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Recently a report was issued that struck a bell for me.  For some time I have realized that the long term success of the United States, or any country for that matter, depends on its ability to harness the collective energy of its citizenry to achieve its full potential.
More and more it seems we in the United States are depending on a select few to provide for the many, and neglecting to utilize the full potential of all of our citizens.
As a result, we have the largest prison population of any developed nation, a serious problem with large numbers of drug abusers, and a large segment of the population living on goverment entitlement programs.
Clearly education is one way we can empower and encourage wider participation in the American dream.
So when I came upon the paper sumarized below, I was in agreement that we did need increased equality in educational oportunities across our great Country. 
To read the entire paper just click on the title and a new window will open with the entire document appearing in pdf format.  Be patient as it's a large file and may take a minute or two to open.

No Time to Lose:  Why America Needs an Education Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to Improve Public Education

By The Southern Education Foundation

High Quality Public Education for All:  Vital to America’s National Interests

Education, the Global Economy, and the American Dream: Developed nations such as the United States increasingly must depend on skilled labor and innovation to spur and sustain economic development, investment and growth, and national competitiveness in a technology-driven global economy.

Due to lagging educational quality and achievement, America’s future economic progress is at risk. Business, investment, job creation, earnings levels, productivity, and creativity are hobbled by declining education levels. The growing inequality between rich and poor, as well as falling incomes for the middle class, are endangering the ability of millions to escape from poverty and enjoy the American Dream of freedom.

Education and American Demographics: Because of changing demographics, the nation’s future human capital and economic growth increasingly depend upon how well minority and low income students are educated. Today, minority students constitute almost 45 percent of public school enrollment in the United States, and more than 46 percent of the nation’s public school students are low income (eligible for free or reduced cost lunches).

While diversity is an important economic asset, these demographics pose an enormous challenge for America’s systems of education: the children who are fast becoming a new majority in America’s schools have the nation’s lowest levels of educational achievement and attainment.

Education and National Security: America’s national security depends on the intelligence, analytic capacities, and proficiencies of its people in a world that has grown increasingly dangerous. Between 2005 and 2008, however, the number of military recruits with a high school diploma decreased from 84 percent to 73 percent. At every level—from battlefields, to technology, to diplomacy—education is a national security issue. In order to thrive and survive, the United States must develop education systems that provide students—tomorrow’s leaders—with the skills needed to understand, guide, and make good decisions in relation to national security and defense in increasingly complex and uncertain times.

Education and American Democracy: Education is the foundation for preserving American democratic practices, ideals, and values. Education enables Americans to exercise sound judgment, participate in civic and political participation on an informed basis, and help improve the larger society. As John Kenneth Galbraith observed: “…[E]ducation makes democracy possible, and along with economic development, it makes it necessary, even inevitable.” More than ever before, education is now the means by which the nation can demonstrate and preserve its values and constitutional principles.