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(4) Sarah Philips

Sarah "Sally" Philips is a daughter of the Joseph Philips, Sr. who was born 6 Nov 1726 and died about 1784.
Born 8 Feb 1758 in Edgecomb County NC
Died 3 Aug 1855 in Davidson County TN
Married Joel Horn abt 1790 in Edgecombe County NC
Children of Joel and Sarah:
Mathew Horn, Born 11 Jun 1792
Etheldred Philips Horn, Born 27 Nov 1793 in Nash Co. NC
Joel already had five children by his first wife, Ann Harris:
Harris Horn, Born 5 Feb 1778
Howell Horn, Born 1 Nov 1780 in Nash Co. NC
Hardy Horn, Born 24 Dec 1782
Milbrie Horn, Born 14 Feb 1786
Rebecca Francis Horn, Born 18 Mar 1788
Joel died in 1793 in Edgecombe County, NC.
The above information comes from the book "William Horn of Nansemond" by Robert Horn and available on Google Books at


By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997
 September 6, 1855
SARAH HUNTER born N.C., Feb. 8, 1758; md Joel Horn, had 3 children, Etheldred P., Matthew, Charlotte L.; moved to Tenn. in spring of 1795 with her brother, Benjamin Phillips and settled near Nashville, a widow; she remd to David Hunter, March 3, 1803; she died August 3, 1855.
Note:  Sarah only had two children with Joel Horn.  Who is Charlotte?  Also, Sarah's maiden name is Philips (spelled with one "L"). 

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The information below comes from a Horn web site that had much addional information about Joel Horn and his relatives.

The will of Joel Horn was signed by him on 16 September, 1793, and probated in Nash County, November court, 1793, will book 1, p. 85. The following typescript of that will is prepared from a copy of the will, printed on p 207 of the Ray Horn Book. 

      "In the name of God, Amen.
      " I, Joel Horn, of Nash County and the state of North Carolina, being at this time in a low state of health but of sound mind and memory, do constitute and appoint the following to be my last will and testament in manner as followeth to wit -- 

      "IMPRIMIS I direct, in the first , that all my just debts be paid  

-- ITEM I give and bequeath to my loving wife three negros to wit: Great Hanner, Amey and Rose. Also I give to said wife my great horse called Ball, two feather beds, bedsteads and furniture, --one blue chest, one flax wheel, & a woolen wheel, Three large dishes (puter) five puter Basons, two earthen dishes, one dozen puter plates, one dozen earthen plates, one dozen knives & forks, one dozen chairs, four tubs, Three pales & three piggins, two sows and pigs, six sheep to her choice, Three Cows & calves, Two Hundred weight of Cotton, one Bridel & her riding Saddle, Half my flax, & half my wool, Two pot & a frying pann, my Cart & Gier, & one Dutch oven, Fifty barrells of Corn, to she & her heirs
-- ITEM I also lend to my sd. wife during her widowhood part of my land and plantation, & bounded as followeth (viz) Beginning at a little marsh By the Corner of Hardy Harris's orchard thence along a Skirt of woods, to the Great Branch, thence up the sd. Branch to my little field, thence along a path, that leads from the field to the Road, thence up the sd. Road to my upper line, thence along sd. line to Compass Creek, thence down sd. Creek to Hardy Harris's line, thence along sd Harris's line to the beginning
-- ITEM I give to my sd. wife fifteen Hunred wt of good pork. 
-- ITEM I give and bequeath to my son, Etheldred Horn, two negros (viz),, Harry and Isabel. 
-- ITEM I give and bequeath to my son, Matthew Horn, two negros (viz), Little Hannah and Fortin. 
-- TEM I direct if either my sons, Etheldred or Matthew, should die underage, the other to have the negros given him above. 
-- ITEM I give and bequeath to my five first children (viz) Harris Horn, Howell Horn, Hardy Horn, Milbrie Horn, and Rebecca Horn and to their heirs forever, the whole of my land together with the profits of my part of the mill, to be divided by men appointed for that purpose ofter the Expiration of my wife's widowhood. 
-- ITEM I direct that my son Harris Horn's part of the land at the division to be such as to make him (including the negros given him above) to be only equal with the others. 
-- ITEM I direct that all the remainder part of my estate of what kind soever be sold and the arising from the sale to be equally divided amongst my five first children (viz) Harris, Howell, Hardy, Milbrie and Becca. 
-- ITEM I do constitute and ordain my friends, Jeremiah Hillard, Jacob Horn, Junr., and Anselm Harris, my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 16th day of September, 1793.
Signed, Joel HOrn (SEAL), Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of Hardy Harris, Benjh, Whitfield(Whitfell), Elisha Battle. 

November, Nash County, November court, 1793. The with will was duly proven in open court by the oath of Hardy Harris & Benja. Whitfield two subscribing witnesses thereto & on motion ordered to e recorded Attest Wm. Hallcele, and is Registered in obedience to the above order Attest Wm Haleele. 

      November Court 1793"

** end of the will of Joel Horn ** 

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Sarah's children were placed in guardenships after Joel died:
Howel       1793-1798 Josiah Horn
                 1798          Jacob Horn
Milbrey     1793-1803  Jacob Horn
Rebecca   1793-1803 Jacob Horn
Mathew    1793-1798 Benjamin Philips
Etheldred 1793-1798 Benjamin Philips

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It is evident from numerous transactions and recorded events that, following the untimely death of their 42 year old father, clearly an intelligent and already very successful young man, the five children of Joel Horn by his first wife, Ann Harris, were placed under the guardianship and care of several of Joel's close relatives, while the two very young children of Joel's second wife, Sarah Philips, were assigned to the guardianship of Sarah's brother, Benjamin Philips.

Within a few years after Joel's death, Benjamin Philips, his sister Sarah and her three children, Charlotte Horn, Etheldred Philips Horn and Matthew Horn would emigrate to middle Tennessee, living in the same community where their brother,
Joseph Philips and his wife, Milbrey Horn Philips (Joel's niece) had moved in 1791 and where they were enjoying excellent prospects.

Although I am aware of no specific recording of either the death of Joel Horn's first wife, Ann Harris, or of his marriage to Sarah Philips, the facts recorded in Joel's will and the documented names, movements, interactions and fate of Sarah Philips siblings, ancestors, and sons seem to establish without serious question that his second wife was Sarah Philips, as described herein. The Philips family is well documented in Edgecomb County, NC, and the naming of Sarah Horn's first son as "Etheldred Philips Horn" offers the strongest implication of his parentage and ancestry, and the numerous related events, both before and after his birth, make that conclusion irrestibly self-evident.

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The following information comes from my research:

Sarah Philips Horn, widow of Joel Horn, must have arrived in TN about the time she made her first purchase of land near her brother Joseph as shown below. 

1799, 8 January: Deed signed transferring 50 acres on Whites Creek (TN) from David Shannon's 640 acre 1786 NC Land Grant to Sarah Horn. Davidson county court, 1800.  This land adjoined her brother Joseph Philips' land near Old Hickory Blvd. and Dickenson (now Dickerson) Pike.  The record is in Davidson Co. TN Deed Book K, Page 181.  Deed filed 21 Feb 1800.

The description of Sarah's 50 acres of land in the deed above states that her land is part of James Shannon's 640 acres NC land grand and meets the NE corner of James Mare's land, both of which show up in the land grand overlay map created by the authors of the book "Founding of the Cumberland Settlement" shown below.  This land lies on Old Hickory Blvd. just west of Dickenson/Dickerson Road and just north of the 640 acres that Sarah's brother Joseph purchased after he moved to the Nashville area in 1791.

1802, 20 January: Deed signed transferring 14 acres from Joseph Shaw on Whites Creek (TN) to Sarah Horn. To Davidson county Court in April Session 1803.  This was a month before she married William David Hunter who lived on White's creek. The record is in Davidson Co. Deed Book F, Page 40.  Deed filed 20 June 1803.                           

Matthew and Etheldred Horn appear on the 1811 Davidson County Tax List.  Based on information from the staff of TSLA, this Tax List was a survey or tally of potential taxpayers, collected by the Justice of the Peace for each "precinct", and a number was assigned to each taxpayer.  It seems likely that numbers close together probably indictate proximity of residence and property location.

In this 1811 Tax List appearing on the same page of the Tally are the following:

#801 Joseph Philips.
#802 Etheldred Horn.
#804 Matthew Horn.

Eltheldred Horn's descendant founded the Horn Springs Resort in Wilson County on land once owned by Eltheldred.  Following is a story about the Resort as published in the Wilson County Living Magazine.

Click on this Horn Springs link to go to the Etheldred Horn web page to read about the history of this resort hotel and hot springs.

In 1813 Etheldred Horn purchased 640 acres on Barton's creek/ Wilson county TN, and the next year he sold 383 acres on Barton's creek to Matthew Horn. These two brothers are frequently cited in various records of Wilson County, apparently as successful and responsible citizens. Barton's creek is east of Lebanon Tennessee, the county seat, and just west of the extant community of Horn Springs.

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Tennessee Marriages to 1825, on

Horn, Sarah married Hunter, David on 19 Feb 1803 in Davidson County, Tennessee.

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In his will below, William David Hunter set aside a burial plot where he was to be buried on his land after his death.  Since he was buried in what is now known as the Marshall/Hunter Cemetery, I wondered if that was the land he owned and if that was where he and Sarah Philips lived until they died.  So I looked at the deeds of land he purchased to see if I could see where they were.  So far, I have not been able to identify their exact locations.

David Hunter purchased 36 3/4 acres on Whites Creek from James McCallister in September 1807, filed in court 30 March 1808, and recorded in Davidson County deed book G, page 268.                            

David Hunter purchased 4 3/4 acres on Whites Creek from Andrew Hoover on 27 March 1829, filed in court 16 June 1829, and recorded in Davidson County deed book S, page 176.

David Hunter purchased land on Whites Creek from William Neely on 26 January 1838, filed in court 27 March 1838, and recorded in Davidson County deed book 1, page 464.

David Hunter purchased 1 acre in Davidson County from Adam Kline, etux on 13 May 1850, filed in court 6 September 1850, and recorded in Davidson County deed book 13, page 575.

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We see from the will of William David Hunter that he called his wife "Sally" rather than her given name "Sarah" and that she was deceased at the time he wrote his will.  The will also indicates that there were no issues from the marriage of William David Hunter and his wife Sarah "Sally" Philips.


Davidson County, Tennessee, Will Book 18, Page 579, 580

In the name of God Amen!

I, David Hunter, of the County of Davidson & State of Tennessee, feeling the uncertainty of life, being of feeble, spurious health, but of sound & disposing mind & memory, do make & constitute, this my last will & testament, hereby revoking all others.

In the first place, I commend my soul to the God who gave it, & my body I request my Executors herein named to have plainly and decently buried, as I have particularly expressed to them in conversations heretofore held with them.

Secondly, I will my just debts to be paid with convenient dispatch.

Thirdly, I give to my nephew, Jno. T. Hunter two hundred dollars, also two slaves, Charles & Gilbert, & he is to take Charles at 400 dollars and Gilbert at six hundred dollars said Negroes to him & his heirs forever & he is to account for them at that price with any Executors in the distribution of my Estate if they are living at the day of my sale.

Fourthly, I give to my nephew, David Hunter, two hundred dollars also my negro girl Tennessee at 400 dollars & said slave Tennessee to him & his heirs forever & he is to account for her at that price with my Executors if she be living at the day of my sale.

Fifthly, I give to my nephew Thomas Hunter, two hundred dollars.

Sixthly, I give to my niece Catherine McArney, one hundred dollars & also my slave woman Lucy at 800 dollars and her child Polley at 200 dollars, said slaves to her and her heirs forever & she is to account for them at that price with my Executors if they are living at the time of my sale after my death.

Seventhly, I give to my niece, Elizabeth Hunter, two hundred dollars, and also my slave Easter at 300 dollars & her child Betty at 300 dollars said slaves to her & her heirs forever & she is to account for them at that time with my Executors if they be living at the day of my sale after my death.

Eighthly, I give to my niece Rachel Hunter, two hundred and fifty dollars & also my slave, Mariah, at 700 dollars, said slave to her and her heirs forever & she is to account for her at that price with my Executors if she be living at the day of my sale after my death.

Ninthly, I give to my niece Peggy Madden, one hundred dollars.

Tenthly, I give to my niece Harriett Traylor, one hundred dollars, also a note I hold against her husband included.

Eleventhly, I give to the children of Etheldridge Horn, to the children of Matthew Horn, & the children of Charlotte Dean all being the grandchildren of my dead wife Sally the one third of the whole value of all my slaves, & the one third of the whole value of all my perishable property.

Twelfthly, My will is that my land be sold (reserving thirty feet square where I have designated to be buried) together with my two slaves, Fran & Nike, for the purpose of paying the legacies given, or bequest herein made giving my Executors power to sell said land & slaves at their discretion for cash, on time, or partly on each, & I hereby, for the purpose of enabling them to carry out these provisions of my will, devise all my said lands them, their heirs forever & they make such person or persons as may purchase the same at good & sufficient title thereto. If there shall be a surplus in the hands of my Executors after paying the legacies herein before given to be paid in money, how that surplus to be divided amongst my several devisees in proportion of the money legacies given each one (the grand children of my dead wife Sally, excepted), for they are to have nothing from my estate but what they will take under the eleventh clause of my will.

Now I desire & direct that if any of the said slaves shall die (herein named) before the day of my sale after my death, then in that case the person to whom they may be given shall not be charged with the negro having died .

Lastly, I appoint Wm. C. Hall my Executor & no security required, and Jno. T. Hunter, my Executor, & he be required to give security.

Witness my hand & seal this 22nd day of August, 1857.

David (his mark) Hunter [seal]

Attested by

Wm. H. Hamblen

Jas. A. Bowman

I wish to make this codicil to this my last will. I desire to give to Unity R. Hunter, the daughter of my nephew J. T. Hunter, the sum of three hundred dollars in money, May 6th, 1859.

David (his mark) Hunter [seal]


S. S. Hall

Jos. A. Bowman

State of Tennessee, Davidson County Court, May Term, 1861.

A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of David Hunter, dec'd, was produced in open Court for probate & proved thus: Wm. H. Hamblen & Jos. A. Bowman the subscribing witnesses thereto being first duly sworn depose and say they became such in the presence of the said David Hunter, dec. at his request & in the presence of each other & they verily believe he was of sound & disposing mind & memory at the time of executing the same. S. S. Hall & Jas. A. Bowman the subscribing witnesses to the codicil to said will (which was also produced in open court at the same time) being first duly sworn, depose & say, that they became such in the presence of the said David Hunter at his request & in the presence of each other & they verily believe he was of sound & disposing mind & memory at the time of executing the same. Ordered that said paper writing & the codicil thereto be admitted to record as such last will and testament of David Hunter, dec.

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November 9, 2001: Robert Gordon Horn located a cemetery which almost certainly is the burial site of Sarah Philips Horn. The cemetery is in the White's creek area, where she purchased property in 1799-1803. The Marshall cemetery, address below, contains the following gravestone:

Front inscription: HUNTER/ SARAH HORN/ 1771 - 1850/ WILLIAM DAVID/ 1775 - 1850



The cemetery is at the top of a small knoll, on property occupying the northeast corner of the Old Hickory Blvd - Lickton Pike intersection. The cemetery is just to the west of a residence located at 7343 Old Hickory Blvd, ZIP=37189. No one at home, no name on mailbox.

The cemetery is in excellent repair. The Hunter gravestone with the name Sarah Horn inscribed as the wife of William David Hunter is of recent vintage, presumably representing a replacement marker.

Location of the Marshall/Hunter Cemetery on the Foster 1871 map.  Note the Hunter and Marshall on the map.

Location of the Marshall/Hunter Cemetery on the current 2013 Davidson County Property Tax map.  The cemetery is located at the red X.

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(From the Davidson County Cemetery Survey with corrections by me)

The Marshall Family Cemetery is located on Old Hickory Boulevard. From Nashville take 1-24 toward St. Louis, get off at Old Hickory Boulevard exit # 40 and turn left. Follow Old Hickory Boulevard about 3/4 mile to house number 7343, the house will be on your right. It is an older red brick house about 250' off the main road with a large old barn on the left side. The cemetery is left of the barn at the top of the hill. There are many graves with no headstones, only rocks. We were told these were slaves. Not all of the stones are readable. Phillip Marshall Hunter restored the cemetery several years ago, and many of the stones were replaced. It is being maintained now by his brother, John Hunter, from a trust fund established by Phillip.

CANTRELL, Georgie, 1869 — 1887

CLOYD, Sally, May 23, 1773 — 1848 (wife of David Cloyd, daughter of Gilbert and Martha Rowan Marshall)

DEWCHAMPE, Susan, 1882 —1889 (daughter of Margaret Hunter Dewchampe — Lyons, could this Margaret be the daughter of William David Hunter II?)

DICKSON, Molly, 1844 (Daughter of Dr. Franklin & Margaret Hunter-Dickson)

DRAKE, James F., August 8, 1837, age 28 years (may be husband of Hannah Marshall, daughter of James & Margaret Wilson Marshall)

ELLIOTT, George M., Co. A 45 Tenn. Inf. CSA, 1831 - 1899

ETHRIDGE, John Julius, December 29, 1915 — March 26, 1992 (this was a friend of Phillip Hunter who was from Oregon and had no people here or there and they had agreed before he died that Phillip would bury him here)

EVERETT, Margaret M., Jan. 6, 1850 — October 26, 1851 (daughter of James & Susanah G. Everett, Susanah daughter of Gilbert & Judith Adaline Marshall)

EVERETT, Mary A., July 10, 1851 — December 31, 1856 (daughter of James & Susannah Everett)

EVERETT, Susannah G., February 1855 — May 1855 (daughter of James & Susannah Everett)

EVERETT, Susannah, June 11, 1825 — July 21, 1855 (wife of James Everett & daughter of Gilbert & Adaline Marshall)

HUNTER, Elizabeth M., Jan 18, 1828 — June 30, 1853 (daughter of John & Anni Hunter)

HUNTER, George W. Pvt. Co. D. 4 Tenn. Cay. CSA, February 22, 1846 — November 3, 1918 (son of William David Hunter II)

HUNTER, Hannah F., February 24, 1834 — September 22, 1839 (daughter of John & Anna Hunter)

HUNTER, Henry Clay, Co. G 2nd Tenn. Inf. CSA, July 11, 1840 — September 9, 1925

HUNTER, Margaret Malissia Henderson, May 1, 1842 — August 4, 1892

HUNTER, Martha A., February 18, 1838 — August 13, 1853 (daughter of John & Anna Hunter, Anna was the daughter of James and Margaret Wilson Marshall)

HUNTER, Martha Ann, August 2, 1847 — June 8, 1924 (daughter of William David Hunter II)

HUNTER, Mary, January 2, 1839 aged 36 years (Mary was daughter of James & Margaret Wilson Marshall)

HUNTER, Millie, 1839-1843 (daughter of John & Anna Marshall-Hunter)

HUNTER, Noah Clay, October 24, 1910 — November 3, 1972 (there is a large tombstone with Hunter on one side, footstones for Noah Clay Hunter and Phillip Marshall Hunter, May 13, 1954 - )

HUNTER, Precia Ann, LPN, 1892-1918 (daughter of John Frederick II and Dora Ann Short) "A life, given in service of humanity"

HUNTER, Sarah, October 20, 1829 — March 17, 1854 (wife of William Pybus, daughter of John and Anna Hunter, Anna daughter of James & Margaret Wilson Marshall)

HUNTER, Uriah J., Serg. Co., G. 2 Tenn Inf CSA, 1834 — 1919 (son of William David Hunter II)

HUNTER, William David, I, 1775 —1850 (death date wrong, will probated May 1861)

HUNTER, W. David III, Pvt.Co. G.2 Tenn Inf. CSA, September 23, 1842 — December 31, 1862 (Go Stranger! And tell Tennessee that her son David has died for her (this was written on his footstone)

JAMES, Margaret E., August 20, 1826 — September 17, 1837 (don't know who this is, but a daughter of Sally & David Cloyd married a James)

JONES, Benjamin M. Serg. Co. C 1 Inf CSA, November 20, 1837 — March 28, 1864. Killed in action.

LYONS, James M., July 21, 1846 — May 19, 1923

LYONS, Margaret, November 15, 1846 — (no other date, this Margaret may be a daughter of William David Hunter II and was married to a Dewchampe first)

MARKHAMS, Louisa, October 25, 1825 — May 2, 1848 (daughter of J. W. & L. Markhams, wife of Samuel Borden)

MARSHALL, David R., Rev. 1816— 1873 Pastor Mt. Herman Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Whites Creek, Tenn 1867 — 1873 (son of James Marshall, Sr. and Margaret Wilson)

MARSHALL, David S., July 25, 1858 — May 16, 1885 (son of Rev. D. R. & L. A. Marshall)

MARSHALL, Elizabeth "see" SMITH, Elizabeth

MARSHALL, Ephram D., April 20, 1829 — December 10, 1848 (son of Gilbert & Judith A. Marshall, Gilbert Marshall was son of James & Margaret Wilson Marshall & his first wife was Judith Adaline Drake)

MARSHALL, Frances H., March 4, 1840 age 31 years MARSHALL, Frances H., June 15, 1810 — January 9, 1888

MARSHALL, Gilbert, 1728 — 1780 (This is a very nice stone, but the dates are WRONG.  Gilbert made his will 1799 and his wife was living then. The will was probated in 1801. Other Marshall records state that she also died 1801.  Also, Marshall information gives his birth as 1715) His wife ROWAN, Martha, 1730 - 1777

MARSHALL, Gilbert, Nov. 29, 1800 — May 13, 1887 (Gilbert Marshall was son of James & Margaret Wilson Marshall and this was his second wife)

MARSHALL, James Isaac, March 12, 1771 — 1841 (?) (birth date according to Marshall Book, death date according to Phillip Hunter, son of Gilbert and Martha Rowan Marshall)

MARSHALL, James, Rev., December 5, 1812 — April 18, 1907 (son of James and Margaret Wilson Marshall)

MARSHALL, John W., March 22, 1809 — December 22, 1830 (Son of James & Margaret Nilson Marshall)

MARSHALL, Joseph, June 23, 1852 — May 6, 1853, son of Gilbert & Frances Marshall

MARSHALL, Judith Adaline Drake, 1803-1844 —1n consort James F. Drake, 2"d consort Samuel Gilbert Marshall

MARSHALL, Laura W., June 1, 1848 — September 29, 1849 (daughter of Gilbert & Frances H.Marshall)

MARSHALL, Martha "see" PIERCE, Henry

MARSHALL, Mary T., August 11, 1873 — March 7, 1874 (daughter of James &Amanda Marshall, don't know how this family fits in)

MARSHALL, Robert, June 4, 1946 — May 14, 1875 (son of Rev. D. R. & L. A. Marshall, Rev. D. R. was David R. Marshall of James and Margaret Wilson Marshall)

MARSHALL, Robert Franklin, April 6, 1850 — July 3, 1854 (son of Gilbert & Frances Marshall (Gilbert Marshall son of James and Margaret Wilson Marshall)

MARSHALL, Infant daughter, February 13, 1884 (daughter of D. R. & L. A. Marshall, death date is probably wrong)

MURFF, Margaret Amelia, 1810 — 1850

MURFF, William David, II, 1805 —1850 (these names are on one side of a large stone with Hunter engraved in the center, on the back are the names of their 12 children, John Fred I, Rebecca, Catherine, Mary, Uriah J. I., Thomas H., Sarah, Henry Clay I, William David III, Martha Ann, Margaret Jane, George W.)

NICHOLS, Precia Ann, 1842 - 1894 (wife of Sebum W. Short) PATTERSON, Ellen, March 17, 1781 —January 21, 1858

PEWITT, Evelyn, August 24, 1924 — February 16, 1926 daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Pewitt

PHILIPS, Sarah, 1771 — 1850 (wife of William David Hunter I.  Widow of Joel Horn) Back of stone has John, Isaac, David II, and Rachel.

PIERCE, Henry, February 13, 1891 aged 45 years

MARSHALL, Martha, December 12, 1843 — June 27, 1922 (wife of Henry Pierce, daughter of Gilbert & Judith Adaline Drake Marshall, son of James & Margaret Wilson Marshall)

PYBUS, William, February 1813 — February 26, 1861

REASON, Rebecca Hunter, November 30, 1828 — September 16, 1917 (William David Hunter II had a daughter named Rebecca, Martha Marshall daughter of Gilbert and Martha Rowan Marshall had a daughter who married a Reason, so this may be another marriage between the Marshall and the Hunter families)

ROWAN, Martha "see" MARSHALL, Gilbert

SADLER, Tennessee, December 15, 1858 — September 6, 1924 (wife of George Washington Hunter)

SHORT, Pvt. Sebum Wilburn, C Co. 24 Tenn. Inf. CSA, April 1846 — March 9, 1920 (On the back of one of these stones•is written Abe and Dan, Lizzie, Etta, Dora Ann)

SHULTZ, Louis, December 1, 1860 — August 1862 (son of Sarah & Charles H4hultz) SMITH, Elizabeth, January 1, 1815 — November 27, 1883 (wife of Rev. James Marshall) STARK, Jeremy, March 9, 1864 — November 22, 1893 (son of John & Mary J. Stark) STARK, John Thomas, February 21, 1860 — May 19, 1926

STARK, Mary, March 17, 1880 (stone broken— couldn't read death date)

STARK, Mary Ellen, November 11, 1880 — August 10, 1918

STARK, Mary J., September 1836 — October 3, 1906

TOWNES, Annie, 1872 —1892

TOWNES, Ella W., February 14, 1850 — August 16, 1892

WEAKS, Henry Isaac, August 20, 1847 — December 4, 1847 (son of George D. & M. J. Weaks, M. J. was Margaret Jane Hunter, daughter of Isaac & Mary Marshall Hunter)

WILKINSON, Sarah T., November 3, 1836 —February 9, 1871 (wife of Prof. Charles H. Shultz, step-daughter of Gilbert Marshall, son of James & Margaret Wilson Marshall)

WILSON, Margaret, consort of James Marshall, Jan 18, 1776 — Feb. 25, 1852 (James Marshall, son of Gilbert & Martha Rowan Marshall)

This list was originally compiled by Bettye Brown, 1345 Old Hwy 99, Columbia, TN 38401. Revised by Reba B. Kimbro, 5997 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37211, October 137, 1999_ E-Mail address:

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The descendants of Isaac Hunter in the below descendants report who are buried in the Marshall Cemetery have their names underlined.

Isaac Hunter Descendant Report by Larry Feldhaus