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Father of Henry Bernard Feldhaus Jr.
Born: November 28,1818
Died: February 18, 1901 Wesphalia, TX

He came to the US from Germany aboard the ship Herman, arriving at Castle Garden, NY on April 25, 1868.   His occupation was listed as Maurer (Bricklayer)  Arriving with him were his wife, Maria Catharina, their son, Henry Bernard, Jr., their daughters, Gertrude, age 9, and Anna Therese, age 8, and their younger son Bernhard, age 4.

They left Germany on April 11, requiring 14 days to make the passage.   We have heard that they came to the US so their son would not have to fight in the wars of German unification that Bismark was undertaking at that time.

He was 49 when he arrived in the U.S.   The family came to Cincinnati, Ohio, where there were a number of German Catholics.   They and others bought land outside Lawrenceburg Tennessee, and moved there with their families in 1870.

His daughter, Annie Feldhaus, married Joseph Sutter August 27, 2882 in Lawrenceburg.   Between then and 1987, Annie, Joseph, and Henry's parents moved to Wesphalia, TX.   The following was taken from headstones in the Saint Mary's Cemetery, Church of the Visitation, Westphalia, TX

Bernard Henrich Feldhaus
Born: November 28,1818
Died: February 18, 1901 Wesphalia, TX

Maria Catharina Feldhaus
Born: September 15,1821
Died: February 10,1901 Wesphalia, TX

Joseph Sutter Born: April 6,1857
Died: March 6,1911 Wesphalia, TX

No one knows where Annie was buried.   Also, nothing is known about what happened to Henry's brother and other sister.

Following is the information from the St. Mary's Cemetery.