLIAMS (Jurat), THOMAS SIMS (Jurat) & ROBERT HAMMOCK.

115. 7 Dec. 1793; Ack: May Ct. 1794. WILLIAM WILLIAMS to Ch. Co. Ct. Bond for 100 Pds. to insure that he build & maintain bridge across Shocco Cr. near SAM WILLIAMS. Wit: G. C. BOOTH.

141. 26 Aug. 1793; Aug. Ct. 1793. Inv. Est. FRANCIS WILLIAMS, dec'd., by MARGET, PERMENAS & ASKS. WILLIAMS, Extrs.

Abstracts of Warren Co., N. C. Will Book 8
February 1795 - August 1796
With Permission From Original by Mary Hinton Kerr

196. 17 March 1796; Feb. Ct. 1796. Sale of negroes in Est. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, dec'd. by WM. MALONE, D. Shf. Sold to: CHAS. MYRICK, JOHN TANNER & ELIZA.WILLIAMS.

209. 26 Feb. 1796; Feb. Ct. 1796. HENRY FITTS Gdn. to MARY WILLIAMS, minor orphan. Bond for 500 Pds. to WM. JOHNSON, TH. CHRISTMAS & RICHARD RUSSEL, Esqrs. Justices Co. Ct. P&QS. Sec: KEMP PLUMMER.

283. 28 Feb. 1796; Feb. Ct. 1796. BENJAMIN HAWKINS Gdn. to RICHD. WILLIAMS, orphan of WILLIAM WILLIAMS, dec'd. Bond for 500 Pds.to W. JOHNSON, THOS. CHRISTMAS & BENJAMIN KIMBELL, Esqrs, Justices. Sec: MDUKE JOHNSON. Wit: KEMP PLUMMER.

293. 23 May 1796; May Ct. 1796. PLEASANT BASKET Gdn. to ANNE, SALLY, CATEY, JAMES, SETH & FRANCIS WILLIAMS, minor orphans. Bond for 1,200 Pds. to WILL JOHNSON, THOMAS CHRISTMAS & PHIL HAWKINS, Justices. Sec: GULIELMUS SMITH.

298. 25 May 1796; May Ct. 1796. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Gdn. to JOHN & GEORGE WILLIAMS minor orphans. Bond for 100 Pds. to RIGHD. RUSSEL, DUD. CLANTON & BENJAMIN KIMBELL, Esqrs., Justices Co. Ct. P&QS. Sec: JESSE MOSELEY.

313. 25 May 1796; May Ct. 1796. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Gdn. to SALLY & SUSANNA WILLIAMS, minor orphans. Bond for 100 Pds. to RICHARD RUSSEL, DUDLEY CLANTON, & BENJ.KIMBELL, Esqrs., Justices Co. Ct. P&QS. Sec: JESSE MOSELEY.

332. 23 May 1796; May Ct.1796. PLEASANT BASKET Gdn. to DELILAH WILLIAMS, minor orphan. Bond for 500 Pds. to WILLIAM JOHNSON, THOS. CHRISTMAS & PHILEMON HAWKINS, Esqrs., Justices Co. Ct. P&QS. Sec: GULIELMUS SMITH.

Abstracts of Warren County, NC Will Book 9
From Original By Mary Hinton Kerr

58. 27 Feb. 1797; Feb. Ct. 1797. Est.of (SETH) WILLIAMS, ,dec'd.; PHEBE WILLIAMS, Admrx. Bond for 2,000 Pds, to WM. JOHNSON, Esq., Ch. Co. Ct. Sec: PATRAM PARDUE.

134. 27 Feb. 1797; Feb. ct. 1797. Inv. Est. of SETH WILLIAMS, dec'd., by PHEBE WILLIAMS.

170. May Ct. 1797. Sale Est. of SETH WILLIAMS, dec'd., by PHEBE WIILLIAMS, Admrx.(Names of purchasers not given.)

From Original by Mary Hinton Kerr

86. 26 Feb. 1799; Feb. Ct. 1799. WILLIAM WILLIAMS Gdn. to WILLIAM K. KEARNEY, minor orphan. Bond for 2,000 Pds. to WILLIAM JOHNSON, JAMES PAIN & ROBERT JONES, Esqrs. Justices Co. Ct. P&QS. Sec: ROBERT HILL

183. 26 Nov. 1799; Nov. Ct. 1799. WILLIAM WILLIAMS Gdn. to PRISCILDA KERNEY, minor orphan. Bond for 5,000 Pds. to WILLIAM JOHNS (T) ON,J. P. Sec: HENRY G. KE(A) RNEY.

314. (A) Will of BILLEY WILLIAMS. 7 Feb. 1800; May Ct. 1800. Bequests to: Friend THOMAS GARDNER (for funeral sermon of his wife, & his own); BENJAMIN CAPPS, son of RANEY CAPPS; nephew WILLIE HARRIS; niece POLLY MERRITT, dtr. of SYLVANUS MERRITT; SELAB HARRIS, wife of WILLIE HARRIS; for education of friendless orphan children. Extr: BRITTAIN NICHOLSON. Wit: WILLIE (WILY) HARRIS (Jurat) & SELAH BARRIS (Jurat).
Abstracts of Warren Co., N. C. Will Book 11From Original by Mary Hinton Kerr

78. Feb. Ct. 1801. Acc't. of WILLIAM WILLIAMS Gdn. to PRISL. KEARNEY, for 1800. Includes am't.rec'd.fr. ROBT. McLEMORE for hire of negro.

80. Feb. Ct. 1801. Acc't. of WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Gdn. to WILLIAM KEARNEY. Includes: tuition at the University, transportation there & expenses there & "my expenses carrying him to the University"; tuition to Mr. NORWOOD; & names LANCASTER.

84. Feb. Ct. 1801. Acc't. for 1796 of ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Gdn. to JOHN, GEORGE, SALLEY & SUSANNA WILLIAMS, orphans of WM. WILLIAMS, dec'd. Includes: Am't. paid for board & schooling; am't. pd. Dr. BREHON (for GEO.); rec'd. am't. of their legacy.

16. May Ct. 1801. Acc’t. 1796-1801 in Est. of PHILIP KEARNEY, dec’d., by HENRY G. WILLIAMS, Extr. Includes: Cash on hand at death of Mrs. KEARNEY; expenses of suit in Raleigh; waggonage to Petersburg; business with HAMILTON; sale of PRISL.’S part of Est.; WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Gdn. to WM. & PRISL. KEARNEY; J. BETTY, overseer (his part of crop); Blackledge Clerk; HAMILTON & Co. (at Halifax); board & schooling for WM. KEARNEY; SAML. WILLIAMS, Gdn. to P. D. KEARNEY; W. A. EATON (ferriage); also names: McRORIE, B. BAKER, Atty., JACOB MORDECAI, WILLIAM FALKENER, R. CHEEK,

154. Aug. Ct. 1801. Acct. in Est. of THOS. KEARNEY, dec'd., by JOSHUA (RY) PERRY, Extr. Includes: Rec'ts. fr. sale 7 Dec. 1797; DUKE JOHNSON (recording will); ROBERT HILL; WILIAM WILLIAMS (tax on Halifax Co. land); Col. JOHN B. ASH; ELI WHITTIKER; AMIS & RHYMES of Halifax; Est. of WM. ALSTON, dec'd.; WILLIAM JONES; PATRICK WALKER; H. G. WILLIAMS & W. DENSON Gdns. to orphans of dec'd.; JOHN COLEMAN; JOHN EATON; & JAS. ALSTON.

179. 24 Sept. 1801; Ack: Nov. Ct. 1801. SAMUEL WILLIAMS to his dtr. PATSEY EATON WILLIAMS, at request of her grandmother MARTHA JOHNSON. Gift of a negro whose mother belongs to Mrs. JOHNSON. Wit: S. (?) JOHNSON & WYATT WILLIAMS.

The Franklin Rifles
This history was compiled by Wade Harris and presented at the October meeting of the "Franklin Rifles", Camp 310, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Louisburg, North Carolina.

On October 19th, 1864 at Cedar Creek, Major Rob Alston was shot through the jaw. He was from the Franklin and Warren county line on Shocco Creek. The dirt road today is called Rob Alston Road.

The following was taken from the site:

 As a note, there is a will for WILLIAM WILLIAMS, written April 9, 1835 and probated May Court 1838,(Will Book 37/20) in Warren County that mentions his lands in Warren county,(including all my land on Little Shocco Creek containing 1384 acres, also 700 acres on the north side of Great Shocco adj. to William K. Kearney) Franklin County (on Sandy Creek and Shocco Creek), Halifax County (on the east side of Mill Swamp, adj. to the Beaverdam Branch purchased from Thomas Kearney, and all my lands in Halifax County on the east side of Elk Marsh Swamp containing 2000 acres), and 617 acres Chickasaw in Tennessee, to my Grandson Thomas C. Jones, the title presently in the name of Calvin Jones. This will is long and drawn out and contains may children and grandchildren that were named Williams, Alston, Jones, Perry, and Burton, among others. This William Williams was the grandfather of the Robert Edgar Williams I mentioned in my first message to you, who was married to a Kearney. It might be worth your while to take a look at that and other wills for the area.
The following was taken from the site:
Wake Co NC             Bertie Co land, 
Isaac Hunter and Solomon Alston owned plantations along Shocco Creek in the southeast of Warren County.
      married 18 April 1760 Granville Co NC Martha Alston 25 May 1745 -
                sister of Ann
All of Isaac and Martha's children, except Solomon, migrated to Tennessee. 

 Solomon migrated to Liberty County, Ga., to Wilkes Co., Ga., and to Abbeville Co., S. C., where he died in 1799.

Jacob Hunter 1737 -  8 June 1784

married Sarah Pugh Hill died 19 Nov 1793
dau  of Henry Hill of Gates Co

e-mail from Hunter Cole: . . . .Daniel, a bachelor, died intestate in 1797, and his heirs were required to advertise in a Raleigh newspaper in order to seek out any other claimants to Daniel's siblings. The resulting depositions from Chowan, Gates, Perquimens, and other counties locate many heirs. The children of each of Daniel's siblings and their spouses are listed in these court records
Isaac of Warren and his brother Jesse moved from Chowan to Bute County (renamed Warren), where they married the Alston sisters.  Isaac Hunter and Solomon Alston owned plantations along Shocco Creek in the southeast of Warren County. Brother Daniel Hunter lived nearby on Fishing Creek in Granville County.
The wills of Isaac of Chowan (m. Elizabeth Parker) and Isaac of Warrren (m. Martha Alston) show the progression of this branch of the Nansemond tree.
All of Isaac and Martha's children, except Solomon, migrated to Tennessee. Solomon migrated to Liberty County, Ga., to Wilkes Co., Ga., and to Abbeville Co., S. C., where he died in 1799.

I received this note from my Mother in a package of papers saved over the years by her Mother, Nelle Francis Williams Holthouse. I'm guessing this scrap of paper was prepared by one of her relative some time ago (some papers date to 1921) because it does not appear to be her hand writing and it is very messy, like an old person might write.

Here's my interpretation of the note based on it's contents and my knowledge of her ancestors:

"Williams comes to Philadelphia from Holland in 17-? and moved to N.C. There he married a N.C. Thomas girl and had three children ('Eliott' crossed out) Williams. Sally, Eliz, & Eliott. The last boy married and had twelve children. James was the last. He married and had ('four' written over 'five') children by his first wife Sally, ('Lena' crossed out), Catherine, Edward, Henry & (appears to be 'Maggie' written over with 'Lena' written directly below).

I believe whoever wrote this did not know the first name of the imigrant Williams. The writer says he was from Holland and all other references say he was from Scotland? The two sisters named are the first references to his siblings I am aware of. How credible is this information???

The writer did seem to know his three children, Sally, Elizibeth, and Eliott, but was likely mistaken in the name Eliott who most likely was our ancestor Elisha.

Elisha didn't have 12 children. He only had four, William, Elisha, Elizabeth, and the youngest Josiah Frederick Williams who did have 12 children (not counting the two who died young). Could it be that the writer missed a generation?

The last of Josiah's children was named James (as the note indicates) and he was married four times. He had a daughter by his first wife and by his 2nd wife, Juliette Marion Heath, he had Lena, William, Henry Ewing, and Edward Heath.
So there's a William not mentioned in the note and no known children named Sally or Catherine as indicated in the note. However, it's close enough to make you think that may be the James in the note.

I believe my Mother wrote this document  which was also in Mama Nelle's papers. She appears confused about the above note and was trying to interpret it. Here's my interpretation of this note:

'James H.' crossed out followed by 'Williams'. Imediately below is '1st wife name Thomas' and below that '3 children' and below that 'Salie, Eliz, Elliot had 12 children, James was last. I believe this refers to the immigrant Williams in the above note.

An arrow goes to 'James H. Williams + third wife Heath' with the note '(Mother's Grandfather)'. Below that is listed the children: 'Ed H. Williams + Maude Dunn, Henry Williams +, Lena Williams + Mr. Brown, Will Williams'. These names all seem correct although Heath was the 2nd wife.

The rest of the note is confusing, as if whoever wrote it was trying to reconcile the note above with what the already knew about James H. Williams. For some reason they wrote that his 3rd wife was 'Heath' (really Mary Duncle) and then proceded to write below that his second wife was Dunnevant (really Nellie Heath), his 3rd wife was Mary Finley (really Mary Duncle) and his 4th wife was Nellie Heath as Juliette Marion Heath was known(really Sarah Dunnavant).