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.John Wharton Williams (6).

He is a son of William Williams and Sarah "Sallie" Philips.  Henry Philips Williams calls him "cousin Jack" in his Williams Family History letter.
Born: 2 Sep 1823 in Nashville, TN
Died: 17 Feb 1892 in Luxora, AR
Married: Martha Pennington 29 Jul 1852 in Nashville, TN
She was born 25 Sep 1825 and died in 1857 in Luxora, Mississippi, AL.
Martha's sister, Sarah Ann Magdalene Pennington, married John Wharton Williams brother, Joseph Philips Williams, on 20 Nov 1838 in Davidson County TN.  Joseph and Sarah were living in Arkansas near Martha and John until she died and they moved to Clarksville TN where they lived until they died.
The letter below and the 1860 census prove the birth of a son, William Frederick Williams about 1855.  However, he is not in the 1870 census, indicating that he had most likely died prior to 1870.
John Warton Williams married Hanna "Anna" Fletcher in 1858.  She was born abt 1834 to Elliott H. Fletcher and Frances Hickman.  A biography of Elliott H. Fletcher is located at the bottom of this page.
They had four children:

1. Francis Williams, born about 1858 Luxora, Mississippi Co. AR and died about 1861 in the same place.

2. Susan F. WILLIAMS, born 23 Sep 1860 Osceola AR, died 2 Nov 1933 Madison, Davidson Co. TN

3. Elliott H. WILLIAMS, born about 1864 Luxora, Mississippi Co. AR and died 28 July 1931 in Mississippi Co. AR

4. Sallie Phelps WILLIAMS, born February 1866 Luxora, Mississippi Co. AR and died 11 April 1939 Madison, Davidson Co., TN

Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery

ELLIOTT HORN WILLIAMS was born 10 Feb 1864 in Luxora, Mississippi, Arkansas. He died on 28 Jul 1931 in Mississippi, Arkansas. He married Mattie Rozell on 16 Dec 1896 in Arkansas, USA. She was born in Aug 1874 in Arkansas, USA.

Elliott Horn Williams and Mattie Rozell had the following children:

1. MARGRET WILLIAMS was born in Sep 1897 in Arkansas, USA. She died in Danville, IL. She married FRED SMALL. He died in Danville, IL.

2. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS was born on 04 Aug 1901 in Arkansas, USA. She died in Sep 1980 in Griffin, Spalding, Georgia, USA. She married (1) EDWARD "BUCK" HUBBARD
SILLIMAN. He was born on 20 Jul 1898 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA. He died on 24 Jul 1945 in Hillsville, Carroll, Virginia, USA. She married (2) FNU SULLIVAN.

Edward "Buck" Hubbard Silliman and Elizabeth WILLIAMS had the following children:

i. ELIZABETH SILLIMAN was born on 08 Sep 1921 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, New York, USA. She died on 05 May 2002 in Decatur, De Kalb, Georgia, USA. She married LINDELL ORIONTODD. He was born on 23 Nov 1922 in Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USA. He died on 01 May 2002 in Stone Mountain, De Kalb, Georgia, USA.

ii. MARY H SILLIMAN was born about 1925 in USA.

John W. Williams, the son of William Williams and Sallie Philips, was born in the county of Davidson and State of Tennessee, in the year 1821.
He immigrated to, and settled in, the good County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, in 1849, subsequently being married to Hanna (Anna)  Fletcher, eldest daughter of Elliott H. Fletcher and Frances Hickman, in the year 1858.
By this marriage, and at this time of writing, there are three living children:
Susan F
Sallie P.
He now resides on his farm, one mile above Elmot, fronting on the Mississippi River.

I obtained this handwritten letter off the internet in February 2008.  Click here to view the actual letter.

(My notes are in parenthesis and in blue color)


Letter: Mailed March 15, 1855

               Received March 29, 1855

From Will Williams, Nashville, Tenn

To John W. Williams, Osceola, Arks


Home March 15th ’55 (1855)

Dear John,

Your of 5 & 7th came duly to hand.  We were pleased to hear Martha had recovered her health & that the boy was doing well.  Father had me named William & baptized.  His other three sons he called by scriptural names.  In my old age my name occasionally is an inconvenience.  My papers are sometimes taken & letters opened.  Williams pervades the U.S. & as far north as Buffalo some Wm Williams opened my letters.  John, James, Joseph, Josiah, David & Moses in this order pleases me but then for distinction, add on this on a family name by your side of the house Philips, Horn, Heron (?), all English & Josey, I know not what & Hunter, Irish or English Irish.  On Martha’s (John Wharton William’s wife) side Pennington & Graves, English & Bondurant, Huguenot or French Protestants.  They the Huguenots were persecuted from France & even to Boston through England, and Norfolk & even south but many settled in So. Carolina now.  From any of these take an initial for the second name.  You & your wife select at your option.  I have years past had that of Frederic William or the converse; but since your cousin (Joseph Philips Williams son Frederick G. Williams, also of Osceola, AR) Joe’s Frederick has appeared, if you & Martha then choose to leave the name to me I now prefer William Henry.  Whatever you & your wife settle on take him to church so soon as he is well enough, & have him baptized; & what is of more important than the mere ceremony, remember your vows and raise the youth in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  You can’t begin to train him too soon if it be done judiciously.  The mother in a few weeks, will be able to make impressions on his minset(sic) & the more attention & kindship(sic) you bestow on him, the sooner you will secure his love & confidence.  Remember then you have jointly the care of an immortal being.  At a proper age you may call in the assistance of the schoolmaster; but the forming & fixing the character of the child God will require at the hands of parents.  They can’t transform nor shake off the responsibility.


Your mother took on or had colic & cough & influenza, then Charlotte, and lastly Van also recovered or improving.  House servants also.  Of the out down people, Austin has been more or less immobile since October & is now lingering, walking out in good weather but not able to do any work of exertion.  Williams’ family well two days past.


The sheep sent were counted as yearlings, so that you need not expect more than one or two increases multiplying late.  The buck was the best we had & the next best dogs have killed.  Beside the Pennsylvanian mare, your mother’s riding mare for which I gave Monk & $25 was apparently inside on the 13th and next morning deceased.  She had been in the wheat lot and whether colik (colic) or apoplexy or a stroke of lightening in the storm struck her we could not conjecture.  If you are compelled to turn out the sheep hold one. They hear a squeal & follow even when they can’t see each of them.  The heifers sent are of good stock & the calf a present from Van, is of a champion herd.  Take care of him & he will improve your herd.  -  Every kind of provision & forum scarce here except bacon & turnip greens.  Lack(?) bacon, a few irish potatoes & enough sweet to plant.  Van asked for sweet potatoes for William.  If you send them more than half will rot and the good will not be worth the freight.  Half the fowls sent were just worth the freight.  I hope they will stock the paint on the bundles. The pea fowls among the named were not mine & are from being shot as useless as deer.  By another year I hope to be in a condition to furnish you a pair.  Affectionately, Will Williams


N.B. (Nota Bene which means “Take Note”) The sheep I charge, as I have charged Wm Wms; the heifers are to meet the interest of your money, which has in part been rec’d (sic) by each of them

Tho (sic) not in amount to the price of the cattle.  I expect in a few days to have the balance due you subject to order.  W.W.


P.S.  The old woman (Not sure who?) wanted to go with her children, and at last that has been effected in part.  Graves (Probably Martha’s brother as her father and mother were dead by then) carried her home lately. Upon what terms he & John (Probably Martha’s other brother) landed I have not learned.  They will apprise you.  The house is lost probably.


P.S. The money with Sharppard I think is safe as if in another bank.

The 1880 book “History of Davidson County”  page 248 is dedicated to William Williams and contains the following additional information.
"John W. Williams graduated at the Nashville University in 1841; surveyed land in Texas several years; read law; married Martha, youngest daughter of Graves Pennington, of Davidson County; pur­chased a farm in Mississippi Co., Ark. His wife dying in 1857, he married Anna, eldest daughter of Col. Elliot Fletcher, of Ar­kansas. They have three children,—Susan, Elliot, and Sally."
John Warton Williams, lived in Luxora, AR until he died.  I recently came across the following ad for his diploma from the University of Nashville.

This great partly printed document on vellum is in Latin and is an 1842 diploma from the University of Nashville granting a Bachelor of Arts to  John Wharton Williams. The diploma is boldly signed by Andrew Jackson who is at the top of a list of several other trustees....among the other trustees are John Bell who was Secretary of War under Harrison and Tyler and a candidate for President in the 1860 election....other signers include university president Philip Lindsley and Nashville founder, Francis Fogg.



The silk and paper seal remains intact at the center....The document measures 18" X 17" is in fine condition and  perfect for framing. It's clearly dated October 5, 1842...interestingly Vanderbilt University later acquired the medical school and other departments of the University of Nashville.....Truly a rare document from early Nashville and signed by "Old Hickory".......$2,650.00

The University of Nashville as it appeared in 1864.  It was used as a Union Hospital during the Civil War.

Elliott H Fletcher Biography

John Wharton Williams died just a couple of weeks after his cousin James H. Williams died.