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The following maps help understand the area Henry Feldhaus lived and worked in as well as where his parents and sister lived in Texas.

Map showing location of Wesphalia Texas where Henry Bernard Feldhaus, Sr., his wife and daughter moved from Lawrenceburg, TN.

Click on the map above to see a map of the area in blue.

Map showing locations Henry Feldhaus visited in the southeast

Click on the map above to see a map of the area in blue.

Map of the area around Wesphalia, TX where Henry Feldhaus' parents and sister moved.

Click on the map above to see a map of the area in blue.

Map of middle Tennessee where Henry Lived and worked.

Click on the map above to see a map of middle Tennessee.

Map of the Napier Mine area where Henry often worked.

Click on the map above to see a map of the area in blue.

Map of Etna Iron Manufacturing Mining & Oil Company location in Hickman county just across the Lewis county line.

Click on the map above to see a larger map.

Map of the railway systems in the southeast during the 1800's and early 1900's.

Click on the map above to see a larger map.

Most of the places listed below where Henry Feldhaus worked are shown on the interactive Google map above.  Click on the + sign to zoom in.  Click on the blue markers to read about each location.

Provided by Kathleen Sudduth Niedergeses

48 CREEK - Located in Wayne County not far from Mannie.

AETNA - Located in Hickman County Tennessee close to the border of Hickman and Lewis County.   The Aetna Manufacturing, Mining and Oil Company once had a huge mining complex and furnaces here. Catherine Elizabeth Feldhaus (Catie), daughter of Henry Feldhaus, Jr., was born in Aetna.

ALABAMA CITY - I could not find this city on any map.

ALLEN’S CREEK - See Mannie.

ANNISTON - Located in southern Calhoun County Alabama.

ASHLAND - Located 11 miles northeast of Waynesboro in Wayne County Tennessee not far from Mannie.

ATTALLA - Located in Etowah County Alabama, a little west of Gadsden and close to Ft. McClellan,

BAKER’S STAND - I have been unable to locate a map with this place listed.   But if Mr. Feldhaus went by train from. Guthrie to Goodlettsville, Tennessee then to Nashville, Baker’s Stand had to of been somewhere along the railroad between Guthrie and Goodlettsville.   There is a Baker Station Road which runs into Baker Road which runs along Baker Fork, all just outside on Goodlettsville going toward Guthrie KY on the railroad track.  Most likely Baker's Stand is nearby.

BESSEMER - Located in Jefferson County Alabama southwest of Birmingham.

BLOWING SPRING - Located in Wayne County Tennessee south of Mannie/Allen’s Creek/Ruppertown and Ashland.

BODENHAM - Located in Giles County Tennessee west of Pulaski.

BRIDGEPORT - Located in Jackson County Alabama a little southwest of South Pittsburg, Tennessee not far from the Tennessee/Alabama State line.   It is almost on the Tennessee River.

CENTRE - Located in Cherokee County Alabama on the south corner of Weiss Reservoir.

CUMBERLAND FURNACE - Located in Dickson County Tennessee north of Charlotte, Tennessee was established in 1793 on Barton’s Creek.   During the Civil War they made cannon balls for the army.

DICKSON - Located in Dickson County Tennessee.

EAGLE MILLS - This mill was build in the 184O’s and is located on the big bend of Shoal Creek southwest of Lawrenceburg,TN.   They produced cotton yarns, carpet, and rope. There was also a cotton gin and grist mill located here.   During the war the owners of the mill donated 1,000 dozen cotton yarns to Lawrence County for the poor, mostly for the families of men in the Confederate Army.   After it burned in 1901 W. D. Dustin was in the process of rebuilding it when in 1902 a flood broke the dam and the wall of water destroyed everything in its path.

GADSDEN - Located in Etowah County Alabama northeast of Birmingham, Alabama.

GOODRICH - Located in northern Hickman County Tennessee northwest of Centerville.   Henry Feldhaus Jr.'s daughter, Mary Ann, was born in Goodrich.

GOODSPRINGS - Located in Giles County Tennessee southwest of Pulaski between Pulaski and Minor Hill.

GUTHRIE - I have found two maps with Guthrie listed on them. One is a late 1800’s or early 1900’s map showing the railway system in Tennessee and Alabama and parts of Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi.   This map shows Guthrie to be located in Tennessee where the L & N railroad crosses the railroad from St. Louis, MO that goes on through Atlanta, GA.   But a current map shows Guthrie to be located just across the Tennessee state line in Kentucky at the exact same place the railroads cross.   I do not know if the state line has changed that much (but don’t think it has) or if the 1800’s/1900’s map is wrong.

HAMBURG - I have only found two places named Hamburg. One is located in Hancock County Georgia slightly south east of Sparta.   This is a little further east in Georgia than he worked.   There also used to be a community called Hamburg in Hardin Co. TN.

JOHNSONVILLE - According to the 1800’s/1900’s map it is located in the very western edge of Humphries County Tennessee on the Tennessee River.   The current map lists it as New Johnsonville.

LAUREL HILL - This town existed from the 1830’s to the early 1900’s and is located in what is now the very northwestern tip of Lawrence County Tennessee on the Buffalo River.   Like all other towns that sprang up around mines and mills, this was once a thriving town with a population of nearly 400 people with the Laurel Hill Cotton Mill being the town’s largest industry.   There was once a church, school, several stores, and a post office.   During the Civil War they manufactured uniforms for the Confederate Army.   All that remains today is the cemetery.   It is now within the bounds of the Laurel Hill Preserve.   Chris and I found this to be a very quiet, peaceful place and well worth an exploration trip.

MANNIE - This furnace and community has gone by three different names.   Mannie, Allen’s Creek, and Ruppertown. It was located on Allen’s Creek in Wayne County until 1925 when the boundary lines changed between Wayne County and Lewis County putting it in Lewis County. The Southern Iron Company owned two iron furnaces at Nashville.   They were too far from limestone and iron ore so were moved to Allen’s Creek in 1890.   The Buffalo Iron Company bought out the furnaces and later the Bon Air Coal and Iron Company bought the furnaces.   During WWI this furnace furnished thousands of tons of pig iron to be made into guns and ammunition.   After the furnaces closed down in 1925, the property was sold to the Tennessee Products Company.

NAPIER - The Napier family purchased 6,000 acres and built Napier Furnace on the north banks Chief’s Creek just west of the present Natchez Trace Road and about 9 miles south of Newburg.   It was once in Lawrence County, but when the boundary lines changed between Lewis and Lawrence County in 1889 it was located in Lewis County. In the 1890’s a branch railroad spur was built from Summertown to Napier.   Later Will and Ed Lindsey and Whiteford R. Cole of Nashville acquired the Napier Iron Works and operated it for a while until it was closed in the late 1920’s.

ROME - Located in Floyd County Georgia where the Etowah River, Coosa River and Oostanaula River join.

ROUND MOUNTAIN - Located in Cherokee County Alabama on the northwestern corner of Weiss Reservoir.

RUPPERTOWN - See Mannie.

SOUTH PITTSBURG - Located in Marion County Tennessee southwest of Chattanooga close to the Alabama/Tennessee state line on the Tennessee River.

TOONY/TOONEY/TOONE - Toone is north of Bolivar in Hardeman County Tennessee. Toney is in Madison County Alabama northwest of Huntsville, Alabama.   I do not know which place he was referring to in the journals or if these are even the right choices.

TRACY CITY - Located in Grundy County Tennessee north of Chattanooga and west of Monteagle.

WARNER IRON ORE COMPANY & FURNACE - - Located in northern Hickman County. George A. Feldhaus, first child of Henry Feidhaus, Jr., is said to have been born in Warner, Tennessee and died in McEwen, Humphries County Tennessee.