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(3) Joseph Philips, Sr

Joseph Philips, Sr. is a son of John Philips who was born about 1698 in Surry Co. VA

Born:      6 Nov 1726, Surry County VA
Died:        About Dec 1779, Edgecombe County NC
Married:   19 Jan 1750 in Southhampton, VA to Sarah Exum Marriage Record for Joseph Philips

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Virginia Marriages to 1800

about Exum, Sarah Spouse 1: Exum, Sarah

Spouse 2: Philips, Joseph

Marriage Date: 19 Jan 1750

Marriage Location: Virginia

Southampton County


 Source Information:

Dodd, Jordan. Virginia Marriages to 1800 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1997.

Original data: Electronic transcription of marriage records held by the individual counties in Virginia.

Sarah's parents are John Exum, born1695 and died 1775, and Susannah "Sarah" (last name unknown).

The book Southside Virginia Families, Volume 2, By John Bennett Boddie, Published 1956, Pages 350-356  has a section on the Philips, 


The Philips Family


Joseph Philips, son of John Philips (2). Joseph Philips married Sarah Exum, Southampton M.B. dated 1-19-1759. She was the daughter of John Exum of Isle of Wight Co. He moved to Edgecombe County, N.C. before his death. The will of John Exum was probated in Edgecombe in 1775 and mentions daughter Sarah Philips. It is erroneously stated in "17th Century Isle of Wight Co. p.455, that this daughter Sarah m. Etheldred Philips. Joseph Philips appears to have moved to North Carolina in 1750. On 11-20-1750 he purchased 162 acres on the south side of Swift Creek from Thomas Exum, Edgecombe D. B. 4, 204. From 1760-61, he received several grants (Book D, p.461, 463, 466) and in 1763 purchased a tract from Jesse Nichols. (Book C, p.5). The will of Joseph Philips, dated 11-6-1779 and probated 1783, Edgecombe W.B. "B", p. 147, mentions sons Etheldred, Exum, Mathew, Benjamin, and Joseph, daughters Sarah and Martha and his lands and mill on Swift Creek and his lands on Tar River.

       Joseph Philips and Sarah Exum had issue:

  1. Joseph Philips, born 10-31-1763, died 5-22-1822 m.1785  Milberry Horn (1764-1851) of Edgecombe Co. Descendants given in The Battle Book, p.341. The removed to Tennessee and settled a plantation called "Sugar Tree Grove" 6 miles from Nashville.
  2. Benjamin Philips - settled near Nashville, Tenn. - untraced.
  3. Mathew Philips - no record.
  4. Sarah Philips - untraced.
  5. Martha Philips - untraced.
  6. Exum Philips, died November 1802. His will probated Edgecombe W. B. "D", p. 152 mentions daughter Polly, sons Mathew, James, Joseph, and Thomas Philips and directed that his brothers Joseph and Benjamin Philips, then in Tennessee, settle his sons Mathew and James in that state. Joseph Philips, son of Exum Philips, m. Anne Taylor and left a will in Edgecombe in 1822 leaving an only child Mary Philips.
  7. Etheldred Philips, son of Joseph. The will of Etheldred Philips, dated 12-15-1791, and probated May, 1795, bequeathed his water grist mill on Swift Creek to his sons Exum and Eaton Philips and mentioned "Other sons and daughters" but not by name. He married Jane Lewis, the daughter of Col. Exum Lewis of Edgecombe County and his wife Elizabeth Figures.

              They had issue three children who reached maturity:

1.       Charlotte Philips m. (1) Mr. Gray, (2) John L. Jackson and (3) John D. Ward. She left no living issue.

2.       Figures Philips, m. and left descendants who are untraced.

3.       Exum Philips. He m. Sally Nicholson, sister of Timothy M. Nicholson whose will, probated Nash County, May, 1808, mentions sister Sally Philips and brother-in-law Exum Philips. However, Sally is not mentioned in the will of John Nicholson, father of Timothy. Exum Philips and Sally Nicholson had issue four children: John Philips, died Savanna, Ga. , 1854; Timothy Miles Philips, died unmarried, Griffin, Ga.; Penelope Philips m. Robert H. Halstead of Ga.; and Dr. Etheldred Philips, born Nash County, 1801, died Marianna, Florida, June 29, 1870, attended U.N.C. and practiced medicine in Florida where he married Susan Gautier and had issue three sons. His interesting correspondence with his cousin Dr. James J. Philips of Edgecombe is preserved in the Southern Historical Collection at Chapel Hill, N.C.


Joseph Philips wrote his will in 1779 and his name on his will is spelled with one "L" as shown below.  I had photos of the microfilm of this will and the microfilm agrees with the description below.

Following is a transcript of the will of Joseph Philips.


ByRuth Smith Williams and Margarette Glenn Griffin

Published by


Rocky Mount, North Carolin1956


Pages 254 and 255

PHILIPS, JOSEPH             

Nov. 6, 1779.

Nov. Ct., 1784.

Bk. B, p 147.

Edgecombe County, North Carolina


Wife: SARAH, lend use of 582 A land in 3 tracts, adjoining plantation where I now live; 162 A whereon JOSHUA SIKES formerly lived, being the remainder of the School Survey; 320 A to be possessed and enjoyed by her until son JOSEPH PHILIPS shall arrive at 21; 8 negroes, household goods, plantation utensils, stock of all kinds.




ETHELRED, 270 A tract-of land whereon he lives, which I purchased of HANCOCK HATCHER also tract adjoining aforesaid, being the lower part of a survey called the School House Tract, to WILLIAM ANDERSON'S Corner; negro girl;


BENJAMIN, 700 A tract of land, granted me by a Deed bearing date 15th day Oct. 1761, lease plantation, mill and appurtenances which I purchased of JAMES GRAY on the S side of Tar River where my son BENJAMIN now lives, all stock and cattle on said plantation; and negro girl;


UXUM, 660 A tract of land purchased of ELIAS HILLIARD, lying on the S side of Swift Creek, also late entry adjoining said tract and JACOB HOUSE; negro boy, mare he now has in his possession, 2 cows and calves, etc;


MATHEW, 300 A tract of land on S side of Swift Creek which I purchased of WILLIAM KINCHEN, whereon JOHN SYKES formerly lived, also 700 A tract adjoining, negro boy, bay horse, bed and furniture, 2 cows and calves, 3 ewes and lambs, 2 likely sows and pigs, 20 bbls of corn, 350 weight of pork, half bu of salt, plow, weeding hoe, and axe.




SARAH PHILIPS, negro girl, my exr to purchase healthy negro, male or female between 6 and 10 yrs of age out of my estate for my dau SARAH, purchase for her a good horse, saddle, and briddle, and if she should choose to take a bay filly which I have in my possession instead of horse to be purchased, she can have 2 cows, 2 calves, 3 ewes and lambs, 2 sows an pigs, 113 bul of corn, and furniture, at day of marriage or age 21 yrs;


MARTHA PHILIPS, negro girl and other property as described for my dau SARAH, also horse, saddle, bridle, furniture, 2 cows, calves, 3 ewes and lambs, 2 SOWS and pigs, 10 bbl of corn at marriage or age 21.



JOSEPH PHILIPS, 582 A in 3 tracts adjoining plantation whereon I now live, and other 2 tracts when he shall become 21, negro boy, bay mare (9 yrs old), 2 cows and calves, 3 ewes and lambs, 2 sows and pigs, furniture, my saddler's tools, 20 bbl of corn,350 weight of pork, half bu salt, plain hoe, 1 weeding hoe, etc.


Exrs to purchase for each of my chil: BENJAMIN, EXUM, MATTHEW,JOSEPH, SARAH and MARTHA, 2 sizable iron pots, 1 frying pan, 2 pewter dishes, 2 basons, 6 plates, when they receive their legacies.


Mill on Swift Creek and all appartenences to my 4 sons, ETHELRED, EXUM, MATTHEW,and JOSEPH, with 6 A of land on Swift Creek, lending use to JOSEPH until he is 21 yrs old.  Also brandy still to be jointly possessed by my sons, JOSEPH'S part to be lent to my wife until JOSEPH is of age. 


It is my desire that my exrs cause to be built a good frame house 20 ft long and 12 ft wide on land given my son MATTHEW, also saddle and briddle for sons, EXUM, MATTHEW and JOSEPH. 





Edgemombe County NC Deed
DB 2-22 WILLIAM KINCHEN and wife, SARAH, of Edgecombe Co. to Joseph Philips of same, March 21, 1772, for 100 pds. Proc. money a tract of 300 acres on the south bank of Swift Creek and on the Long Branch adjoining Josua Sikes, which land was granted to John Sikes by patent bearing date March 29, 1743 and was conveyed to said Kinchen by deed of sale bearing date June 10, 1768.  Wit: Etheldred Philips, Etheldred Exum.

The 1790 Census of Edgecomb County, North Carolina lists the following PHILIPS:

                           Benjamin, Etheldred, Hartwell, Henry, Joseph, Sarah, Solomon

Joseph and Sarah had the following children:
Joseph D. Philips who married Milbery Horn
Mathew Philips
Sahah Philips who married Joel Horn who had been married previously to Ann Harris
Martha Philips who married Josephy John Sumner in 1777
Benjamin Philips who married Sally Belle Duncan
Exum Philips
Etheldred Philips who married Jane Lewis 

Joseph Philips, Jr - is a son of Joseph Philips who was born 6 Nov 1726
For complete information on Joseph click on Joseph Philips, Jr in the menu above or click on her name in this line.

Mathew Philips - is a son of Joseph Philips who was born 6 Nov 1726.

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Sarah Philips - She is a daughter of Joseph Philips, Sr who was born 6 Nov 1726

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Martha Philips - is a daughter of Joseph Philips who was born 6 Nov 1726
For complete information on Martha click on Martha Philips Sumner in the menu above or click on her name in this line.

Benjamin Philips - Is the son of Joseph Phlips, Sr who was born 6 Nov 1726.

Exum Philipsis a son of Joseph Philips who was born 6 Nov 1726
For complete information on Exum click on Exum Philips in the menu above or click on his name in this line.

Etheldred Philips - is a son of Joseph Philips who was born 6 Nov 1726
For complete information on Etheldred click on Etheldred Philips in the menu above or click on his name in this line.

A Joseph Philips was appointed as a Captain in the Seventh Company of the Fourth Regiment ordered to be raised by the North Carolina General Assemby for the Continental Army. 
However, I do not believe this Captain Joseph Philips is my ancestor, although I'm not sure. He would have been almost 50 years old when the war started.
The National Archives maintains Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the Revolutionary War.  See page 22 for a listing of the Seventh Company. 

The following records from Edgecomb County NC show that Joseph Philips was there. 

Ordered jury to lay out road near Jno HATCHERs plantation up the nearest & best way to the road near WHITEHEADs old store house from whence by the Falls of Arthur WHITEHEADs mill swamp a little below the mouth of the Tarr with the new the (?nearest / inwardest?) & best way into JEFFRIES road about Francis PARKERS - to wit: Jacob WHITEHEAD, Simon JOHNSTON, Robt. MAINOR, William ANDERSON, Jno. HATCHER, (?Sr), Robert ROSE, Hardyman POPE, John SIKES, Arthur WHITEHEAD, Ebenezer FOLSOME, Henry BECKWORTH, Mathew DRAKE, Nath'l DRAKE, Fras. PARKER, Isaac HILLIARD, JOHN STALLIONS, Jno HATCHER, Jr, Francis JONES, William LANGLEY, and that the following hands work & clear the same, to wit: William BRASWELL, Sr., David BRASWELL, William HUNT, Ebenezer FOLSOME, William DANIEL, Isaac HILLIARD, Francis JONES, Mary WILLIAMS & that Henry BECKWORTH be overseer of the above hands from Jeffries Road to Whitehead's store & that the following hands work on the same road from the old store to Hatcher's Plantation, to wit: Jacob WHITEHEAD, William WHITEHEAD, Jno. JENKINS, Hardyman POPE, Wm. LANGLY, John STALLIONS, William TAYLOR, John SPIKES, John WOODARD, William SPIKES, Thos. SPIKES, Geo. HARRAL, West POPE, Simon JOHNSON, Elias HILLIARD, John HATCHER, Jr., Robert ROSE, Wm. HICKS, Robert TREVATHAN, Jno. SIKES, Robert MAINOR, Jesse (?Freas/ Francis?), Aaron <illegible>, Wm. ANDERSON, Joseph PHILIPS, Sarah ROSS, Thos. Pre***? & John NAILS & that Simon JOHNSON be o'seer of same.


Not sure if the following two records refer to Joseph Philips as "Captain PHILIPS" or to another Philips.


MAY, 1780:

Captain PHILIPS District:

Elisha BATTLE, Sr. – Esquire

Etheldred PHILIPS – Assessor

Jacob BATTLE – Collector

West POPE, Jr. – Constable

May 1795
Patrolers for the ensuing year:
Capt. PHILIPS District - Cullen ANDREWS, Jno. MURPHREE, Benjamin PHILIPS, William HORN.


The following relates to the above reference in “Captain Philips District”.

SEPTEMBER, 1762 – Read the petition of sundry inhabitants of Swift Creek for a road. Ordered that the following persons be jury to lay out same beginning on south side of Creek near the old store house alias Col. WHITEHEADs store house in WHITTINGTONs Rode from the new down the road that crosses said Creek at John MIALS at or near John HATCHERs plantation; to wit: Jacob WHITEHEAD, Simon JOHNSON, Robert MANER, William ANDERSON, John HATCHER, Robert ROSE, Hardyman POPE, John SIKES, Arthur WHITEHEAD, Ebenezer FOLSOME, Henry BECKWORTH, Mathew DRAKE, Francis PARKER, Isaac HILLIARD, John STALLIONS, John HATCHER, Jr, Francis JONES, William LANGLY.