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Son of Henry Bernard Feldhaus Jr. and Mary Ann Schneider
Born:     in Lawrenceburg, TN on October 4, 1888
Died:    in Shelbyville, TN in April, 1967

Henry was married to Lena Boulie Feldhaus, one of several daughters of the owner of the Lawrenceburg Pressed Brick Company, William Boulie.   She was born June 14, 1899 and died in Shelbyville, TN on December 31, 1988.   They all lived in a row of brick houses across the street from John and Mary Schneider on North Military Avenue.   There was a Feldhaus, a Boulie, a Van Hooser, and a Kemper.   In the middle lived their brother, Johnny Boulie.

Joe Boulie, who was the son of William Boulie, married Anna (Ann) Theresa Feldhaus, the third oldest of the Henry Bernard Feldhaus, Jr. children.

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When they first married, Henry and his wife worked for one of the phosphate mines in Mr. Pleasant. I believe they both retired from the mine.

They had a large family. The oldest was Henry Joseph Feldhaus Jr.   As a young man, his nickname was "Nooky".   I never new why.   He served in WWII in the army and was captured by the Germans and taken prisoner.   He was nearly frozen and starved to death.   When he was released after the end of the war he weighed less than 100 pounds.   Henry went to medical school and practiced medicine in Shelbyville until he died suddenly about 1988.

This is the family of Henry Feldhaus, Jr.

Billy Feldhaus was the other son of Henry Joseph Feldhaus, Jr. and is shown here on the right.   He lived in Nashville.   He was born September 24, 1934 and died on June 18, 2003.