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The Family of Richard and Sarah Williams

Did Elisha Williams, who migrated to Nashville TN in 1804, come from this family?

Larry Feldhaus (feldhaus@comcast.net), September, 2007


Comments in black are Ed Tatum’s.  Comments in red are mine.


Drew Smith is the key.


I assumed that because Thomas Blount Whitmell shows up so often with Elisha, his aunt Elizabeth (Whitmell) Williams was the link back to William.  But Thomas was married to Drew Smith’s daughter which explains his presence with Elisha as you will see below.


The earlier Drew Smith witnesses the will of Joshua’s brother Elisha Williams in 1751 so clearly a connection between Drew and these Williams brothers.


This Williams family discussed below consisted of Richard and Sarah Williams and their children Elisha (d 1755), Joshua (d 1761) (son named Elisha), Solomon(d 1761) (son named Elisha), George, Mathew, Daniel, John, Mary married Robert Carr), and Elizabeth (not named in will below) married John Daughtry).


This group is not to be confused with Samuel Williams who married Elizabeth Alston  This group was further south, Palmyra and beyond.  Their children are William who married Elizabeth Whitmell (this is the the wealthy William of Martin County for who, some say, Williamston is named), Solomon who married Temperance Boddie (Elk Marsh, left 1794 will in Warren), Joseph John, father of the Joseph John who married our Betsy Norfleet Hunter Williams. And Samuel who left the following will:


Warren County Wills, P 213. (A) Will of SAMUEL WILLIAMS. 21 Feb.1791; Feb. Ct.1791. Names: Brother SOLOMON WILLIAMS, Extr.; Brother JOSEPH JOHN WILLIAMS, Extr.; SAMUEL & WILLIAM, sons of his brother WILLIAM WILLIAMS; children of ELISABETH JOHNSTON, dtr. of his brother WILLIAM. Land devised is homeplace, including mill (bought from MONTFORT) & land in Halifax Co., on Fishing Creek & land bought from SUMNER which last he leaves to 8 of his slaves who are to be free. Co-Extrs: Friends JAMES ALSTON & GABRIEL LONG. Wit: WM. WILLIAMS (Jurat) & SAMUEL WILLIAMS (Jurat).


Williams, Richard - will dated 8 Nov 1737 recorded 27 Feb 1737.  Legatee son john land where Arthur Edwards now lives; son Solomon  land where John Row did live; son Mathew; daughter Mary; wife Sarahson Elisha land in nansemond joining William West; son George land in  Nansemond; son Joshua land in Nansemond; son Daniel land in  Nansemond; frined William Wiggins to my young children. Exc. son  Daniel Williams; witness John Johnston, James Garner and Elisha 
Williams . (4:193)




16 Dec 1741 Bertie County, NC Deed Book F, p. 368: Susannah COLLSON and John COLLSON (her son) to Thomas BLOUNT and Thomas WHITMELL, 16 December 1741. 19 June 1742. 500 pds. for 600 acres "...Executors of the Last will and Testament of John COLLSON, Sen Dec'd . . . except for thirty two pounds quit rents Deducted to us paid by Thomas Collins . . . " Land on SS Rocquis Creek. Part of tract to Luke Meazle and conveyed to Timothy Trulove and by Trulove to George Clark Glover Dec'd. And by Jonathan Taylor, legatee, and James Williamson, administrators, " . . . by and to this s'd George Clarks will conveyed by deed to John COLLSON Sen Dec'd . . . out of this COLLSON sold three hundred acres . . . " Land adj. John Stevenson, ____ Hays. Wit: Edward Collins, Mary Collins. August Court 1742. Henry DeLon C/C.


Thomas Blount and Thomas Whitmell buy land in Bertie County on SS Rocquis Creek



The North Carolina Gazetteer by William Stevens Powell 1968 Chapel Hill, Pg. 425

“Roquist Creek rises in west Bertie County and flows southeast into Cashie River. Many spellings (Rocquis, Rakwis, Rocquist, Roquewhist, etc.) have been used in the past, but Roquist is the accepted spelling. The word is Tuscarora for “turtle“. Mentioned in local records as early as 1723.”  “Roquist Pocosin, southwest Bertie County.” {my note here Pocosin means swamp}




All of the folliowing are from Abstracts of Deeds from Edgecome Precint, Edgecombe County NC 1732-1758 by Margaret M. Hofmann. All of the deeds in this book fall in present day Halifax County:




Aug 1744: William Bryan of Edge Co to Drew Smith of Edge Co 26 pounds 100 acres joining Arthur Bryan and a swamp all houses, orchards etc. Wit: James Spier (his X mark) Elisha Williams. Reg. Edge Co Aug Ct 1744. R. Forster C.Ct.


Drew Smith was a friend of Elisha Williams(1)




31 Feb 1745: Richard Sessums of Edge Co to Richard Smith of Edge Co 30 pounds VA money 100 acres joining Davie Hopper, all edices, orchards etc. Wit: Elisha Williams, Drew Smith. Reg Edge Co Feb Ct 1745. R. Forster C.Ct.




1749-1751 Our Elisha Williams is born.




19 Nov 1751: Drew Smith of Edge Co to James Stevenson of Northampton Co 24 pounds 1 shilling 3 pence curr money of VA 160 acres on the north side of Tar River, joining a pond and the river as by patent of 24 Feb 1728 to John Steward. Wit: Thomas Edwards, John Edwards, Jr. Reg Edge Co Nov Ct 1751. B. Wynns C.Ct.


Drew Smith buys 160 acres on the north side of the Tar River, witnessed by Thomas Edwards.  This land was previously owned by Richard Sessums and William Coleman.

Pg. 261. Richard Sessums of Edge. Pct. to William Coleman of Edge. Prect. 4 May 1739 12 pounds Va. Currency 160 acres on the north side of Tar river, joining a pond. Wit: RICHARD BRASWELL, John Carol. Reg. (place not given) May Ct. 1739 J. Edwards C. Ct.





20 Jan 1752: John Gray of Granville Co to Elisha Williams of Edge Co 17 pounds VA money 100 acres on Morrattock River joining Drew Smith, the said Williams and the River all houses orchards etc. Wit: John Dawson, John Perrit, Nicholas Perrit, reg Edge Co Feb Ct 1752. B. Wynns C.Ct.


Moratock was the old name of the Roanoke.  So this proves that Joshua’s brother Elisha at least did own land on the Roanoke joining Drew Smith.  [Elisha’s will was written in 1751 but not probated until 1755 believe it is this Elisha who is mentioned above).


Elisha buys 100 acres on the Roanoke River joining his friend Drew Smith.




12 May 1753: John Williams of Edge Co to John Brown of Edge Co 18 pounds curr money of VA 186 acres near Looking Glass Swamp joining Thomas Davis and Joshua Williams a grant to the said John Williams 12 Apr 1753. Wit: John Pope, Barnaby Pope, Reg Edge Co May Ct 1753. Bejamin Wynns C.Ct,


John Williams is presumably the brother of Joshua and Elisha mentioned in Elisha’s 1751 will.  This is the only indication of where Joshua Williams owned land, although it does not mean it was where he was living at the time of his will.  According to https://web.archive.org/web/20200414200551/https://genfiles.com/bynum/william-bynum-c1690-1746/  Looking Glass swamp was a creek of the Roanoke River located in the southeastern part of what is now Halifax County, near the present site of Spring Hill.   It was “in Halifax County about five miles from Scotland Neck.”  It was also known as "Arthur's Swamp".



John Williams sells 186 acres he received in a grant a month before.  The land was located near Looking Glass and joining his brother Joshua’s property.  Looking Glass Swamp "Looking Glass Swamp" was also known as "Arthur's Swamp," A deed of 1729 "Looking Glass Swamp" was defined as SS Morattuck [Roanoke] River, a survey made for William Gray and by him "lapsed" then granted to John Gray on Apr 1, 1727, who on May 13, 1729 sells to RICHARD LEWIS. Kay G. By a 1741 deed this land was now located in Edgecombe County.



13 Aug 1751: Last will of Elisha Williams, written 13 Aug 1751, probated Feb 1755 Edgecombe, NC County: Names:  Brothers: Solomon Williams, George Williams, Daniel Williams, Joshua Williams, John Williams. Nephew: Richard Williams (son of John Williams) Sisters: Mary Carr, Elizabeth Daughtry. Executor: Joshua Williams. Witnesses: James Smith, Drew Smith, George Bell. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns.


Elisha Williams(1) dies with no indication he has a wife or children.  His friend Drew Smith witnesses the will.




Thomas Whitmell

Bertie County NC  Tax List  for Thomas Whitmell
	1st=white	2nd=black	3rd=totals
	2		11		13

Thomas Whitmell is living in Bertie County with eleven slaves.


3 Aug 1757: John Fort of Edge Co to Jordan Thomas of Edge Co 50 pounds VA money 100 acres joining Marmaduke Norfleet, Cane marsh, James Smith and the said Jordan Thomas, land John Richardson transferred to the said Fort all houses buildings, orchards etc part of a grant to John Nairn for 640 acres 5 Apr 1720. Wit: Drew Smith, Williams Waller, Arthur Smith. Reg Edge Co Aug Ct 1757. J. Montfort C. Ct.


Also remember Marmauke Nortleet was the father of James Harris’s first wife.


Jordan Thomas buys 100 acres next to his existing property and also next to Marmaduke Norfleet and James Smith.  Drew Smith and Arthur Smith witness the deed.



16 Mar 1758: William Bryan and Arthur Bryan to James Smith of Edge Co 20 pounds current money of VA 190 acres on Cypress Swamp land John Bryant bequeathed to his 2 sons. Wit: Drew Smith, John Young, Joshua Williams.  Registered Edge Co June Ct 1758. J. Montfort C.Ct.


James Smth buys 190 acres on Cypress Swamp, between the Roanoke River and Scotland Neck.  The deed is witnessed by Drew Smith and Joshua Williams.




12 May 1758: Thomas Turner of Edge Co to James Smith of same 30 pounds curr money of VA 90 acres joining Cattail Marsh and Marmaduke Norfleet. Wit: Drew Smith, Joshua Williams, Jordan Thomas. Reg Edge Co June Ct 1748 [sic]. J Montfort C.Ct.


James Smith buys 90 acres joining Marmaduke Norfleet near other land he owns there.  The deed is witnessed by Drew Smith, Joshua Williams and Jordan Thomas.




Halifax was formed from Edgecombe in 1758.  The following comes from The Deeds of Halifax County North Carolina 1758-1771:


Note Jordan Thomas here and in the May 1759 deed below.  He is the same Jordan Thomas I had mentioned to Larry and Gerri whose family previously looked connected to our Elisha somehow.  I thought his group had potential for a “Miss Thomas” mother to Elisha.




Finally a little more on Jordan Thomas from the Halifax book:

18 Dec 1759: James Barnes and Ann his wife of Halifax Co to Cullen Edwards of Northampton Co 225 pounds proclamation money 180 acres on the south side of Roanoke River joining Cullen Pollock, Lewis Davis, Colo. Burwell. James Barnes, Ann Barnes. Wit: J. Edwards, Jord. Thomas. 23 Feb 176?. Deed proved by oath of John Edwards in Chowan Co. CJ. Charles Berry.




1 Jan 1760: Jordan Thomas of Halifax Co to Michl. Smalley of same 67 pounds 10 shillings of VA money 100 acres which said Thomas purchased from John Fort on south side of Marrtock “now called Roanoke” River joining Marmaduke Norfleet, James Smith, Cane Marsh, Thomas’s own line.  Wit: Charles Cotton, Thomas Hayles, Ruben Procter (x). Mar Ct 1761. CC: J. Montfort.


Jordan Thomas adds 100 acres joining Marmaduke Norfleet and James Smith.




15 Dec 1760: Arthur Smith of Halifax to James Smith of same 10 pounds VA money 100 acres which was part of a tract deeded to James Binum 25 Mar 1749 and given by deed of gift to said James Smith and Arthur Smith 10 Aug 1755 on the north side of Deep Creek joining Merritt, Reedy Branch, Arthur Smith. Wit: Drew Smith, J. Williams, Walter Gibson. Dec Ct 1760. CC: Jos Montort.


Is J. Williams here Joshua Williams?


Arthur Smith sells James Smith 100 acres of his property located on the north side of Deep Creek, witnessed by Drew Smith and Joshua Williams.  Deep Creek is just to west of present day Scotland Neck.




Now to the will of Joshua himself


ca 1761: pp. 28-9, I Joshua Williams...give to my Eldest son Thomas Williams Five negroes that is to say Abraham, Isaac, Jenney, Betty & Judith with their increase...also...my Distill, one horse called Derick, a sorel mare colt, one bed & furniture also three sows & twelve shoats also 200 acres also one gun.

To my daughter Temperance two negroes named Peter & Nanny, one mare called Jenney and a woman saddle, eight head of cattle, one bed & furniture, one trunk.

To my daughter Sarah, two negroes named Cezar & Amey, one horse called Prince & four pounds five shillings to buy her a saddle, eight head of cattle, a black walnut chest.

To my son Elisha Williams the plantation where I now live with all the land...four negroes named Nan, Jacob, James & tom, one mare & colt, a young horse named Parrot, one bed and furniture, one horse called Blase.

To my daughter Martha one negro called Hager.

To my loving wife one negro named London during her life of widowhood, also one bed and furniture, seven cows & calves and a three year old stear, one gray mare called Jenney & a horse called Diment, two dishes, four plates, two basons and one desk.

To Celea Dickens one negro called Cezar which she is to be possest of when she arrives to the age of twenty one years...but she dieing before she comes of age the negro to fall to my son Elisha Williams...the negro to be hired out and the money converted to the said girl... Joshua Williams. Proved October 1761 court, Sarah Williams widow. Halifax County Will Book Volume 1, 1758-1774.

Notice the name of the slave Martha inherited: Hager.  In 1768 Martha wife of John Joyner receives a slave named Hagar.  At that time in NC, Martha’s property would have transferred to her husband, and it looks like here he is making sure she gets to keep her father’s bequest.


Joshua Williams dies and leaves his son Elisha the home place.  Seems that is our Elisha was born between 1749 and 1759 he would have been only 12 years old at best.  One wonders why Joshua would have left the home place to someone so young when he had an older son.   The number of children, two sons and three daughters, doesn’t agree with family history that our Elisha’s father had three sons and several daughters.  Also, the names Thomas and Temperance don’t show up in the family although Joshua, Sarah and Martha do.




8/36 19 Jan 1762 John Drew and wife Patience of Nansemond County VA to Solomon Williams of Halifax Co. For 49 pounds, 15 shillings, a tract of 200 acres on Elk Marsh that Patience had inherited. An inquiry was held to determine if legal damage would result if the land were sold. Since the lands were not contiguous with other Drew lands in Halifax County, permission was given to sell. This land adj. Alexander McCulloch, Hamlin Haynes, William Scoggan, and said Solomon Williams.  Wit. Thomas Kitching, Read Godwin, Hona. Durley.



Capt. John Drew ca 1725  - ca 1772 & Patience Brewer ca 1730 – ca 1797 lived in Nansemond County, Isle of Wight, VA and owned considerable land in the Scotland Neck, NC area.  There are many deed records on this web site.




Drew Smith was living along this same stretch of the Roanoke too.  Here is an incomplete abstract of Drew’s will from http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/halifax.htm:


Halifax NC p.57, I Drew Smith...lend to my Loving wife Elizabeth Smith five Negroes (to wit) one Fellow Named Dick another Named Mingo, another named Jacob, one Wench Nam'd Rose, another Namd'd Hannah, during her life & then they and their increase to be equally divided among my four Daughters...to my Daughter Millea the land whereon Nathan Marley now lives...one Negro Girl Nam'd Lucy...to my Daughter Anne the plantation where on Francis Besthel Haynes now lives...also I give to my daughter Ann one Negro Girl Named Olive...22 February 1762. Drew Smith (signed). March Court 1762.


Daughter Anne is the one who married Thomas Blount Whitmell. 


Not sure where Francis Bythal Jaynes was living at the time, but the land that both Anne and Priscilla Smith inheritied was obviously close together and neighboring Elisha’s.


Drew Smith dies and leaves his land to two daughters although he has four.



Here’s the full version of Drew Smith’s will.


22 Feb 1762: Drew Smith 22 Feb. 1762 Mar. Ct. 1762 Lend wife Elizabeth Smith negroes during her life and at her Death the sd. negroes and their increase to be divided among my 4 daughters: Priscilla Smith, Millea Smith, Temperance Smith, and Ann Smith. Lend wife the Plantation whereon I now live during her life. Daughter Priscilla plantation whereon Richard Peters now lives and the sd. Peters to have the use of it during his life, also to her the plantations whereon John Hancock and Mary Bell now live. Should Priscilla die without heirs the same to go to daughter Temperance. Daughter Temperance the land whereon I now live and the land thereto belonging and should she die without heirs the same to go to daughter Priscilla, it being the said land joining Widow Bell, Cypress Swamp, and Arthur Smith. Daughter Millea the land whereon Nathan Marley now lives, 1 negro, etc. and should she die without heir the same to go to daughter Ann. Daughter Ann the plantation whereon Francis Bythel Haynes now lives joining Solomon Williams, Cypress Swamp, the river, and Arthur Smith and should she die without heirs the same to go to daughter Millea. Residue of estate to be equally divided between my 4 daughters. Nedon/Nathan (?) Bryant the son of Arthur Bryant by my sister Mary the land I bought of Arthur Bryant on the south side of Kehukee Swamp and is part of the patent John Whitaker now lives on and money when he arrives at 21 and should he die without heirs the same to go to his brother Nicholas Bryant. To Nicholas Bryant son of the aforesaid Arthur and Mary Bryant the other 1/2 of the land bought of Arthur Bryant and money when he is 21. Wit: Henry Daffin [Ruffin?], Ann Haynes, Henry Collins Extrs.: my brothers James Smith and Arthur Smith.


The fuller version of Drew Smith’s will also shows that the land daughter Ann inherited (she was Thomas Blount Whitmell’s wife) joined Joshua's brother Solomon Williams and Cypress Swamp.  Solomon Williams then leaves to his son Elisha Williams his land on Kehukey in 1770.  Is this the same land that joined Ann Smith’s and/or Priscilla Smith’s?




20 Apr 1763: Ann Thomas of Halifax Co to Michael Smalley of same. 67 pounds 10 shillings VA money.  Her right of dower to 100 acres which had been sold to Smalley by Jordan Thomas 21Jan 1760. Ann Thomas. Wit: James Barnes. Richd. Whitaker. Apr Ct. 1763.  CC: Jos Montfort.

Jordan Thomas is still around.




2 Apr 1765: Division of the lands of Marmaduke Norfleet Jr., dec’d, son of Mr. Thomas Norfleet, dec’d. To John Young and Sarah his wife a tract of land where James Hogun now lives on Beaverdam Swamp and Cypress Swamp and 38 acres which was part of 114 acres joining Beaverdam and Blount. To James Harris and Elizabeth his wife her part of the estate, being part of a tract where James Hogun now lives (graves mentioned in the bounds) and 38 acres which was part of 114 acres joining Beaverdam Swamp, Blount, Joshua Bell.  To Joshua Bell and Pheriby his wife her part of the estate a part of a tract where James Hogun lives joining Cypress Swamp, Wyatt and 38 acres which was part of 114 acres joining Beaverdam Swamp and Blount. 2 Apr 1765.  Signed by William Williams, Moses Horne, Xpher Haynes, James Smith, Michl. Smalley, Oct Ct 1765. CC: J. Montfort


Marmaduke Norfleet dies.  His land lies in the neck of the Roanoke River between the river and Scotland Neck.  William Williams and James Smith witness the deed.  This is the first we see of this William Williams.




18 Feb 1768.  Halifax NC. pp.273-4, I John Joyner...after wife's decease plantation to my Beloved son Henry Joyner...four negroes Vizt. Tudy(?), Jack, Willis, & Lucy likewise a feather Bed and furniture my Riding saddle and gun...to my beloved Daughter Martha Joyner five Negroes Vizt. Rachel, Duches, Anssy, Vilit & Cmmbrig also a feather Bed & furniture...to my loving wife Martha Joyner three Negroes Viz: Nancy, Padan, & Hagar to her forever and likewise one Negroe Vizt Ramoth...18 February 1768. (signed). August Court 1770.


Notice the name of the slave Martha inherited from her father: Hager.  In 1768 Martha wife of John Joyner receives a slave named Hagar.  At that time in NC, Martha’s property would have transferred to her husband, and it looks like here he is making sure she gets to keep her father’s bequest.



First, assuming the Elisha who married Sarah Josey is the same one who lived next door to her parents in 1769, notice his land joins Thomas Hunter:


30 Mar 1769: Halifax NC Deed Book.  1450 (433) James Josey and Sarah his wife of Northampton Co to Edward Whitaker of Bertie Co 30 Mar 1769, 85 pounds VA money, 100 a on the south side of Roanoke Riv joining Thomas Hunter. Elisha Williams. Josey. Thomas. James Josey, Sarah Josey.  Wit: Thomas Hunter, Lemuel Wiggins, James Josey Jr., Aug Ct 1769.  Examined by William Branch Esq. Sarah Josey relinquished her right of dower.  CC: Jos. Montfort.


James and Sarah Josey sell 100 acres of their land next to Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams and Thomas James, the first time Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams shows up owning land.  It could be our Elisha since he could be 21 and eligible to own land if born in 1749.



 In Feb 1755 John Drew and Patience his wife sold land in Edgecombe Co, "inherited from father Wm. Drew" to Joseph Richardson.


10 Nov 1769: 1481-(487) Halifax DB. Wm. Richardson of Johnson Co to Ely (Elias) Harris of Halifax Co, 10 Nov 1769, 133 pounds VA money, 155 acres which was part of land Joseph Richardson purchased from John Drew, joining John Blunt. Wm Richardson (x). Witnesses: Elisha Williams, John Young, James Harriss. Nov Ct 1769. CC: Jos Montfort




1 Apr 1769:  Edward Whitaker of Bertie Co to Michael Smalley and Jacob Williams of Halifax 100 acres  on the south side of the Roanoke joining Thomas Hunter and Elisha Williams, Thomas, Edward Whitaker.  Wit: Ann Thomas, Wm. Thomas, Cullen Cotton.  May Ct 1769.  CC: Jos Montfort.


These 2 continue to place Elisha at Scotland Neck:


Thomas Hunter joins Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams’s land.




Note that Sarah Josey’s brother James also had land on Looking Glass:


14 Aug 1769: Halifax Deed 1448-(429) John Whitaker Sr and Olive his wife, Edward Whitaker and Sarah his wife of Halifax Co to James Josey of same. 200 pounds proclamation money. 241 acres on south side of Looking Glass Swamp joining Panther Pocosin, John Whitaker Jr, Champion. John Whitaker Sr, Edward Whitaker, Sarah Whitaker.  Wit: Robert Caruthers, Ethelred Webb, Eliza. Webb(x), Aug Ct 1769: Jos. Montfort.


Sarah Josey’s brother James buys 241 acres close to Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams’s land.




27 Jan 1770: 1520-(16). Halifax DB. Isham Webb of Halifax Co to John Young and James Harris of same. 280 pounds proc money. 6 negroes: Sisane, Ezekiah, Abram, Alice, Hannah, Jack.  Isam Webb.  Witness: Elisha Williams, Marmaduke Young. Feb Ct 1770. CC: Joseph Montfort




15 Aug 1770: Will #161 Pg. 277 Solomon Williams (dated) 15 Aug 1770 (probated) Nov. Ct. 1770. Son Charles Williams Plantation whereon I now live, negroes.  Son Elisha Williams land on Kehukey containing 486 acres etc.  Daughter Lydia Williams and Menia Williams (?) negroes each.  Wife to enjoy Plantation for her natural life and no longer.  Daughter Lynea Barrow negro for her life and at her death the sd. negro and her increase to go to the sd. Lynea's heirs or to my son Solomon Lawrence Williams.  My 5 daughters to have 2 rooms in my house residue of estate to be divided after wife's death among my 4 children: Lucy Williams, Solomon Lawrence, Sarah Williams And Elizabeth Williams.


15 Aug 1770: Halifax NC p.277, I Solomon Williams...unto my son Charles Williams the plantation whereon I now live with all the land and two Negroes named Dick and Jude likewise a horse name Jack...to my son Elisha Williams a certain tract of land containing 486 acres...two Negroes named Jim and Adam and one Mare called Polley....to my Daughter Lydia Williams two negroes Ben & Venus...to my Daughter Menia one negroe named Eve...my negroe Wench Cate shall be sold & the money to go towards paying just demands...lend to my Daughter Lynea Barrow one negroe Girl Venus...15 August 1770. (signed). November Court 1770.  


Solomon William dies and leaves his son Elisha 468 acres on Kehukey in Scotland Neck.  Our Elisha would have been barely 21 years old at this time (bn 1749-51).


Written by Henry Philips Williams,  February 17, 1892  Since Cousin Jack’s death I feel sure that there is not a single member of  the Williams connection that would be able to give the genealogical table that I furnish you, except myself. When I was in Arkansas last  fall, I talked a good deal with Cousin Jack, and it was he who furnished me with most of the data I give you.


Afterwards the head of  the house, William Williams (my  father’s grandfather) moved up to a place called Shoco or Shoeco,  in  Caldwell or Halifax, County, N.C., where he bought  a large and fine property and lived the life of a country gentleman, having his farm on the river, his Negro quarters and his overseers.  He had, I think, three sons and several daughters.


One of these sons was my grandfather, Elisha Williams, born in 1746, and afterwards owning the homestead,  besides several farms in Franklin County, where I am told they kept  Negro quarters managed by overseers.”


Just based on the above one might believe  Solomon Williams was the father of our Elisha.  The number of sons fit and five daughters qualify as “several”.  However, the names Charles, Solomon, and Lucy don’t show up in the family.  The names Sarah and Elizabeth do, however our Elisha’s wife is named Sarah and Elizabeth is a very common name.  Not much to go on.  Other evidence is more persuasive that Joshua is the father of our Elisha.




77-121. James Smith executor of Michael Smalley dec'd of Halifax Co. to Jacob Williams of same. 17 Feb 1772. 13 7 S 6 P proc. money.  The transaction for the lifetime of Sarah Josey, wife of James Josey Sr. 100 acres which Michael Smalley had purchased from James Josey Sr joining Jacob Williams, Elisha Williams, William Thomas, James Smith. Wit: Barbary Bryant (x), Turner Smith, Feb Ct 1772.  CC: Jos Monfort.


So our Sarah Josey's mother is still alive in 1772.  What is going on here?  Did James Sr die, and are they letting the widow Sarah live on his former land for the rest of her life?  We may need to pull the original deed to see what this means.  Sarah may also still have been alive in 1774 when a Sarah Josey witnesses the will of Samuel Cotton, who was James Josey Sr's neighbor in Northampton and involved with him there. If James is dead by now, though, and both Joshua and Solomon are dead, it fits with the Davidson Co History's statement that both Elisha Williams and Sarah Josey were both orphans..



The NC Marriage Bond is shown as # 000003817 on image # 004381 of the NC Marriage Bonds 1741-1868.


Elisha Williams


Sarah Josey

Marriage Date:

24 Mar 1775

Marriage County:


Marriage State:

North Carolina

Source Vendor:

County Court Records at Windsor, NC and FHL # 0418142 item 2


24 March 1775 our Elisha Williams marries Sarah Josey in Windsor, NC with John Johnston as a witness.   John Johnston’s name appears as a witness to several marriages in Windsor about this time.





Jun 1777: A Certain woman by the name of Dawson, in the town of Windsor, N.C., had reason to hope her soul was converted, saw baptism to be a duty for a believer to comply with, and expressed a great desire to join the church at Cashie, under the care of Elder Dargan. Her husband, who was violently opposed to it, and a great persecutor, had threatened that, if any man baptized his wife, he would shoot him; accordingly, baptism was deferred for some considerable time. At length, Elder Tanner was present at Elder Dargan's meeting, and Mrs. Dawson applied to the church for baptism, expressing her desire to comply with her duty. She related her experience, and was received; and, as Elder Dargan was an infirm man, he generally, when other ministers were present, would apply to them to administer the ordinance in his stead. He therefore requested Elder Tanner to perform the duty of baptism at this time. Whether Elder Tanner was apprised of Dawson's threatening or not; or whether he thought it was his duty to obey God rather than man, we are not able to say; but so it was, he baptized sister Dawson. And, in June following, which was in the year 1777, Elder Tanner was expected to preach at Sandy Run meeting house, and Dawson, hearing of the appointment, came up from Windsor to Norfleet's Ferry, on Roanoke, and lay in wait near the banks of the river, and when Elder Tanner (who was in company with Elder Dargan) ascended the bank from the ferry landing, Dawson, being a few yards from him, shot him with a large horseman’s pistol, and seventeen shot went into his thigh, one of which was a large buckshot, that went through his thigh, and lodged between his breeches and thigh on the other side. Elder Burkitt was present when the doctor (who was immediately sent for) took part of the shot out of his thigh. In this wounded condition Elder Tanner was carried to the house of Mr. Elisha Williams, in Scotland Neck, [Halifax County, NC] where he lay some weeks, and his life was despaired of; but, through the goodness of God, he recovered again. Dawson seemed somewhat frightened, fearing he would die, and sent a doctor up to attend him. And, after Elder Tanner recovered, he never attempted to seek for any recompense, but submitted to it patiently as persecution for Christ's sake.  From Lemuel Burkitt & Jesse Read, A Concise History of the Kehukee Baptist Association - From Its Original Rise Down to 1808; Henry L. Burkitt, Lawrence, TN, editor, 1850. – jrd.


This could be either Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams or Elisha (son of Solomon) Williams, however this ferry was closer to the land owned by Elisha (son of Joshua).




660-37.  Charles Williams of Halifax to Elisha Williams of same. 18 Aug 1778. 230 pounds proc. money.  150 acres where Solomon Williams dec'd had lived which had been part of land owned by Arthur Davis and conveyed by Davis to Richard Killingsworth on south side of Roanoke River joining Richard Smith, Cypress Swamp, James Barnes dec'd [as in Barnes Ferry? - Ed].  Signed by Charles Williams, Olive Williams.  Wit: Joshua Barker, Henry Cotton.  Aug Ct 1778.  Examined by John Justis Esq. Olive Williams relinquished her right of dower.


Charles Williams who married Olive Whitaker was Solomon’s son who inherited the home place.  This 150 acres was on the south side of the Roanoke River and joined Richard Smith, Cypress Swamp and James Barnes deceased.  So Elisha Williams. Son of Solomon, ends up with the home place in addition to the 468 acres he inherited from his father.




Thomas Hunter’s wife Priscilla inherited this land from her father Drew Smith.  It also adjoins Arthur Smith who turns out to be Drew’s brother.


19 Apr 1780: 832-(352) Thomas Hunter and Priscilla his wife of Nash Co. to James Bryan, Thomas Blount Whitmill and Arthur Smith all of Halifax Co. 19 Apr 1780. 533 pounds 6 shillings 8 pence. 260 acres which Drew Smith willed to his daughter sd Priscilla, joining Arthur Smith, Elisha Williams. Thomas Hunter, Priscilla Hunter, James Bryant, Thomas B. Whitmill. Wit: Barbara Fort, Drew Smith. 20 Apr 1780. Sam. Spencer, J.S.C.


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams is still around Scotland Neck along with the Arthurs, the Hunters, and James Bryant.




Martha Joyner then witnesses the will of Temperance Williams wife of James Harris.


1783: Halifax NC.  Will of Temperance Harriss names daughters: Pharaby (sic) Harriss, Mary Harriss, Sally Harriss, Elizabeth Harriss; son James Harriss; son-in-law Norfleet Harriss [meaning step-son, Ed]. Witnesses: Elisha Dixon, Martha Joyner. Pheraby (sic) Harriss.


Temperance is often attributed to William Williams and Elizabeth Whitmell, but why then would Martha Joyner witness her will if Martha was Joshua’s daugher?  Women generally only witnessed wills for very close relatives.


Notice the name of the slave Martha inherited from her father: Hager.  In 1768 Martha wife of John Joyner receives a slave named Hagar.  At that time in NC, Martha’s property would have transferred to her husband, and it looks like here he is making sure she gets to keep her father’s bequest.


The fact that Elisha also witnesses for James Harris, husband of the Temperance above, lends further credence to the thought that Elisha Williams, Martha Joyner and Temperance Harris are three of the children mentioned in Joshua Williams’ will.


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams’s sister Temperance Williams Harris dies and her will is witnessed by her sister Martha Williams Joyner.




This 1796 Drew Smith must be the same one who shows up below.  Has to be related to the first Drew.


14 May 1784: Will #350 - pg. 108 - James Bryan - 14 May 1784 - Feb. Ct 1785 lend wife Lucy Bryan lands and plantation, negroes etc. for her natural life or widowhood and at her death the sd. negroes to be divided between my 2 daughters Sarah Bryan and Mary Bryan when son James Bryan comes of age estate to be divided between my 3 children James, Sarah, and Mary lied wife 430 acres on Cahuca which I purchased of Jacob Pollack and at her death the sd. land to go to my 2 daughters son James the home plantation and the land I purchased of Elisha Williams the land purchased to Theophilus Cotton and Levy Lancaster to be leased Wit: Thomas Whitaker, Sarah Cotton, Ann, Newman. Extrs: James Smith, Nicolas Bryan, Thomas Blount Whitmill(?) and Drew Smith (a very difficult wll to read). "Genealogical Abstracts of Wills, 1758-1824, Halifax County, North Carolina", Margaret M. Hofmann.


James Bryan dies and leaves land he purchased of Elisha Williams.  Executors are James Smith(2?), Thomas Blount Whitmill and Drew Smith(3?). 




Thomas Edwards is of note.  More on him in Franklin NC.


Nov Ct 1784: 46- Ordered that James Smith, Jery Nelms, Elisha Williams and Thomas Blount Whitmell or any Two of them Sette & divide the Estate of Thomas Edwards dec'd., & report &c. "Halifax County, North Carolina Court Minutes 1784-1787."


Thomas Edwards who first showed up in 1751 dies and James Smith, Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams and Thomas Blount Whitmell settle the estate. 




And then Elisha Williams witnesses this strange will below involving what looks like illegitimate children of Martha Joyner as well as those of a Mary Williams.


1 Nov 1784: Will Abstract [Abstract from the North Caroline Journal, Halifax, North Carolina 1781-1824 Volume III, Compiled by Raymond Parker Fouts, Gen Rec Books USA.] Will Bk #3, page 67.  Will #328    pg. 80   William Jarvis    1 Nov. 1784.   Feb. Ct. 1785 Martha Joyner negro etc.    Easton Haynes son of Mary Haynes negro and the land on Kehuka on the road from Barnes Ferry to Whitmill Hill's mill     Mary Young daughter of Dice Young  negro and the land I bought of Worrly etc.   William Doles son of Sarah Doles negro etc. and the land on John Dawson's Mill swamp   my daughter Lucy Williams daughter of Mary Williams  plantation whereon I now live which I bought of John Doles my mother Catherine Jarvis and sisters Patiena Jarvis and Sarah Jarvis 50 pounds each  (a mention is made in this will of Nancy Hicks daughter of Nancy Hicks in Maryland residue of estate to my daughter Lucy Williams and son John Joyner son of Martha Joyner Wit:  Alexander Comb, Henry Sherrod, William Boykin, John Dawson, Sr. Extrs:  Jeremiah Nelms, Thomas Boykin and Elisha Williams.


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams witnesses the will of William Jarvis who lives nearby.  Mr. Jarvis names his son John Joyner who apparently was married to Elisha’s sister Martha Williams Joyner 


According to Ed Tatum.  James and Sarah Josey's home was below Bridgers Creek along the river itself.  James Josey Jr and Joshua Williams lived about where 258 crosses the river.  The other Williams land was between 258 and Kehukee Swamp, and we know there was a ferry near Kehukee Swamp, as the swamp was between the ferry and Whitmill Hill's mill in the following.  It's not a very big area we're talking about here, and land is divvied up among a limited number of familes with a lot of connections to each other...




Looking at the pieces of Drew Smith’s will I’ve been able to get off the web:


"Drew Smith lived on land he devised to his daughter Temperance on the Roanoke river which was bordered on the west by the home plantation of his brother Arthur Smith."  From https://web.archive.org/web/20190525042341/https://sallysfamilyplace.com/john-alston-mary/


6/322  31 May 1758 John Drew of Nansemond to Samuel Gainer of Edgecombe For 30 pounds, 100 acres in Scotland Neck, adj. Foreman. Wit. Arthur Bell, Thomas Kitchen, William Gainer


12 Feb 1785: 15/309 12 Feb 1785 William Gainer of Halifax Co. to John Drew of same For 333 pounds, 6 shillings, 8 pence. 100 acres in Scotland Neck on South side of Roanoke River, adj. Benjamin Fourman. Wit. Elisha Williams, Thomas Gray, Thomas Boyakin


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams witnesses the sale of 100 acres in Scotland Neck to John Drew.




Further indication of the proximity:


13 Feb 1788: 359- (40) James Smith of Halifax Co. to Thomas Blount Whitmal and Jacob Barrow. 13 Feb 1788. 50 pounds proclamation money. 10:0 acres on south side of Roanoke River, joining Drew Smith, Arthur Smith, Elisha Williams. James Smith. Wit: Marmaduke Norfleet, Elisha Williams. Aug Ct. 1788. CC: Wm. Wooten. "Abstracts of Deeds, Halifax County,North Carolina, 1786-1796."


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams)’s neighbor, James Smith, sells 100 acres joining Drew and Arthur Smith.


298-(11) PHILIP ALSTON and his wife TEMPERANCE of Moore Co. to ELISHA WILLIAMS of Halifax Co., 24 Mar 1788. 2721 pounds specie. 567 acres, joining Roanoke River, ARTHER SMITH, DAVID SMITH, JOHN BELL. PHILIP ALSTON, TEMPERANCE ALSTON.  Wit: Lawrence Williams, Jacob B. Brazill.  MAY CT. 1788. CC: WM WOOTEN


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams) buys 567 additional acres joining Drew and Arthur Smith.



Halifax Co., NC Deed Book 17

487-(108) ELISHA WILLIAMS of Halifax Co. toPHILLIP ALSTON of Moore  Co. 13 Aug 1788. 2800 pounds specie. 570 acres, joining DREW SMITH,  WIDDOW BELL, Cypress Swamp, ARTHUR SMITH, GRAY, BRYANT, BREWER.  ELISHA WILLIAMS. Wit: John Carrell, James Alston, Joab Cotton. 3 aspr  1789. P.R. L. Long


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams) sells 570 acres joining Drew and Arthur Smith.




Undated but ca 1790s: Division of estate of Jesse Mabry, decd - To Anne, wife of John Terry, received her 1/7th part. Commissioners William Pleasants, Jordan Hill, Elisha Williams, John Thomas. Undated - p. 16. Bradley, Will Book B, Franklin Co., NC, 1795-1804.




The 1790 Census of Edgecomb County, North Carolina shows:  Philips:  Arthur, Benjamin, Etheldred, Hartwell, Henry, Joseph, Sarah, Solomon


In the BATTLEBORO area:  Philips:  Joseph, Benjamin, Sara


In the Swift Creek, Tar River area: Philips, Etheldred


In the Speed area:  Philips: Henry


Our Elisha Williams was a close friend of this Joseph Philips who moved to Nashville in 1791 and convinced Elisha to move there around 1804.  Battleboro was about twenty miles from Shocco Creek where we believe our Elisha Williams was living in 1790.




The 1790 Census of Franklin County, where Elisha was said to be living on Shocco creek in the Williams family history written by Henry Philips Williams, Elisha’s grandson, about 1890, contains the following information about heads of households with the family name Williams.  


 1790 Census

 Franklin County, Halifax District


     1st #     free white males 16 year upwards including heads of families    

     2nd #    free white males under 16 years    

     3rd #     free white   females and head of families


Williams, Benj..................2-1-3-3-6

Williams, John..................1-3-5-0-4

Williams, Floyd J.....,........1-3-4-0-0

Williams, Huckman....,.,,,.....1-2-3-0-0

William, Harriss...............1-1-1-0-0

Williams, Leeman.......,,......2-3-5-0-5

Williams, Floyd................1-2-6-0-0

Williams, John.................1-2-4-0-0

Williams, Rich'd...............3-0-2-0-3

Williams, Elisha...............1-3-4-0-13

Williams, Sam'l........,.......1-0-2-0-2 


Elisha was listed as having 3 free white males under 16 years old (William-age 14, Elisha-age 8, and Josiah-age 4), 4 free white females and female head of families (Wife Sarah, Betsey, and Marsha plus one unknown female), and 13 slaves.  This is very likely our Elisha.




20 Dec 1791: 1047-(480) State of N.C. (No.315) to Thomas Blount Whitmill. 20 Dec 1791. 290 acres on south side of Roanoke River, joining Brunson, Robert Riffin Smith, Elisha Williams. Alex. Martin. J. Glasgow, Sec. Reg. 31 Dec 1792 in Halifax Co.


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams’s neighbor Thomas Blount Whitmill buys 290 acres nearby.




802-(325) ELISHA WILLIAM of Halifax Co. to DRURY MERRITT of same. (no  day, moth) 1791. 225 pounds specie. 357 acres on north side of Deep  Creek, Farmers Branch, Little Deep Creek, Great Creek, PENELOPE  BURGESS. ELISHA WILLIAMS. Wit: WILLIAMS VAUGHAN. Aut Ct. 1791. CC: Wm  Wooten


Elisha (son of Solomon?) Williams sells 357 acres on north side of Deep Creek to Drury Merritt.




851-(353) ARTHUR SMITH of Halifax Co. to his mother Ann SMITH of  same. 21 Nov 1791. 750 pounds Virginia. 258 acres, joining BRONSON,  JOHN BELL, Cypress Swamp, JAMES SMITH, ELISHA WILLIAMS. ARTHUR SMITH.  Wit: DREW SMITH, ELISHA DIXON. Nov Ct 1791. CC: Wm Wootten


Arthur Smith sells 258 acres joining James Smith and Elisha Williams (son of Joshua) to his mother.




1047-(480) State of N. C. (No. 315) toTHOMAS BLOUNT WHITMILL. 20 Dec  1791. 290 acres on south side of Roanoke River, joining BRUNSON,  ROBERT RUFFIN SMITH, ELISHA WILLIAMS. Alex. Martin. J. Glasgow, Sec.  Reb. 31 Dec 1792 in Halifax Co.


Thomas Blount Whitmill buys 290 acres on the river next to Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams.




The will of Benjamin Williams, Edgecomb County, North Carolina, 1793, names children Simon, Elisha, Mary and Benjamin.


Here’s another Elisha Williams nearby.



1422-(701) JAMES JOSSEY and his wife Lydia of Halifax Co. to SAMUEL  PITMAN of same. 24 Feb 1794. 480 pounds. 160 acres which JAMES JOSSEY  dec'd willed to his son JAMES JOSSEY, on north side of Looking Glass  Swamp, joining JOHN JOSSEY, MR. POLLOCK, BENJAMIN CHAMPION, JOHN  EDWARDS.  James JOSSEY, LYDDA JOSSEY (x) Wit: Robert JOSSEY, R. H.  PITMAN. Nov Ct. 1794. CC: L. Long


Robert Jossey married Mary Pittman/ Pitman in 1790 in  Halifax Co. He was the eldest son of James Jossey IV and Margaret  "Peggy" Whitaker.




10 Feb 1796: 1652-(860) Thomas B. Whitmall of Halifax Co. to Thomas Barrow of same. 10 Feb 1796. 900 pounds. 145 acres on south side of Roanoke River known as Whitmill Island, joining Whitmill, Asahel Brunson, Robert R. Smith, Elisha Williams. Thos. B. Whitmall. Wit: Marcus Bishop, Drew Smith. Feb Ct 1796. CC: L. Long


Elisha (son of Joshua) Williams’s neighbor Thomas Blount Whitmill buys 145 acres joining his and Elisha’s land.




And finally on to Franklin.


Will $595 pg. 311. Halifax County Will Abstracts 1758-1824 by 
Margaret M. Hoffmann.

ELISHA DIXON 21 May 1796 Nov. Ct. 1798 Friend WILLIAM WILLIAMS son of  ELISHA WILLIAMS of Franklin Co horse, saddle et. ELISHA HAYES and  JAMES HAYNES sons of MOLLEY HAYNES rest of my estate and if they died 
under 21 or without heirs I give the same to the sd MOLLEY Wit: Hen BAKER, Robert RICKS  Extrs: CHRISTOPHER HAYNES Sr and  SHADRACK BELL.


This will places an Elisha Williams with a son named William in Franklin County in 1796.   At that time William would have been a student at Harvard Law School.




1797: Division of estate of Thomas K. Wynne, decd - Division includes 6 negroes: Miss Nancy Hill Wynne received Peter and Charles; Miss Evalina Belmont Wynne received Dick and Sarah; Robert Hicks Wynne received Frank. [name of 6th slave missing from record, but was probably awarded to RHW.] July 1, 1797. Signed by William Green, John Thomas and Elisha Williams, p. 4. Bradley, Will Book B, Franklin Co., NC, 1795-1804.


Elisha Williams first shows up in the division of the estate of Thomas K. Wynne.  No way to know which Elisha this is but Thomas Knibb Wynne is said to have married Nancy Thomas daughter of Jordan Thomas.  William Green is said to be the father of Jordan Hill below.  Jordan Hill in turn said to be a grandson of Jordan Thomas.  Thomas Knibb Wynne also said to have married Mary Edwards niece of Thomas Blount Whitmell who may be connected to the Edwards estate that Elisha Williams helps settle.  All this worth looking into I believe and further indication that the Elisha in Franklin is the same one who lived next to the Joseys.  




In the 1800 U.S. Census for Louisburg, Franklin County, NC Elisha Williams is listed as head of household.  Louisburg is very near (about 16 miles) the location on Shocco Creek where I believe Elisha was living and is the nearest city.


Elisha Williams


Free White Males under 10                      0

Free White Males 10 through 15 3  (Josiah- age 14, Joshua- age ?, Was their another child that died?)

Free White Males 16 through 25 1  (Elisha Jr. – age 18, William- age 24 is at Harvard Law School)

Free White Males 26 through 44 0 

Free White Males 45 and over     1  (Elisha- age 49-51)

Free White Females under 10     0

Free White Females 10 through 15        0

Free White Females 16 through 25        0

Free White Females 26 through 44        1  (Elizabeth- age 22)

Free White Females 45 and over            1  (Sarah Josey Williams- age about 49)

Slaves                                                           42


Daughter Martha either wasn’t yet born or was deceased by then.


This census data fits fairly well with what we know about the family of our Elisha.                   





1148-(932) ELISHA WILLIAMS of Franklin Co., to MARMADUKE NORFLEET of Halifax Co., 9 Feb 1801. $12,000. 2 tracts containing 666 acres: 1 (messuage) in Scotland Neck, joing WILLIAM SMITH, NORFLEET, SIMMONS J. BAKER, WILLIAMS, Cypress Swamp; the other tract, joining WILLIAM SMITH, NORFLEET, JAMES SMITH, ANN SMITH, ROBERT SMITH, THOAS BARNES. ELISHA WILILAMS. Wit: ARTHUR BELL, HEN. BAKER. May Ct 1801. L Long. CCt.


In 1801 an Elisha Williams of Franklin County sells Marmaduke Norfleet of Halifax County 666 acres in Scotland Neck.

Ed Tatum comments:   What's probably going on here is that the Elisha who married Sarah Josey and moved to Franklin before the 1790 census is selling off his land in Scotland Neck joining the other Elisha Williams who stayed in Halifax.  But I want to lay all the pieces on the table so that we're all comfortable there's no room for any other possibilities.  Or is the last Elisha the one who signed the deed? 





REGISTER OF MEMBERS OF THE PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETY of the University of North Carolina for the year 1803, Non-Graduates:   WILLIAMS, JOSIAH . . . . . Franklin Co

According to Gerri Williams, the UNC records show Josiah Frederick Williams being enrolled 03-04, 1807 which I interpret to mean that he attended the school year 1803-1804 and would have been in the graduating class of 1807 had he stayed in school. 


This establishes that Josiah’s father, Elisha, was living in Franklin County in 1803. 




Ed Tatum comments:

To really prove that Joshua was the father of the Elisha Williams who lived next to the Joseys, I think all we really have to do is show that Joshua lived on the south side of the Roanoke adjoining Drew Smith or his brother Arthur, since Joshua willed the plantation where he lived to Elisha, and Drew willed the plantation where he lived to his daughter Temperance along this same stretch.


Unfortunately that description does not exist in the deed books.  But, where you find Drew and Arthur Smith, you usually find Joshua Williams and his brother Elisha.  This is hard for me to ignore:


Seems to me given Drew Smith’s close links to Joshua, plus the apparent kinship between Elisha Williams, Temperance Harris and Martha Joyner, that there’s just no getting around the likelihood that the land Elisha had adjoining the Joseys was same plantation willed by Joshua in 1761.  It also explains why the purchase of the land is not recorded (since it was inherited) and why the names Joshua and Elisha run in our family. 

Does anyone see any holes in this?


                  Following is the family line of the Drew and Arthur Smith mentioned above by Ed Tatum.
Children of Nicholas Smith and
                  Mary Drew: 
  1. Drew Smith, will dated 1762 Halifax Co NC, Married Elizabeth, Children

      1. Priscilla Smith ca 1746 - 1822 Nash Co NC, Married ca 1762 Col. Thomas Hunter ca 1740 - 1784 Nash Co

      2. Millea Smith died after 1822, Married first a Mr. Thomas 

          1. Polly Thomas who died young aft 1790, Married Jacob Barrow, Halifax Co NC will 1790

            1. Thomas Barrow, married Mary Duke Laurence dau of John of NH  

            2. Dr. William L. Barrow of Jackson NC, married 21 Oct 1841 Eliza Rebecca Calvert

            3. Betsy Barrow  

            4. Feraby Barrow, married 1807 Robert Justice son of John of Halifax

            5. Sally Barrow

      3. Temperance Smith ca 1751, married ca 1767 Col. Philip Alston est 1745 - 1786 GA

      4. Anne Smith 1759 - 1839 Dickson Co TN, married 1779 Thomas Blount Whitmel d. 20 Sept 1798 Halifax Co NC, served in the Continental Line 20 Nov 1776 - 14 May 1779

  2. Mary Smith, married Arthur Bryan , of John and Elizabeth Bryan of Cypress Swamp.  James Smith, a brother of Mary lists the births of three Bryan children presumed to be children of Mary and Arthur

      1. James Smith Bryan 18 March 1746 - 1785 Halifax will 1785 married Lucy?

        1. Mary Bryan, married Turner Joyner

        2. Sarah Bryan, married Ethelred Ellis

        3. James Bryan dsp 1805

      2. Mary Bryan 1752 –

      3. Priscilla Bryan Jan 1758 

      4. Nicholas Bryan

      5. Needham Bryan died 1785, married Jamima Daffin died 1808. She married 2nd 1796 John Williamson

  3. Richard Smith died ca 1751, no issue.  On 11 Nov 1751, the estate of Richard Smith was divided "between Francis Bythel Haynes and the brothers of the deceased."   Married Ann.  Ann married 2nd Francis Bythel Haynes and had many children.

  4. Sarah Smith married William Bryan. Will dated 1761 Edgecombe Co - Fishing Creek brother of Arthur

      1. John Bryan married Sarah Hobby

      2. Arthur Bryan married Rhoda Hobby

      3. Brittain Bryan married Eliz Williams

      4. Smith Bryan - will Edgecombe Co 1811.  Married 1st Lucy Barlow.  Married 2nd Martha Weeks

      5. William Bryan - will Edgecombe Co 1797

  5. Capt. James Smith 1720 VA – 1811, married Mary Edwards

      1. Lucy Penelope Smith 17 Oct 1746 - bef 1772, Married 1st Thomas Langley d. 1764?

        1. Penelope Langley 14 April 1762 -, Married 1st Edwards, Married 2nd Jacob Battle 1754 - 1815 of Edgecombe

        2. James Smith Battle, married 1765 2nd Reuben Norfleet 1729/30 – 1801

        3. Marmaduke Norfleet 12 July 1766 Bertie Co - 13 June 1818 Halifax Co NC, married Hannah Ruffin dau of William Ruffin and Sarah Hill.

        4. A member of the House of Commons from Halifax, NC, 1789.  Lived in Scotland Neck at home owned by Peter Smith. "Sunnyside " burned in th 1870's.  David Gammon notes "In the 1920's my great uncle Peter Evans Shields built a home on thesame site, called it "Sunnyside" and it burned in the 1930's as well. Nobody has built there again. This is just north of Old Trinity Cemetery today."

        5. James Norfleet 1768 - 1790 dsp,  Married Emily [Milly] Turner dau of Thomas

      2. Pheraby Smith 7 Nov 1748 – dy

      3. Nancy Smith 30 Sept 1754 - dy      d.

      4. Turner Smith 21 Jan 1757 – Married Bettie Edwards                 

      5.  Polly Turner Smith 1778 - 26 Oct 1812.  Married 29 Oct 1795 Dr. Simmons Jones Baker 15 Feb 1775 Gates Co - 1853 Raleigh NC.  Lived in Halifax Co NC and FL but died in Raleigh NC       

      6. James Smith Jr. 1 Mar 1763 -  

      7. Mary Smith 13 Feb 1766 – dy.  Married Anne. perhaps the widow of Jordan Thomas d 1763 on Roanoke.  Married perhaps the widow of Micajah Thomas - Mourning Dixon Crudup Thomas according to the Thomas Bible records, Mourning Smith died of a flux 29 June 1781. Married 5th bef 30 April 1796 Sarah Hill d. 1816, widow of William Ruffin d 1781 of NH Co.  She was the mother of Hannah Ruffin who married Smith's grandson Marmaduke Norfleet.  Sarah Hill Ruffin Smith was a member of the Kehukee Baptist 

  1. Arthur Smith 1732 – 1789, Married Anne Ruffin 1737 – 1801

      1. Molly Smith 1754 – Married Lemuel Hogan

      2. Winney Smith 1760 – Married John Andrews

      3. Drew Smith 1763 – 1816 Married 1st Sarah Bell.  Married 2nd Elizabeth Slatter

      4. Arthur Smith 1765 – 1801. Married Sarah Dickinson

      5. Martha Smith 1768 – 1833. Married 1st Marmaduke Bell. Married 2nd Richard Harrison  

      6. Robert Ruffin Smith 1771 – 1821.  Married Sarah Slatter

      7. Anne Bennett Smith 1777 – 1859. Married John Hannon     

      8. William Ruffin Smith 1779 – 1845.  Married ca 1801 Sarah Walton Norfleet 27 Nov 1782 - 9 Dec 1870