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Daughter of Henry Bernard Feldhaus Jr. and Mary Ann Schneider
Born:     Lawrenceburg, TN on December 16, 1890
Died:     Owensboro, KY in February, 1981

Mary was the first female lab technician in Nashville.   About 1940 she married Dr. Bledsoe who died shortly thereafter.   Mary lived on General Bate Drive off Woodmont Avenue just west of where I65 eventually was located.

She was a frequent visitor to Lawrenceburg as I was growing up.

She like to drive an automobile a long time.   I remember a circa 1949 Ford coupe that she drove well into the 1960s.

After she retired, she continued to live at her home until finally she entered a Catholic retirement home in Owensboro, Kentucky.   She pased away there and was buried at the family plat in Lawrenceburg.

I have three things that belonged Aunt Mary.   Pictures of these items are shown below.