Williams Family

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.Edward James Williams (8).

Edward James Williams is a son of Edward Heath Williams and Maude Dunn.

Born:      15 Dec 1885  in Luxora, AR 
Died:       1962 in Roswell, NM
Married: Charlotte  Harris 23 January, 1906
                     bn 24 Aug 1884
Edward Williams - bn 3 May 1907, d 1945
Dorthy Mae Williams Sacra - bn 19 May 1910 Roswell, NM
Nell Jean Williams Fields - bn 4 Jan 1914 Roswell, NM
Mary Charlotte Williams Smith - bn 22 Jun 1921 Roswell, NM

After my freshman year in college I hitch-hiked with a friend to California and we stopped in Roswell to see Ed and his wife.  They welcomed us and we had a great visit.  That was the only time I ever met either of them.