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Lamenting Man's Inhumanity
by Maureen Curle

For over 20 passionate years I have wondered and then researched why so many people, families, marriages, communities, tribes, nations, and traditions become so divided against each other. Somebody always needing to be more right than another.

I wondered why we, as a soul-bearing species, would send our healthiest sons and daughters to kill each other in ideological, religious and territorial wars engineered by those who always seem to profit the most?

The sad charade of democracy and subtle and not so subtle censorship born out of the anxiety of politically correct thinking has frightened most of us from public discussion of these unpleasant questions.

Why are our youth suiciding, "swarming" and killing each other? Where are the 100,000 missing children who disappear in the U.S. alone each year?

Who do the majority of people quietly tolerate this collective sickness, or are we under some sort of mind control?

Are we too brainwashed, "dumbed down" with entertainment, and 'harmonized' to a "level playing field" to even be able to think rationally about the serious and precarious state of the world?

Has the misuse of religions, politics, money and power done irreparable damage to our species or is there hope for our children and this once radiant blue-green orb spinnin through space and time?

I have questioned every religion, ideology, theology and philosophy I have had time for in search of an answer to this fundamental question: Why would an innately "intelligent" species claiming in some way to even be "civilized," passionately consent by silence to the continued manufacture and use of "weapons of mass destruction?"

Having the privilege of being a mother, I know no child is born with a latent intention to learn how to justify the killing and starvation of any other human. What happened to us?

What can wake us up? What can generate sufficient energy to "save our world," and why has that desire been so ridiculed and trivialized?

To save the future we must understand and reconcile the past. To be effective in the present, in turning the tide toward greater love, trust and compassion, we do need to wake up and remember our purpose here. To kill each other off, or to be good stewards of the precious gift life is?

So many are hungry for insight and courage. Thankfully there are people willing to address these questions. Thankfully there are people who can do this with generating fear and despair, but with fearless humor and the revelation that each one of us can make a difference with every thought and new understanding we have.

Maureen Curle

In an editorial introduction to David Icke

(reprinted from 'The News Weekender", May 1, 1998, Parksville-Qualicum Newspaper, Vancover, B.C.)