CDR Jack Feldhaus, USN, KIA 8 October 1966 - Memorial Web Site

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Related Links

Page with a long list of links relative to the Vietnam War.

DOD Report on U.S. Accounted-For from the Vietnam War

DOD press release on recovery of Jack's remains.

Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office data sheet on Jack.

Web page maintained by Henry Feldhaus, second cousin to Jack Feldhaus.

Friday, 11/16/01 Tennessean newspaper story of the recovery of Jack's remains.

Detailed info on the Skyraider.

This Skyraider site has lots of info and pictures

This is another Skyraider site that gives details of the history and specs for this plane.

The Able Dog (early phonetics for AD) web site.

Arlington National Cemetery web site.

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial web site.

POW Network data on Jack

A Vietnam Veteran's Memorial site that refers to when Jack was pronounced killed in action after being missing in action since October 6, 1966.


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