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Daughter of Henry Bernard Feldhaus Jr. and Mary Ann Schneider
Born:     Lawrenceburg, TN on ???
Died:     Lawrenceburg, TN on ???

While I was growing up Aunt Kate lived at about 145 Groh Street with her son Charles.   She had two older boys;   Henry, an electrical engineer who lived in Chicago, and Clarence J. who lived in Nashville.

Charles suffered from diabettes.   He worked as a freelance concrete sub-contractor, but spent most of his time hunting, fishing, and trapping.   I spent many happy hours hunting with Charles.

Clarence worked for the GooGoo candy company in Nashville and eventually became the plant manager, a position he held until he retired.

Aunt Cate lived simply.   She never had a refrigerator, prefering an ice box.   The ice was delivered daily to her door.

This is the type of ice box Aunt Cate had in her house.   She hung an ice sign (like this one) on her front porch every day indicating (by the orientation of the sign) how much ice the ice man should leave for her that day.

She had two large pecan trees in her yard and I always looked forward to eating pecans at her house.