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Because Ann Feldhaus and Henry Feldhaus each married a Boulie who were brother an sister, I'm including this page about the Boulie family.

John Boulie was born in Alsace Lorraine at Sawrbuchen, France on April 25, 1827.   John came to America when he was 18 years old.   He first lived in New York. He married Magdalen Linhard.   She was born June 15, 1831 in Germany.   The wedding took place in Columbus, Ohio.   Her father drowned in the Rhine River.   Magdalen died in Lawrenceburg on October 21, 1900.

John owned a hotel, tavern, and a farm in West Point in Keokuk, IA.   He and his family got on a boat at Ft. Madison, IA.   Their daughter was 12 years old when they sailed the Mississippi River in 1870.   It's said they stopped in St. Louis, MO and bought a barrel of flour. They went through Paducah, KY and on to Florence, AL.   While his family stayed on the boat, John walked to Lawrenceburg, TN.   Here he bought a farm.   He went back to Florence for his family and brought them to Lawrenceburg in a covered wagon.

They lived in the Lawrenceburg Hotel until his house was built.   This hotel was on the city square.   The hotel was the only building that had glass in the windows.   All other buildings had the glass broken out during the Civil War.   The house was built on Military Road about a mile and a half north of town.   They learned to cook on a fireplace waiting the arrival of their stove shipped from St. Louis.   That was the first stove around Lawrenceburg.

The picture above of John Boulie and his family must have been taken about 1897 or so.

Back row:   John Boulie, Jr.,   Joseph Boulie,   William Boulie   (Uncle Will, Lena's father)

Front row:   Magdalene Boulie Remke Hostettler,   Magdalene Boulie Lahart,   John Boulie   (Lena's grandparents),   Catherine Paula Boulie Baltz   (the Pochahantas, AR Baltz's)

William E. Boulie, above, was the owner of the Lawrenceburg Pressed Brick Company whose logo is shown below.   The brick yard was located just north of 4th street and east of the railroad track. The kilns were still standing when I was a boy in the 1940's.

The last of the bricks were donated to the Sacred Heart Church in about 1950 for use in adding to the school building which was being expanded in anticipation of a 12% increase in enrollment from the influx of Murray employees moving from Cleveland, Ohio.   These bricks matched the original bricks used in the building the school.


William Boulie, 74, owner of the Lawrenceburg Pressed Brick Company, died at his home here last Thursday night as the result of a stroke of paralysis suffered Monday.

Mr. Boulie had been engaged in the manufacture of bricks her for 35 years.   Besides the brick business, he operated a farm near Lawrenceburg.   He was a member of the Catholic Church.

He is survived by six children, Joe, John, and Barney Boulie.   Mrs. Henry Feldhaus, Mrs. Curtis Vanhooser, and Louis Kemper, all of Lawrenceburg.

Raquiem High Mass was sung at the Sacred Heart Church in this city at 9:00 o’clock Saturday morning.

Active pallbearers were:   Herman Brink, Frank Henn, Charles C. Shade, Joe Beurlein, Tony Ochmen, and Joseph Dessler.

Honorary pallbearers were:   A. M. Pace, Walter Hooker, Dr. F. Burns, Gene Childress Sr., J. F. Hobbs, Robert Locke, M. Richardson, Jake Parish, Will Massey, Walter Locke, Cleve Weathers, C. W. Vaughan, James T. Crews, Al J. Smith, Dr. J. W Danley, J. H. Stribling, Dr. W. H. Nel, John Roberts, Dr. M. L. Lumpkins, Charles Moody, C. W. Bryce, E. G. Parkes, and John W. Springer Sr.

One of the sons, Joe Boulie was married to Ann Feldhaus, one of the daughters of Henry Bernard Feldhaus Jr and his wife Mary. Click on this link to go to their web page.

One of the daughters, Lena Boulie, was married to Henry Joseph Feldhaus, one of the sons of Henry Bernard Feldhaus Jr and his wife Mary. Click on this link to go to their web page.

Katie Van Hooser was one of William Boulie's daughters
Johnny Boulie was one of William Boulie's sons

Bill Van Hooser on the right is the son of Katie Van Hooser whose photo is above.   Charles (Sonny) Remke on the left is the grandson of Magdalene Boulie Remke Hostettler in the photo further up the page.

They both were in my school class and we were good friends all our lives.   Bill became an MD and lived in Madisonville, Kentucky until he died suddenly at a young age from a heart attack.   Sonny and I joined the Navy together in 1956.