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(5) Anne Philips

Anne Philips is a daughter of Benjamin Philips who was born about 1758.

                       She was born 1796 in Edgecomb county NC
                        Died ?
                        Married John Stark Williamson on 21 Aug 1816 in Davidson co. TN

Anne Philips is a daughter of Benjamin Philips (1786-1920) who came to Nashville TN about 1795 with his family and settle on the south side of the Cumberland River near Nashville.

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Benjamin's will lists the marriage between Anne and John S. Williamson and it was reported in the Nashville Whig Newspaper.  However, the Whig newspaper spelled her's and Benjamin's last name with two "L"s and her first name as "Nancy".  Spelling Philips with two "L"s happens from time to time due to the common spelling of Phillips with two "L"s.  Either Nancy Ann is her name and she went by either name or her nickname was Nancy and she used it when she got married.  Another possibility is that either the Nashville Whig printed her incorrect name or that whomever researched the Nashville Whig newspaper article copied it wrong. 

However, I've now learned that Nancy is another name for Ann or Anne.  It has been used as a nickname since the 1700's according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
I attempted to find the article in the Tennessee Library and Archives, but that edition of the Nashville Whig wasn't in the microfilm and even if it had been, it was very hard to read. Whatever the reason, this is almost certainly the Benjamin Philips above as he spells out clearly in his will that his daughter Anne is married to John S. Williamson.

Marriages from early Tennessee newspapers, 1794-1851

Silas Emmett Lucas

Southern Historical Press, Jan 1, 1978 - 538 pages

Finally I was able to find a copy of the Whig newspaper in and copy the below notice of the wedding.

 Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives, Microfilm, contains the following record on page 172 under 1816 marriages.
This record is the application for a marriage license on the day before the above marriage as reported in the Whig newspaper.  The spouse is listed as Ann Phillips (with two "L"s) and the groom is listed as John S. Williams (rather than Williamson).  In spite of these differences, there appears to be little doubt that this is a record of the marriage license application by Ann Philips and John S. Williamson.
This record doesn't explain why Benjamin Philip's daugher is referred to as Nancy in the Whig newspaper and as Anne in his will and Ann in the marriage license application.

I believe that John Williamson and Anne had three children:
  1. Martha Ann Williamson who was born about 1817;
  2. Benjamin Franklin Williamson, born 21 March 1819 and died 29 March 1896.
  3. Tennessee Stark Williamson (picture to the right, courtesy of Gerri Williams), born 12 May 1822 and died 21 March 1903;
The only record I have found of Martha Ann Williamson is a reference to her in Benjamin Philips will (see below) written in July of 1820 in which he leave his granddaughter Martha Ann Williamson two slaves.  Benjamin Philips deceased nuncupative will (see below) left the same number of slaves to her brother Benjamin Franklin Williamson.   Also her birth date is based on the marriage date of her parents and the birth date of her younger brother Benjamin.
Tennessee Stark Williamson married Dr. Edward Branch Haskins on 24 Dec 1840 in Todd County KY.  They had four children, one of whom is Martha Ann "Nannie" Haskins who was born in 1846 in Clarksville TN and who married Henry Philips Williams after his first wife died.  Henry is the grandson of Benjamin Philips'brother Joseph Philips and Milbrey Horn.  Their daughter Margaret "Peggy" Thomas Philips married Josiah Frederic Williams.  Henry Philips Williams is one of their twelve children.

Tennessee Stark Williamson and her husband Dr. Edward Branch Haskins and their four children are seen in the picture below that was taken after the death of the youngest child, Tennessee also known as Tennie, who is lying in her mother's lap.

The below partial tree shows the relationship between Henry and Nannie.  Click on the tree to open a new page with a larger tree that's easier to read.

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When Benjamin Philips died in 1820 he did not leave his oldest daughter Anne and her children more than a token (see highlighted area below in the will) inheritance as he obviously felt she had married well and did not need the inheritance.


Benjamin Philips' Will

Benjamin Philips Decd Will Recorded June 5th 1820

In the name of God Amen. I Benjamin Philips of the County of Davidson and State of Tennessee being in perfect health of body and sound Disposition and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following (to wit)

First my will and desire is that my funeral expenses and all my lawful debts be paid.

Item. I give unto my son Jesse Hinton Philips all the land be the same more or less with all its monuments here determined and appertainanees (to wit) Beginning at the mouth of the Stone lick and running up said branch until it intersects the line of the land I purchased of William Watkins where it crosses said branch, thence east with said line to an elm and white ash, the Southwest corner of the land I purchased of James Hoggatt, thence with my line with its variations to the beginning to his only use, benefit, and behoof his heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give unto my son William Hinton Philips all the balance of my land whereon I now live with all and singular the rights and privileges to him his heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give unto my eldest Daughter Anne and John S. Williamson her husband two negroes (to wit) Patience and Clary which they have

Item. I give unto my other two Daughters Rebecca and Eliza four young Negroes each between twelve and twenty years of age, two girls, two boys each (when they marry or become of age as the case may be, to their heirs and assigns forever –

Item. I give unto my Grand Daughter Martha Anne Williamson two negroes to be between the ages of eight and twelve to her, her heirs and assigns forever,

Item. The balance of my negroes not otherwise appropriated I give unto my sons and two Daughters Rebecca and Eliza to be equally divided among them as they may marry or become of age to them their heirs and assigns forever. –

Item. If either of my sons above named should die before they become of lawful age it is my will that the surviving brother shall receive all the Land bequeathed to the two him the Survivor paying to his two sisters Rebecca and Eliza last named two thousand dollars, one thousand dollars each to be paid within two years from and after such Decease to them their heirs and assigns each.

Item. It is my will that my distillery be equally divided together with my Mills between my two sons to them their heirs and assigns forever.

Item. Have on good bed and furniture each to them their heirs and assigns forever. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty sixth day of December in the of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen.

Signed sealed and delivered Benjamin Philips

Whitness of

Simon Johnson, Robert Gillespie, James Hinton

In addition to the will above, Benjamin Philips made a deathbed addition to his will which was documented in probate court in the April 1820 session with the following nuncupative will.

Benjamin Philips deceased nuncupative Will

On motion of John S. Williamson in favor of Benjamin F. Williamson, his infant son to have the last will of Benj Philips altered by a nuncupative will in favor of said Benj F. giving of him two negros, to be elected by the ex, of Benj Philips decd, of the same description that is given to John S. Williamsons other child by the will of Benj Philips who died the (blank) day of Jany 1820 & it being proven by Martha A. Williams & Olivo (?) Weeks all parties being present that he decd  at his own residence of where he had resided many years in Davidson County (illegible) before his death & in his last sickness made his nuncupative will in their presence giving slaves as above stated to said Benj F. Williamson of the same description as given to his sister by his testators written with all other legal requisites being proven to the satisfaction of the court that said will was duly made the court order that said will stand of record in favor of said Benjamin F. Wiliamson that he have of the estate of Benj P decd, his grandfather, two slaves of the same description given to said Benj F’s sister in Benj P’s will - & that Jos Philips execute this will he being executor to the written will of Benj Philips.

State of Tennessee Davidson County Court – April sessions 1820

The nuncupative will of Benj Philips deceased was proven in open court according to law by the oath of Olive Weeks and Martha A. Williams ordered that the same be recorded.

Below is the inventory taken when John Stark Williamson passed away in Clarksville TN.